LifeWave, my loyal companion during cancer treatment


Throughout my life I have always been an active man when it comes to sports and exercise. I’ve almost never suffered from anything serious. It’s always been a neighbor, colleague, etc., of mine who have been hit by disease, so I myself have been one of those healthy people who don’t need to go to the doctor.

Sadly, that was about to change. Disease strike many, including me.

The shock: Colorectal cancer diagnosis

It all began in the summer of 2015. I had some severe abdominal pain, which resulted in frequent visits to the bathroom. I respond in the way that many of us men do, “It’s fine. I don’t have to see a doctor.” But the pain abates doesn’t go away even weeks after, so I finally call the doctor.

The doctor does some serious screening on me and I get redirected to some other doctors. That’s when I got the results that we all dread. The thing that we’d never imagine would happen to us: “You have bowel cancer and you need acute treatment!”

From there it all takes off. I’m hospitalized and have surgery and know that I must be in the hospital for 8-10 days.

Rapid healing with LifeWave’s Y series

During my hospitalization I use the LifeWave patches: Y series Aeon, Glutathione and Carnosine and the sleep patch Silent Nights. This helps me a lot of means that I feel alright even just the day after the surgery. I’m well-rested and my blood pressure and blood tests look fine.

My surgical wounds heal up pretty quickly. The department staff have a little trouble understanding how I recovered so quickly. The result is that I’m released five days before the scheduled time and I’m back at my job in only three weeks, though I have to take it easy.

Chemotherapy with LifeWave

See, like all others who are diagnosed with cancer, I was offered chemotherapy. I am told that I am cured, but they want me to go through a six-month chemotherapy in pill form – 10 pills during the day. This includes blood sampling every week and various conversations every two weeks. The pills that I need to take have side effects like nausea, headache, vomiting, hair loss, fatigue, sore eyes, dry mucous membranes, dry skin, back pain. Oh yeah, I could keep going. It is a frightening scenario for sure. I don’t feel like I have the energy for all this right after my surgery, but I don’t dare actually do anything but say yes and get started.

LifeWave recommends NOT using the patches without chemotherapy, as they can detox and thereby spoil the effect of the chemo treatment. I choose to do it anyway. It’s my life and my decision.

Throughout the treatment, I have NOT had any side effects of the chemo at all. The doctors can’t possibly understand how this could be. All the blood tests that were taken shows that everything is in order, and that my figures are at the high end of what is good for my immune system and health.

In fact, I popped by to spread some good mood and joy in the department. They’re not used to seeing such results!

Improved digestion with Corsentials

Along with this, I use the Corsentials supplements with the Theta Activator from LifeWave. It makes my stomach and digestive system function optimally and gives me the vitamins and minerals that my body needs every day.

I am now 100 percent back physically and also mentally after the shock of the surgery and chemotherapy. Doctors told me that it would take up to 1½ years before I would be completely cleared. It has only been six months.

Dedicated LifeWave user

I will never stop using these patches from LifeWave. As a consumer of the products myself, I can’t do anything but strongly recommend that you consider using them yourself. It’s absolutely worth it, whether you suffer from a simple misalignment or want to prevent a lifestyle disease.

LifeWave has certainly helped me through a very difficult time of my life. If it hadn’t been for the products, I would probably still be healing. So thank you LifeWave for having produced these products and made it possible for us humans to use them to improve our health – all without any medicine or chemicals.

Good day from a dedicated user of LifeWave

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Frank Hamann has been a LifeWave distributor since 2011. He is a dedicated user of LifeWave's product range and also uses LifeWave in his work as a plumber/project manager where there are many balls in the air. With these products from LifeWave Frank is able to avoid stress, get a better overview and find that he’s always in a better mood. LifeWave has also been a positive contribution throughout his cancer journey. In 2015, Frank was diagnosed with bowel cancer, but was fortunately enough declared cured after only six months. Contact Info: or 61729632.


  1. For the file, Frank – it was otherwise a story. Brings many speculations forward in my conscious mind. In particular, the conflict between the fact that chemotherapy and LifeWave are two completely different worlds. Impressive that you take the “spoon” your own hand and defy all “officially” current recommendations – and even with this outstandingly beautiful result. Being exciting to read when others come forward and tell about their experiences.

    Good fight – hug from Steen.

  2. So nice to read how you’re already back on track. And nice to read how you took responsibility with the doctors

    Best regards,


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