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Do you remember how it was to be young, active, and pain free? That is how you should feel throughout your life. That is LifeWave. Throughout several years I have tested LifeWave on my own body. These days, I am an independent LifeWave distributor of these fantastic products. Contact me at lwegon@gmail.com

To Human LifeWave App: How it came to be, and why we SHOULD share

When I started as an independent distributor of LifeWave great products for 4.5 years ago, all the material in English. Yes, even LifeWave fantastic handbook "The LifeWave Handbook - A Guide to Basic and...

Stress and lack of surplus vanished with LifeWave

On a farm, there is no running back to mum. From I was very young, I learned that you need to put in work while you can. Because the animals need feeding – every...