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2013 and 2014 were hard years for the family. In 2013 we suddenly lost my father’s father and in 2014 the same happened – this time it was my mother’s father.

2015 was just around the corner. A new year – a new “beginning” we thought and hoped.

Over a long period, I had had some challenges with my stomach. So, in connection with my 35th birthday, I thought: It probably would not hurt to go see the doctor for a check up on my health. At the same time, I would be able to bring up the challenges I had with my stomach.

At the doctors, they checked my blood pressure and I had blood tests taken, for which I would get the result later on. My doctor also sent me to have further examination done on my stomach. On the 3rd of March at 2 pm, I had a colonoscopy, and they found – WAIT FOR IT – 32 polyps. 32, yes that’s right! I was in shock.

I cannot describe what that did to me. I got scared, really scared. Probably more scared than I let anyone know. It did not take many days before I broke down from stress. As if that was not enough, I also got a depression. I have never felt so inadequate.

I got an appointment to have the polyps removed on 18th of May at 1 pm. I could have had an earlier appointment, but I needed a little time. Time to help myself and prepare for the procedure.

My recovery using LifeWave patches

I began using LifeWave products to help me with my stress and depression. I used Y-age Aeon on LV3 and Silent Nights on K27 (right side), since I knew from previous experience that it would give calm my body and give me a little more energy. Energy that I certainly needed.

At the same time, I contacted a practitioner who also knew about LifeWave, to get her advice. I would like to know if and how I could possibly use the products to help my intestines. She came up with the following items and products:

I was to use Energy Enhancer, which consists of a set, a white and a brown patch:

  • Day 1: The white patch on the right B23, and the brown on B47
  • Day 2: The white patch on the right ST13, and the brown on ST13
  • Day 3: The white patch on the right P6, and the brown on TW5
  • Day 4: The white patch on the right B47, and the brown on B23
  • Day 5: The white patch on the right TW5, and the brown on P6

When the 5 days had passed, I began from the beginning.

I also had to use SP6 Complete(SP6) and Y-age Glutathione:

  • Day 1: Sp6 Complete on the left ST36, and GLU on the right SP16
  • Day 2: Sp6 Complete on the left SP16, and GLU on the right ST36

I used the two to strengthen and cleanse my intestines. I also changed my diet. I was done with white flour, sugar, diary products from cow, and all meat.

The reason I avoided these foodstuffs was to protect my intestines. We probably all know that wheat flour and sugar is not very healthy because the body does not have any use for it. On the other hand, meat and milk are very tough for the intestines / body to break down, and my bowels needed rest, there was no need to make them work overtime.

I was prepared to do ANYTHING to make the polyps go away myself. Even if the doctor had explicitly told me that they would not disappear without surgery.

The doctor’s judgement – and sigh of relief

Finally 18th of May came around. I turned up for the surgery. A procedure like this is done under local anaesthesia and with a colonoscope so I could follow the procedure myself and hear everything the doctor and nurse said. The very puzzled doctor had to conclude that there was only ONE polyp.

In the doctor’s own words: “If it had not been myself who did the preceding examination, I would have been convinced that there was an error in your medical records. It simply is not possible that polyps can disappear without surgery.”

A great RELIEF. I had won the battle against my 32 polyps.

Today, a good 5 months after the procedure, I have no issues with my stomach / intestines. I have become much more conscious of the influence stress and depression can have on you and the small signals I need to be aware of, to not get into the same situation again.

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In connection with my work as a self-employed florist, I was lacking energy and surplus to get me through the day. It is tough getting up between 3 and 4 in the morning. The energy and surplus is achieved with LifeWave's products. The products afford us so much energy - both the two-legged and four-legged variants. It is our at-home apothecary for both small and great challenges. Both as a preventive measure and in all other circumstances.


  1. Wonderful story. Over and over again, we are able to confirm what magical changes life can offer when we choose to help it on the way. I am seriously happy on your behalf. Knus from Steen…♥♥♥♥

    • Hello Steen

      Thank you very much for your comment.
      Yes, it’s a bit unbelievable how we can help the body on its way.
      Knus Malene & lt; 3


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