The journey with Alavida skin care has begun – pep talk and five fantastic testimonials


I’m sitting here digesting my experiences and impressions from the Peptalk tour d’Alavida that recently happened for the first time. It took place in Hammelev Assembly House, located in Hammelev near Vojens in the southern Jutland region in Denmark. Tomorrow is another day full of new lectures about Alavida. Peptalk tour d’Alavida is coming to Vrå Sports Center, which is located in northern Jutland not far from Hjørring, and then it’ll move on to the next place.

As many of you are probably aware of, I have initiated a new kind of get together called called Peptalk tour the “something”. It actually happened a couple of years ago. The first of its kind was called Peptalk tour de Theta Nutrition. These have been settled in connection with meetings organized by LifeWave distributors in various locations in the country.

A few years ago, when LifeWave became more and more common in Denmark, it was especially those who took LifeWave. They could integrate this unique ‘acupuncture plaster’ technical concept directly into their treatments. The treaties therefore came to account for the spread of the LifeWave universe and its exciting products. This meant that LifeWave was often presented with professional terms.

As time passes, a process took place where the presentation was made easier and understandable to all. This happened, among other things, because LifeWave wanted to reach a broader audience – thus moving away from an image that only users who used the products. Brochures and promotional material were updated so the language was dimmed – and we are many who are really happy. LifeWave is for everyone …

For example, all of this has meant that the letter codes of the acupuncture points have been removed from the materials. It has become so simple that an image easily shows where a given patch can be put. The known acupuncture codes, such as GV14 or GV24.5 were also deleted. So today we have some material to work with from LifeWave, which has never been easier to go to. Thank you for that.

Theta Nutrition – what is that?

Then a couple of years ago, LifeWave launched a dietary supplement called Theta Nutrition. It was the basis for the development of the type of peptic that I naturally chose to call the Peptalk tour de Theta Nutrition.

I was contacted by a LifeWave distributor who told him that he had hosted a closed team meeting where they were delighted with the LifeWave products. However, when they reached Theta Nutrition, they became very quiet. No one could really explain how it worked. Not that it’s important to understand, but sometimes understanding makes a difference.

This meeting began to embark on a very exciting process that sparked into the creation of my peptalks. I chose to put on Theta Nutrition products. I went into depth with the different components and honored to explain how they worked and argue in particular for the different components. I had a clean party. Parentes noted – I still have a party because I think it’s fun to give other insights into LifeWave’s marvelous world.

That’s why I went into my previous blog post with the description of Alavida skin care series with a technical focus – more than one user-oriented.

When but, it was otherwise a detour to write about the headline content. Smiles cheeky and pleasantly pleased. Hold on – I’m about to come to the case. The blog post, by its very nature, has provided the basis for the development of the PowerPoint mentioned, which was opened Thursday evening for the first Peptalk Tour d’Alavida.

Five great results with Alavida

It has been an exciting Alavida trip so far – and when I read the experiences that other users have made, it once again confirms that LifeWave has created something unique.

In the following, I will quote both my and other people’s experiences, which in turn cement the LifeWave product’s almost magical function over and over again. For good reason, I would just like to say that I bring these reports in agreement with the people behind the writings.

Tulle LW: The joys of Alavida will never end!

Hello out there. Just a little update here a month after I started at Alavida. I have never been to creams, but have used a little sesame oil at times and must admit that I’m not very creams – there has not been one, and the other one I have put a negative finger on. As I said, I have now used Alavida skin care for a month. It’s big for me and it’s in several ways.

I have become a bit tighter in the face – read the face. But that’s not what makes me clap. I would have liked it when the day and night creams came on there and that I expected something amazing when the series was launched here in Denmark in mid September.

What causes me to cuddle is that I have also had a nice soft skin on the rest of the body that I’m free of that with a file on my feet, the hard skin is gone – also on the elbows. In fact, I also had some psoriasis-like buds from one elbow and down the arm – pist away. I’m not done.

In my face, I have always had two dark “mouldeskud”, which is now there, but not like a mole shot, but only as a light pigment change. The same thing happened to someone I have on my arm. Now they are just a part of my little flaky skin. I’m sure the mole has found another place to live. There is more …

As a teenager, I could not keep my fingers from these small tallow buds, as most people know. As a result, I have had some hard scarring scars that have not bothered me, but nevertheless … I am surprised that they are also retarding.


Right now the bottle is empty, even if it is 60 days. Not because I have flushed myself into creams, but because my husband has also used Alavida … but it’s a completely different and good story of varicose veins that get smaller and more.

Do you think I have just ordered a new shipment – YES … And then I just forgot to tell that the patch, which is part of the series, has given the most beautiful dreams (sleep well and have a nice energy By day), it has given the effect to the body.

I just CANNOT LET IT BE – I’ve become addicted.

Ainora Hansen: I love LifeWave and I love Alavida

Like many others, I was at LifeWave event in Copenhagen in September, where Alavida skin care was presented. We got the creams on the hands and got three pieces of patches home. At the same time, I could feel the face nail on my hand. First a red-net pattern, and afterwards I felt that it tightened. It took a few days before I got my Alavida skin care kit and could get started. But then something happened.

My crazy and dry heels as well as dry elbows, I no longer have! Just after the three patches I had used. Same with my hands. Has always had problems with dry skin. Thanks for the Alavida skin care series – it’s over now. It’s so nice.


That’s where I am today. Yes, I couldn’t have imagined this two years ago.

Vini Mai Christensen: The Alavida patch Alavida is an internal update

The Alavida creams are essential nourishment for skin and senses. The plastic has for me been an inner revolution and upgrade – mentally and physiologically.

From the first second I felt a reaction in the brow and tin and could almost locate my pineal gland, as I now know that the patch stimulates.


I’m in the middle of MY life, but I’VE have always had the feeling that my brain started collapsing when I’m stressed and am juggling a lot of things. The thoughts became unclear, and I used a lot of herbs to think clearly and keep an overview. An early Alzheimer’s maybe or a family heritage in the form of early senility?

At the same time, I could feel the stress sled on my physique; The energy went down. Yes, it often blocked completely. I got sore in the kidney area, got slow movements, and my face shattered my inner energy loss. My brain is now updated for a version 2015.

Today I can choose if I want to stress the many tasks. I solve the tasks far more creatively and easily – contrary to the old linear and Slavic way of getting through the bunks, which just melted the brain if possible even more down.

Physically, my organs feel healthier; The kidneys are far more vital, the brain cleans, the sleep deeper, and the dreams clear. I feel less sensitive, take a lot easier on things, emotional challenges pass faster and there is generally more peace and surplus. My face once again talks that I’m better and that energy loss is replaced by renewable energy without big fluctuations. All in all, an internal upgrade.

And then my own fabulous experience with Alavida

Some days after the LifeWave event in September, my own products reached Dannevang – and it could only be too slow to test the skin care creams themselves.

I already had the occasion in connection with the Alavida skin care products launch over Friday and Saturday the 18th and 19th of September 2015, experiencing a fragrance that I found directly breathtaking. It was almost like comparing to the sea air near the sea.
To me, Alavida is a magical experience. An experience I received through the part of the skin care trio system, called the Alavida patch. Without getting into this, I can tell that said patches are developed for light, to boost the production of a neurotransmitter called melatonin.

As part of my personal preparations for the use of the Alavida skin care series, I had been in town to buy a little cleansing milk, skintonic and water basins. The feeling was something special. Cross-border, but in the good way. I think I’m used to buying aftershave. Those women dressing was a little outside of my comfort zone.


Anyway, I have made a new “dill”. But begging me if it does not become a regular ritual in the morning. As part of the morning rituals in the bathroom there is a shave for me. After that, I usually add a more or less randomly purchased moisturizer on the face, as well as some aftershave. This without any sense of quality what so ever.

However, these times are over now, because I have now realized that not less than 74 percent of the things I’m lining on the skin are absorbed in the body. When it is said or written, I experience it a bit strange to melt my face into cream in the evening, where I again feel my beard stalk has emerged. Hmm … life is hard.

After almost a month of use, I can clearly notice a change – but not visible, but certainly. Namely, a feeling of a softer skin that also seems more smooth.

When I write that I do not see any visible gains, it has to be countered by the fact that I compared to similar men had a beautiful baby skin already. Another side gain for me has been that I no longer use aftershave. It’s one thing that I also heard from other men.

However, it does not change the fact that I’m crazy about the smell, and I also like the mental understanding that I have gained from the unique nature of the products.

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Steen Leithoff is a lecturer, motivator, coach and help others realize their goals as certified Goal Mapping Practitioner. Steen Leithoff also has a background as a knowledge facilitator in the health food industry, specializing in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Steen is known for his pep talks about Theta Nutrition. Contact Info:


  1. Smiling. Yes, Ilene Boe Jensen.
    It’s easy to love LifeWave and, not least, the company’s products. It really gives me a boost for quality of life.

    Part one’s own quality of life, but also the fact that we are able to boost others, insofar as those we contact, thank you for the use …

    Congratulations on your painless life.

    Lots of friendly regards from Steen Leithoff.


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