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I hope you enjoyed my little story this past week: “Put your cat in your lap and get rid of your cat allergy.” I think it’s a good story and I get happy every time I’m able to give this easy tip to a person struggling with this type of allergy. Most people can hardly believe it, but their joy after having tested it and becoming completely relieved of any allergy, which they might have been suffering from for years, is just wonderful. We’ll get back to the part about the cat a bit later.

What is allergy and why do you get it?

Allergy is a difficult subject, and research is not unique in order to understand the mechanisms behind. What you know is that the body’s defense system – the immune system – reacts or can overreact on a given allergen. For the cat’s cat hair, as is the cat’s skin with the proteins the fur consists of. Known is also the allergy to dust and dust mites. For the latter, there are secretions from the mite, which is the allergen, and which starts an immune response. A defense of something that is not really life-threatening, but causes some stressful challenges.

Common to the allergies is that it may be itchy possibly. Runny eyes, throat syndrome, dryness of the throat, swollen airways in the throat and nose, red and either close or running nose, lots of sneezing when it is at the height of what is allergic to. There may also be skin symptoms around the nose, mouth and throat as well as on the body. The digestive system may also be involved.

Common to allergens, its content / occurrence of histamine is an “amine” which is a naturally occurring substance that forms in the body and affects several functions, including immune system and intestinal tract / digestion. Histamine also occurs naturally in our food as a constituent of almost all occurring proteins in the plant and animal kingdom.

The amino acid “histidine” is the starting form of histamine. During processing and / or aging processes, maturation processes or fermentation, the harmless “histidine” is converted to histamine. In complex chemical and hormonal processes in the body, an immune response may occur – an overreaction to an external and otherwise harmless substance – read protein, airborne through the lungs or through intestinal tract intake.

An allergy to a food can be extremely stressful – sometimes life threatening. On a flight I was on recently, you announced the loudspeaker before departure that you had an emergency emergency allergy on board. Here, the airborne allergens from the open bag nuts, often peanuts, could trigger an allergic shock and circulatory collapse and may be life threatening.

What appears to be stuck is that allergies around the world are increasing. There are often doubts from researchers over the last 20 years. It is known that our civilized lifestyle, food preparation, chemicals, perfume and additives (cross allergies) and, in particular, our extreme hygiene are sometimes mentioned as one of the main reasons. This is being recognized in the research.

How long the pollen season actually is

If you check the pollen calendar, you can see that the season starts right early in the year in January/February with hassel. Electricity and electricity in February and March. Also the birch blooms in March and generously sprinkles the yellow dust from its rags over spring and early summer. At the time of writing here in the middle of May, the birch bowl is at its highest. Birch peaks in April-May and blend off in mid June. Here the lawns have been going well for a long time, and they peak around where the birch leaves. The last major strain comes with the village that starts in June and first blows off in September. In between, we have a bunch of other bushes, trees and flowers that can help the allergy sufferers.

As expected, spring is the very big burden, but the contribution from grasses and grazing in late summer causes pollen load to span more than 8 months. If you are pollen allergist, you are in the shooting line for much of the year.

According to Asthma Allergy Denmark, the different poll types score almost as much. A standard allergy gets symptoms from almost everything. Symptoms such as stabbing nose, running ditto, sneezing, swollen mucous membranes, red and itchy eyes, tearing tears, throat and coughing – skin reactions around the face, nose mouth etc. and with many variants of these.

Alternative pollen allergy treatment

A few years ago, DR received a Theme series on alternative treatment. The last episode of the series was about pollen allergy. In the broadcast you can see how a handsome senior physician in the established healthcare system has to decide on the effect of the given and so-called alternative treatment, which in the last section consists in assisting patients with alternative treatment for their pollen allergy. The method used in the broadcast is kinesiology combined with a suggestive journey or a reflection.

The investigator is asked to sit with eyes closed and try to travel back in life as far as possible – possibly. For a particular event or year. The person is placed with eyes closed while the therapist is standing in front and holds his two hands point and finger fingers on the person’s forehead. The points are the two “horns” we have on the forehead; Corresponding to the items GB 14 on the gall bladder meridian. This is done for approx. 10 minutes. The person is asked to go back in time, no specific requirement; But perhaps a reflection through life, maybe even for childhood or a particular event or possibly. A trauma, accident, accident or otherwise.

The philosophy is that events or traces of a larger nature can be stored in the body’s memory and for example. Put the germ into ailments – in this case an allergy to pollen. Interesting consideration! When they approx. 10 minutes have passed, turning back to here and now. At the end of the seasons, a bag of miscellaneous pollen is carefully spun from all that is in play in the Danish nature. In the broadcast it is particularly birch that is in focus. Then there is a clip where the person goes straight outside and sticks his head into razors from a birch tree and where the pollen box is at its highest. The person gets no symptoms at all and is totally without an allergic reaction afterwards.

The story of the cat is a variant of the above, where instead of holding points on the forehead, we use the light energy from the patches and where the therapeutic and healing response, kinesiologically, is provided alone using the two Aeon patches and one Cat in the bosom. It’s about moving energy and eliminating possible blockages.

Kinesiology – Unblock with touch

The method used here is the knowledge and utilization of removing blockages by touching selected points.

The kinesiological treatment method was developed in the 1970s by American chiropractor George Goodheart and further developed by colleague John F. Thie. These found their studies and work out that our muscles in the body refer to each of their bodies.

This gave rise to the “Touch for Health” treatment system, of which the basic use of touch-kinesiology, today, has become known as an independent treatment system. A system that is so effective that touching, but also the use of pressure, cold, heat or massage in seconds and within minutes can cause the body to respond to improved flow on the meridian system, thus eliminating blockages and Including removing eg. Pain almost instantaneous. Classical Chinese Acupuncture is another example.

The technique is the same as we use as patch users, and that is set in system of LifeWave. Here we use only light-generating patches, applied on selected points and with the body’s own infrared heat radiation, instantaneously improves flow and eliminates blockages, accumulation and stagnated energy, old trauma, chronic pain, and as with the story of the cat, repeals an annual allergy.

To make it optimum user-friendly, LifeWave has selected the 5 most effective points

The cat model tested with pollen – see the result

I received a lot of positive feedback on the story of the cat. Therefore, I put myself last year to try the cat model again, this time with a bag of pollen in the presence of a cat. It was in June when the grasses were well underway. I cycled into nature, and it was easy to spot the mature ax from both grasses and birch trees, who still threw their yellow pollen. In practice, you simply stick your fabric bag (not plastic) up around the blanket and cut off – and into the bag. Take ample and find different varieties. Remember to hit the axes to see it dry, because they are mature.

A few days later I should have a good friend visiting. A friend who has struggled with his pollen allergy for many years. Now it should be tested whether the “cat model” could work – just with the pollen instead.

The trial went beyond all expectations. We did what was equivalent to putting a cat on the lap – first plenty of water and a good talk about what should happen. Then sit down comfortably and with another glass of water. Next, Aeon patch on the third eye, which is three fingers above the nasal cavity in the middle of the forehead and an aeon patch more – located at the center of the navel and then the bag of pollen in the hands that is placed against the chest (this as prescribed for ten minutes). And it worked! No allergic reaction at all and no hassle for the rest of the season.

This year, my friend reports that the allergy is not completely gone, but is greatly reduced, and we are now working to find the possible cause that can be stored in foods and additives. Possibly it is a cross allergy where different allergens/histamine enhance each other and trigger an allergy. This very interesting subject, I will address in an upcoming post.

Antihistamine – how it works!

Take a leaflet from a package of one of the best-selling antihistamine for allergy. There you can read about possible side effects such as fatigue, dry mouth, nausea, dizziness, throat inflammation, swelling of the mucous membranes of the nose, nose irritation, headache and insomnia!

There are many preparations for a so-called treatment of allergy and therefore the list will be a part longer.

If you use drugs, including antihistamine, to relieve your allergy, you will strictly simply suppress their symptoms and perhaps with too little an effect and possibly incur other symptoms from the used preparation. Here’s a muddy image for one’s allergy because what’s what? You still have allergy.

It is my conviction that you seriously dive into the subject and more thorough dealing with its allergy can come a long way towards lasting relief or perhaps completely get rid of this. Should you focus on relevant areas, look at food, beverages and additives for these, cosmetics, fragrances, cleaning products and other chemicals, as well as medicine, etc. just before.

If you are keen to try the patches, there are good instructions; Protocols and placements in our TOHUMAN app – including indicating which types of plastics you use. See if possible. In the box at the top of our site. Touch “allergy” and read the fine posts from my blog colleagues. Here they tell how they have helped with more success, in a healthy way and without the use of chemistry for for example their pollen allergy.

Drink plenty of water

We can not remember enough about it! Drink plenty of water – 0.03 liters per kg body weight. This corresponds to 3 deciliter to 10 kg. If you weigh 70 kg you should drink 2.1 liters of clean water a day. Do you practice sports or exercise, put 0.5 liter above your standard requirement. The reason is also that one possibly. Allergy – also for pollen, it’s much better if you are well hydrated! You should also remember that all carbonated drinks, alcohol and coffee and tea dehydrate the body and affect your renal function to separate more fluid than normal. You usually say that for each cup of coffee or tea you have to give twice the amount left. This is known south of France and Spain, where you still have some glass of water for your espresso!

The skin is the last body that benefits from your water intake. Water is primarily about processing energy to the blood and the gastrointestinal tract. By looking at its skin, one can get a very good picture of whether there is enough water in the body. If the skin is weak, dry and gray, there is too little water in the organism. One can drink for a spicy, slippery and more beautiful skin. Use your face as a mirror for water. You get better on all parameters – with energy, mood and profit. The gastrointestinal tract gets a boost and digestion goes easier; You get rid of waste and a headache may disappear.

Also an allergy – and maybe your pollen allergy – can be reduced just by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. It must be water without soda / carbon dioxide! I have mentioned it before, we are quite sensitive to fluid shortage. A relative liquid deficit of 2 per cent. Gives an approx. 10 pct. Less capacity, physically and mentally!

I hope you found inspiration to work alternatively to reduce your genes from your allergy – maybe even get rid of it in a healthy and more natural way and without the use of medicine or other chemistry. Follow the blog here this spring, where new stories are added with our experiences. Do you want to know more or maybe debate, then grab me. Contact info can be found at the bottom.

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