Finally handed-in my membership to the night-pee club


Have you like myself had an irrevocable membership to the night-pee club for many years? Oh, well, you might be thinking: It happens to all of us as we get older. We just have to accept it. Seriously!

I am 36 and have basically had an irrevocable membership to the night-pee club for the past 10 years. It is possible that you’ve chosen to accept your membership. I did as well at first. Every night I woke up because I had to get up to urinate and then jumped back under the covers again without thinking much about it. But I have become much wiser.


You might remember the last time I wrote about the LifeWave sleep patch Silent Nights – read more here. I was stubborn at first and didn’t really see how the patch could help me as I slept pretty well at night. But when I took the bull by the horns and realized that the truth was quite different from what I had believed: Interrupted sleep is not good sleep, and my sleep was being interrupted every night because I woke up having to pee.

This is true no matter how your sleep is interrupted. Whether it is your little angel is crying because he or she has lost their pacifier, because you are thirsty, have to get up and urinate, or something else entirely. You can’t do anything about all kinds of interrupted sleep, as your little angel of course needs their pacifier if he or she is crying. But no, the night should not be spent drinking water, urinating, etc. You need your sleep at night. It is incredibly important for both of us that we get our sleep. Sleep is both essential for our body, general health and overall mood. Therefore, it is also a problem if you wake up at night to urinate and isn’t able fall back asleep.

Avoid having to use the bathroom at night with the sleep patch

Not only has the sleep patch Silent Nights from LifeWave given me good health in the long run, I have also been able to achieve uninterrupted sleep at night. No more peeing at night for me! My membership has been terminated.

Using Silent Nights will increases our natural production of melatonin. It reduces our production of urine. The body is simply so smart that all we need to do is learn to listen to it.

So here’s another reason to use Silent Nights. Stop being as stubborn as I was being right now. What’s the worst that could happen?

  • You’ll get a fantastic night of sleep
  • You won’t notice it at all

That doesn’t sound too bad, right?

I would just like to add that you if you’ve have slept badly for years can’t expect to feel the difference in a single night of using the Silent Nights. You have to give it some more time. After all, your natural production of melatonin has to be stabilized. LifeWave actually offers a 30 day return policy if you’re still not satisfied after 30 days.

5 preferred locations for the Silent Nights patch

5 preferred locations for the Silent Nights patch

Silent-Nights-placeringerPictured above you can see one of the pages of the brochure that comes with every purchase from LifeWave. Each patch has a small folder in the same color as the package on the patch. Silent Nights has 5 preferred locations. What your preferred location is will be determined by trial and error.

You might want to start off with 1 point on your foot. If you have no noticeable effect after 1-3 days, I would recommend you to try to point 2 of the temple, etc. until you achieve the desired effect. But keep in mind that it can take time if you’ve been sleeping poorly for several years.

Personally I prefer the point of the foot, forehead and right temple. I alternate between these three points. If you use the same point over a longer period of time, you may experience a stretching sensation. This is because the point is becoming “tired”, so it’s a great idea to switch between 2-3 different points.

All that’s left to say is: Good night and sleep well until we meet again.




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