In the air with LifeWave: 4 good travel tips!


So, it’s the winter holiday. Many are already away or on their way south. Some go skiing while others want the heat of more exotic holiday destinations.

Most travel by air. It’s the fastest way of traveling but, but it often takes up to a day to get where you’re going. I myself just returned from a 22-hour flight to the Near East. 12 hours of total flight with a 10 hour transit. It might be a pain for every man/woman – and especially for the kids. Yes, it’s often hard on both kids and parents. Even if you’re just flying to Gran Canaria, which is a short flight of six hours, you are on the plane from early morning until you get to the hotel in the afternoon.

Flying does a number on your body!

1. Discomfort and fear of flying

Traveling is taxing on the body and mind for many people. Sensitive/especially sensitive people will often experience discomfort and symptoms derived from this. It may be stress, fear or anxiety over the many sounds and unfamiliar movements from the plane. I know several people who are afraid of flying. Many have a hard time getting on an airplane for a shorter or longer trip. For some it’s associated with genuine fear of dying. Others are generally uncomfortable with flying and just wait for it to be over.

2. Low oxygen levels in the cabin

The oxygen levels in the air is not the same as on the ground. At the same time, the pressure during take-off and landing is somewhat lower than normal. The oxygen content in the blood is 97-99% at ground level, while it’s 92-95% up in the air at 11,000 meters altitude. This means that the body has a harder time absorbing the necessary oxygen, which is also lower during the flight.

The fact that there is less oxygen density can cause headaches, vision problems, stasis or blood clots in the deep veins of the lower leg. The very dry air supplied to the cabin from the outside causes as low as 5-15% relative humidity in the cabin. This is similar to the humidity in the Sahara Desert and can cause dehydration. Relative dehydration or lack of fluid if you don’t drink enough can cause headaches, dryness of the pharynx and throat and eye irritation. As mentioned in one of my previous posts, a relative fluid deficit of just 2% can result in relatively reduced mental and physical capacity of 10-15 %!

If you “cheap out” on the water (water must of course be purchased after check-in at the departure hall and/or on the plane), you won’t have enough fluid in your body. This can result in weakness, drowsiness and, as mentioned, lead to headaches and general discomfort and a generally reduced capacity and sense of comfort. So, it’s important to drink plenty of fluids during your flight and refrain from drinking alcohol and coffee as they’re both exudative. Make sure to stay active as well by moving your feet and legs and getting up to walk every now and then.

Elderly or people with impaired lung function might experience breathing problems, especially smokers or people with asthmatic issues.

3. Interrupted sleep and jet lag

Sleep is the greatest challenge on longer trips. The day will be interrupted and if you’re flying over multiple time zones and/or are traveling the ‘wrong’ way where you’ll ‘lose’ one night and arrive on a new day, you’ll easily lose a night’s sleep. This knock your sleep cycle out of order, which can be difficult to correct in the following days. You’ll get hit by jet lag – a condition that typically occurs when crossing multiple time zones in rapid succession. Symptoms such as disturbances of sleep patterns, anxiety, irritability, drowsiness, headache, nausea, stomach and digestive problems can then occur. But, everything will be all right again once you’ve gotten used to it and your biological clock has adjusted.

There’s help on hand! 4 good tips with LifeWave

It’s not always easy to maintain optimum comfort on a long journey. But there is advice to be had. I always have my indispensable patch bag in the cabin. Here I have a small selection of all seven LifeWave patches that might come in handy on the go.

Along with TOHUMAN app, I am always well ready to help myself or sometimes other people that I meet on my journey or at my destination. Since the app requires an internet connection, I can’t always use it in the air, but having the app on my phone in my everyday life gives me such a good guide at hand. The app is easy to work with, and there are constantly new suggestions on how to relieve the pain and any other issues you may wish to remedy.

1. Aeon reduces stress, anxiety and worry

I put on the Aeon patch on the way to the airport in the morning to reduce the overall travel jitters with stress and anxiety, and maybe even what is actually a fear of flight.

You must remember to drink plenty of water since all the patches require that you’re well hydrated. The Aeon patch generally reduces stress and anxiety and works as a universal sedative and analgesic. You can wear it every day without any problems and keep it on for the entire flight.


2. Silent Nights gives you peace of mind and helps you sleep

A good, deep and sufficient amount of sleep is vital. That’s why I use the Silent Nights regularly, even if I sleep well sometimes.

During the week up until my trip, I use the Silent Nights patch every night. I do that so that I on the days before the journey know that I’ll get as good, deep and long of a sleep as possible – even if I sleep well during the period. I boost my sleep before my trip because we unfortunately can’t sleep in advance. During long-haul flights, I use Silent Nights to give myself some peace and rest while also knowing that the patch supports the body’s secretion of the sleep hormone melatonin.

Thanks to the Aeon patch that reduces my stress levels, you’ll doze off easier and be able to relax. You might even get a bit of a nap in! This actually possible – despite the noise in the cabin. A set of ear plugs can also work wonders. Note: I recommend using Aeon and Silent Nights at the same time. It is my experience that this combination is very good for a lot of people.

3. Aeon for less stress and better sleep

There are always families with children on trips. Children – and particularly very young ones – are sometimes stressed. On my last two trips there have been families that both times had a crying child around 2-3 years of age.

The parents are visibly affected and stressed about the child crying and their own inability to comfort them. I always spring into action when I know that I can help and make a difference. I go four rows further up the plane and strike up a conversation. Long story short: I was allowed to help and a single Aeon patch is applied on the neck of the little boy. This gives the child an almost instantaneous tranquility – and his parents. The child gets a big sip of water, and 10 minutes later he’s sleeping soundly for the remainder of the flight.

4. Energy Enhancher for better breathing

We have seven different patches that all provide unique opportunities to help ourselves, as well as others, on the go.

A slightly lower cabin pressure combined with a concentration of oxygen that might be about 5% lower than normal may lead to general lethargy, which you might have experienced first hand. This in combination with the very dry air can be very problematic for the passenger. You can remedy this with patches and an increased water intake. It’ll ultimately give good comfort during – and especially after – the journey if your water intake is sufficient. So, up your water intake by up to 50%.

I haven’t had any issues getting air myself or experienced having to help someone who has had difficulties breathing, but I know that the Energy Enhancer can help. I know that some of my colleagues have successfully used the Energy Enhancer for people who struggle with coughing, been unable to breathe, have had reduced lung capacity or otherwise had issues with their breathing. This is when we put on the Energy Enhancer on the selected lung points. We enhance the effect by using Aeon and (optionally) Glutathione simultaneously. Again, you can practice on which points are especially effective for this. You can also check out the TOHUMAN app or the small leaflets/guides that are included with each patch.


“To travel is to live” – LifeWave makes it easy for you

“To travel is to live,” goes the famous quote by Hans Christian Andersen in his book The Fairy Tale of My Life (1855). With the small unique patches, you have every opportunity to make your flight as good and comfortable as possible despite the long distance and make sure that you stay fresh, are well rested and have peace of mind once you reach your holiday destination.

Get in touch with me if you’re curious to know how the patches could help you. It’s easy, convincing and works immediately!

Happy holidays and have a nice flight!

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