When thoughts make us stronger, more successful, and creative

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“To heaven and back” is the title of a book by the American neurosurgeon Eben Alexander. My physiotherapist/multitreater recently lended me the book because he thought I’d find it interesting – and that, I did!

The book is about the surgeons seven-day-coma caused by meningitis. His brain is totally infected with the resistant E. coli bacteria. After a few days in a coma, the doctors don’t think he’s very likely to survive, and if he does, he will have a serious brain injury. But Eben Alexander wakes up against all odds and after a few months he is back in good health with normal brain function.

The interesting thing is what happens while he’s in a coma. All the doctors agree that there is no brain function during his seven-day-coma. Yet he experiences many “journeys” that he can perfectly recall afterwards.

When the unknown sets us free

Eben Alexander says that true thinking is pre-physical, meaning that the thought behind the thoughts are responsible for all the important choices we make in the world. His near-death experiences supports the three principles of our thoughts, consciousness and life forces/universal energy that Sydney Banks uncovered more than 40 years ago. In short, this is what happens when we find ourselves mentally in the moment; free of thoughts of the past and daydreaming about the future!

In the book, Eben Alexander describes our subconscious thoughts:

“It is this kind of thinking that grabs the rugby ball in the end zone on the rugby field, finds its way to inspiring scientific discoveries or write inspirational lyrics. Subconscious thoughts are always there when we really need it but we’ve often lost the ability to use and believe in it.”

Inner health and balance

The three principles are all about finding our natural inner health and well-being and being in the present. The principles describe how our mind works and how we can find the internal health and balance. Our consciousness is the foundation upon which we are built. Many of us aren’t aware that our foundation will change with our state of mind. Once we are aware of it, we’ll experience greater strength and balance in regards to external circumstances and the challenges we encounter in our everyday life as well as on the job.

When we become aware of how we work with the quality of our thoughts, we get better at accepting change, are less stressed, feel empowered in our relationships with others, and we create better results overall. It also allows more greater creativity, energy, benefits, and joy.
Do yourself a favor and read the book – it’s a really good read. You can read more about the three principles online.


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