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Humans are fantastic and unique biological creature. Over millions of years, our bodies have been sculpted to deal with biological and biological functions that are prerequisites for a well-functioning and essentially healthy body. Our bodies are our best friend; it’s smart and performs as best it can based on the given terms and conditions. Treat it well and it will return in the favor and do what it has learned in its many years of selection and development.

If you look at how nature created us and where we come from, it’s easy to see the correlation between eating healthy and remaining healthy for several years. it’s not rocket science. If you try to get regular, good exercise and fresh air, you have the best chances of avoiding the unwanted inflammations behind lifestyle diseases that we often struggle with. Basically, it’s all about being proactive while you’re young. If you are more mature, do not despair. There are plenty of opportunities to “make up for it”.

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A new year can become a new start, if you want it to be, and can be also inspire change. Is there anything you’d like to change in your life, the new year can be a good opportunity to create a lasting change.

I’ll be writing about a number of new subjects that might inspire and give my ideas on how you can very easily achieve the simple, healthy life of your dreams.

A healthy diet is the body’s best medicine

If you’ve read my posts before, it will come as no secret that I consider food to be nature’s medicine. I believe that a balanced and healthy diet containing organic vegetables and a reduced meat consumption strengthens the body.

  • Eat lots of polyunsaturated fats from plants
  • Eat plenty of healthy oils from olive, hemp, osv.
  • Make sure you eat a balanced intake of nuts and seeds
  • Eat a lot of polyunsaturated fats from fatty fish and/or other marine sources
  • Maintain a balanced intake of high-quality protein, carbohydrates and fat
  • Quench your thirst with the best water you can get; straight from the tap.
  • Make sure that you at least have an optimal vitamin complex. If you want to be well-covered, you need to get B and D vitamins and magnesium in you. The latter preferably in combination with calcium. Get your vitamin C in from fresh citrus fruits. Make sure to get minerals and trace elements as well as a large intake of antioxidants and polyphenols, especially from dark berries. I’ll cover this exciting topic later this year.

Living organically, and therefore poison-free doesn’t have to be much more expensive if you’re mindful. It also means that you are free from the problematic residues from herbicides/pesticides and various additives. The organic diet will be covered much more extensively in the coming years and also cheaper.

Read or reread my colleagues many articles concerning a healthy diet and lifestyle under the heading “health/nutrition”. The articles in the WinFit series may also be an inspiration.

3 sins you should AVOID

If you choose to omit stimulants like alcohol and smoking in your daily life and focus on removing added sugar from your diet, which can be found in almost all pre-cooked food, you have a fantastic opportunity to get a healthy and active life with many healthy years in front of you. I consider sugar – especially the added “hidden” sugar to be a major health problem and the biggest single reason why inflammation occurs and causes lifestyle diseases.

You may want to read or re-read my article on sugar, which focuses on how more than 70 percent of all store goods have added sugar in smaller or larger quantities – How to get a hold of the dangerous sugar

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Create a sense of peace in your body

Stress is a crucial factor for achieving optimal health. An active life with a lot of things to do can be good and stimulating. But if you can manage to reduce or eliminate negative stress and get 7.5 hours of sleep every night, you’re physiologically, biologically and nutritionally well on your way to achieving optimal health.

Other ways of creating a sense of peace in a perhaps busy life is to learn to take breaks. A break may be small or large. Perhaps a shorter walk of 5-10 minutes of fresh air where you take deep breaths and empty your head by not thinking about anything other than your breathing.

A break can also be sitting still for a few minutes with while taking proper, deep breaths. You can also take an active sunlight break where you go for a brisk walk on days when the sun shines. The brighter the daylight you get, the better the balance is between the hormones that control the sleep.

A new year with a new body

My articles of the new year will be dedicated to those of my readers who want to change, like for example:

  • Achieving lasting weight loss
  • Controlling imbalances
  • Getting started with exercise
  • Changing unwanted diet
  • Achieve the desired healthier, toned body
  • Eliminate sugar cravings
  • Getting better, healthier skin and more beautiful hair
  • Getting better sleep
  • Alleviating stress
  • Relieving/getting rid of pain
  • Regulating hormone imbalances associated with menopause.

Even if we live healthy and have good eating habits, we sometimes need a little push in the right direction. Even if you have the right building blocks, an imbalance in the body can stop these from being utilized optimally and cause a dysfunction to occurs. Here we can benefit from helping and supporting some of the body’s own processes.

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The modern human struggles with many physical and mental challenges. This makes thinking about your health more important than ever. It is important to stay balanced. This is is Kim Hody's focus. Kim Hody is an educated physical therapist who has worked extensively in the art of teaching and providing prophylaxis and manual therapy. Kim Hody is a PE teacher and has worked with treatment and counseling in sports, exercise, diet and nutrition for many years. In his spare time he is an avid exerciser and swimmer. Contact info: + (45) 5190 1271 or


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