Breast cancer: Relief! My first check-up is positive – Part 3

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This is the continuation of my story the my experiences I’ve had with breast cancer. I’ve chosen to write and share my journey with you because cancer is still a major taboo. On here I’ll be talking about what happens after the diagnosis and what I’ve done to strengthen my body during the process, beyond the usual recommendations on diet, vitamins, sleep and so on.

I ended my previous post by telling you about my new appointment for my first proper mammography check-up and ultrasound. It should have been in December 2017 but I was one of those whose appointment had mysteriously disappeared in the system.

I keep calling the hospital in early January for a new appointment. I am going to have a talk to an oncologists in order to get the aforementioned check-up. So I get an appointment on January 12th and am told I’ll get a referral from there.

Unfortunately, I get a letter saying that the wait time on this kind of check-up is over 3 months. I can choose to go to a private hospital/clinic. I choose this, of course, and there is a call from both places where they both want to schedule me for February 7th. I choose the Hamlet clinic and so begins the waiting …

Waiting with a thousand thoughts running through my mind

There are many thoughts running through my mind as I wait for February 7th. I’ve made some conscious choices and opted out of some things throughout by breast cancer treatment.

I have chosen to use LifeWave light therapy patches and other natural products, which I think has been able to support my body in the steps I’ve been through. I have opted out of Letrozole, the anti-hormonal medicine, and my GP and I chose to have my estrogen levels evaluated about every three months. So far, there have been no changes in it, so I still don’t understand why everyone should take the pills with so many side effects if it is not necessary.

Good news and no radiation damage

I’m of course nervous as I go to my appointment at Hamlet. It’s such a different experience walking through the door – everything runs according to schedule and there is no unnecessary waste of time. I get called in for a mammography exactly at the time of the appointed. I will then be followed to a waiting room for the oncologist to examine my scans and make an ultrasound and ‘worst case’ biopsy.

I am very nervous, but only have to wait for maybe seven minutes before the doctor comes and tells me that the mammograms looks fine – phew! The first part has been successfully completed.

Then I undress and first get a manual exam. The doctor can’t see my scars. He looks at both breasts and the lymph nodes in the neck and armpits without any other comment than,
“Have you not had any radiation treatment?”
“Yes, 15 rounds.” I reply.

He doesn’t believe me because there is always radiation damage on the skin as this gets thickener with radiation. Therefore, you can usually tell the difference between diseased and healthy breast, but he can’t when looking at me. I affectionately start thinking about LifeWave patches and Bach’s relief cream (Rescue cream) has undoubtedly made a big difference for me. My chest and the skin looks completely normal.

Hope for the future

My hope is still intact, even though I know very well that there is a risk of recurrence for years to come. Nevertheless, I am happy. It’s always difficult to start sharing your own story before knowing whether or not it ends well. I have chosen to share my story because I believe that we can help and support each other by sharing knowledge and experience.

I hope that my story, my process and my choices and opt-outs can help and inspire others. My story is not just about cancer, but about being empowered during your surgery and illness because there is a lot that you can do to help your body to heal naturally.

I hope that it will become much more common to combine the medical world of medicine with natural products in the form of new methods, as light therapy, homeopathy, and old methods like herbs and flowers etc. It has certainly helped me.

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