Stress and lack of surplus vanished with LifeWave


On a farm, there is no running back to mum. From I was very young, I learned that you need to put in work while you can. Because the animals need feeding – every day.

I was born in Salling, north of Skive, Denmark, and grew up on a farm west of Viborg. During the busy periods during, say, the harvest, we worked almost around the clock, because the weather was determing when to harvest and when to run straw and so on.

The things I learned during my childhood have influenced and characterised my work life. I work as an IT consultant at LMO, where the workload tend to be seasonal. In periods, this means long workhours, and at times, working several nights in a row to meet a deadline. Many systems have been adjusted in the hours of late nights and early mornings, making everything ready for the workday without disrupting the colleagues.

What is my point with all of this? Well, I want to talk about stress, overtime, and lack of surplus.

My body used to react like this: Egon, it is time to relax – here is a big dose of the cold or sinusitis, so I can get you to lie horizontal for a week. That happened several times a year.

My skepticism of LifeWave is overpowered

One day, my sponsor introduced me to LifeWave. As my feet are solidly planted in the Danish soil, I was somewhat – or very – skeptical of what he said.To me, it was a load of mumbo-jumbo, and I was taught that nothing was done while you slept.

My curiousity grew as time went by. Yes, I was convinced to try it out and dip my toes. Maybe in the hope that it really was real.

Now, for more than 4.5 years I have been using the products Energy Enhancer, Y-age Aeon, Y-age Carnosine, Y-age Glutathione, as well as Silent Nights from LifeWave. In the same period, I have only 2-3 days of light cold during this spring.

I am not willing or able to do without the products from LifeWave. To me, there is a clear correlation, and my quality of life has never been better.

These days I am able to keep oversight of my tasks when the situation is dynamic and important, and the pressure is the highest. At the same time, I have surplus enough for my family and hobbies after work, rather than just going home and lie down on the sofa.

The joy of being a LifeWave distributor

When these products where able to make such a difference to me, simply by placing them on the acupuncture points, or even simpler, by looking at a picture that comes with every product, surely these products could help others too??

During my years as an independent LifeWave distributor, I have stood on several conferences, given talks, and introduced these products to others. I found out that I feel very proud and happy on the inside being able to help others with their problems.

Many a time have I seen a man let a tear slip because his pain has gone away as snow in the sun. I have witnessed people’s quality of life improving markedly. That is a fantastic gift to experience.

As a result, I will share more about my new life with LifeWave in the coming posts, making it possible for me to help and inspire others via this route too. Equally important, I will also tell you about the creation of the To Human app – a project which has meant a great deal to me. With that, I have been able to combine my professional expertise with my passion for LifeWave, and give joy to a lot of people by offering them easy access to knowledge about the LifeWave products.

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Do you remember how it was to be young, active, and pain free? That is how you should feel throughout your life. That is LifeWave. Throughout several years I have tested LifeWave on my own body. These days, I am an independent LifeWave distributor of these fantastic products. Contact me at



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