The 5 Tibetans – yoga exercises for youth, vitality and health

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I have for more than 20 years had the great pleasure of doing some yoga-like exercises. I’ve been told numerous times that I look like a 61 year old, so I started out with the basics of Peter Kelders book The Five “Tibetan People” from 1937 (the 5 rites).

Yoga Exercises in the Himalayas

The old secret of the fountain of youth – the 5 Tibetan (the 5 rites) came to the West through Peter Kelders handy little book. In the book, he recounts the aging Colonel Bradford, who went out into the world on the quest of finding the fountain of youth.

At the end of his journey, Bradford ends up in a Tibetan monastery, hidden in the Himalayas. Here he is settling for some years and teaches that simple lifestyle and the five yoga exercises that lamas perform daily, the road to the legendary youth source, man has searched the millennium, but really always had available inside themselves. After his return to Colonel Bradford’s Himalayan club, Peter Kelder looks over ‘the five rites’ with enthusiasm as it is both rejuvenating and healing.

The key to the fountain of youth

Scientists have for many thousands of years worked with the body’s energies and have long since discovered some special energy centers that correspond to the seven endocrine glands. You might know them as chakras.

Medical research has found convincing evidence showing that the aging process is regulated by hormones that the endocrine glands produce. The quickest way to regain youth, vitality and health is to help these energy centers spinning normally again. The 5 Tibetans are said to be able to balance all hormonal activity and therefore contain the key to the fountain of youth.

Energy flows through the body

The five Tibetans are based on the Chinese Taoist idea that disease is a result of the energy flow in the body is blocked. This will happen if the two opposite energies; Yin and Yang, who together hold order on the universal life force, not in harmony with each other. Over the 5 Tibetan and other natural methods such blockages will disappear, so that the life energy can flow freely. This will enable the body’s own healing powers in time. According to Hindu thinking activate and harmonize these exercises – the five rites – the body’s energy centers, chakras and guarantee a long and healthy life.

5 good yoga-like exercises

Here’s my best advice to get you started. I teach people to practice the five Tibetans. See also the compensating measures to get started. You can find them under each rite under the section “Getting Started”.

Start by doing the rites with three repetitions during the first week. Is it fine, then put two extra repetitions on the week after. The third week you’re at it, a maximum of seven repetitions. Maximum 2 extra repetitions each week until you reach 21 repetitions (at least 10 weeks). Use like a base, for example. a yoga mat for some of the exercises.

Rite 1 – I am in harmony with myself

Stand up, stretch your arms horizontally to the side. Turn around yourself in a clockwise direction (from left to right). You may be a little dizzy. Turn only as long as you can stand it.

Rite 2 – I live deliberately from my center

You must lie down. Raise the head and then the legs, which must be stretched. Keep the lower back and hands on the floor. Make a breath when you lift your head and legs. Keep a small break on the breath and hold your breath. Make a exhaling as you lower your legs and head.

Getting Started: Bend your knees while supporting your legs with your hands. Put your legs down and pause a moment before the next repetition.

Rite 3 – Unlimited energy flowing through my body

Get down on your knees. Bend the head and neck backward. Start by pressing the chin toward the chest, bend backwards in a soft arc (inhalation), pressing his hands against the buttocks or thighs. Keep a small break on the breath and hold your breath. Come back during expiration.

Getting Started: A slight bend is fine to start with. But beginning to challenge yourself when you’ve been running for a while. Put the top side of your feet on the floor, instead of standing on tiptoe.

Rite 4 – I am alive and strong

Sit up straight with your legs stretched. Lift the body to a bridge. Start by stretching the neck and put your chin to your chest. Lift your body up on a breath. Keep a small break on the breath and hold your breath. Lower body of an exhalation.

Getting Started: Bend your legs and use your leg muscles to form a bridge. See how high you can get. A small piece is also good. Keep a slight pause between each repetition. Strengthen like your triceps muscles extra, as this exercise can be difficult for these particular muscles – “practice makes perfect”.

Rite 5 – My body and my mind is flexible

Lie down on your stomach. Place your hands on the floor next to the shoulders and lift you up. The body is stuck in a loop, you support on your toes and hands. Bend your neck backwards and look at the ceiling. Now lift your bottom up in a breath, then you are on your palms and feet. Keep a small break on the breath and hold your breath. Lower on the exhalation, so you stand on hands and feet and stomach close to the floor.

Getting started: Lean on your forearms instead of your hands. You can also start to be lying on the floor on your stomach and get up there.

Note that you must breathe into the first half of the exercise, even if you squeeze the abdomen together.

You’ll find plenty of inspiration on YouTube – here is a good example:


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