The rescue cream you should always have in your bag

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I went to school to be a kinesiologist in the mid-90s at the Holistic Learning Center. It was a very versatile training as the students were given the opportunity to become acquainted with a lot of very different things. Ever since my time there, I’ve always been carrying around Bach Rescue Creme. It’s basically ay everyday wonder drug.

Dr. Edward Bach was an English doctor, homeopath, etc., who died in 1936. In 1917 he had a malignant tumor from his spleen removed. He was told that he didn’t have more than three months to live.

Luckily, that’s not what happened. Bach lived on. In 1930 he decided to find a new way to seek healing. He spent the spring and summer in the countryside, where he found and prepared the various plant-based resources (paraphernalia). He said that the remedies do not contain any parts of the plant itself, but only the energy from the plant. In the winter he treated patients with these remedies – entirely for free.

He found and produced 38 different remedies, which works by treating the person – not the symptom. The remedies work on the emotional areas of the person, meaning two people do not need the same remedy, even if they might have the same disorder.
You can read more about his work on Wikipedia.

Pain relief by combustion

My personal, family’s and acquaintances’ use of Bach Rescue Cream, which is the 39th product, has been wide. The cream has a calming effect on exposed skin or especially exposed areas of skin.

Many years ago we were on holiday in France and stayed at a campsite. I had taken some disposable barbecue grills with me, so we’d really be able to camp in style. Once I had lit the grill a little too close to our mobile home and the smoke got into the house. A disposable grill like that has a cardboard box under the foil tray, so I moved the the grill by holding the cardboard. But I would never do that again after I burned my fingertips before moving them away at lightning speed. I immediately put some Bach Rescue Cream on my fingers. The pain was gone within a few minutes, but it was obvious where the fingertips had been “grilled”, so to speak. I got the skin back eventually and didn’t have any permanent marks after the experience.

Emergency relief for inflammation

My family and I occasionally bend a fingernail backwards, causing a collection of blood underneath the nail. It’s quite painful. So I put some Bach Rescue Cream on and the pain is gone in no time.

Small inflammations can affect all kinds of places, for example, the nail bed on the fingers or toes, and they’ll disappear in a no time as well. I had an ingrown nail once and the Bach Rescue Cream really helped me out. The other day I got an inflammation from a scratch in the skin under the nail on my left index finger. I put on the Bach Rescue Cream and a few minutes later I felt relief.

Find out for yourself how you can benefit from the cream

The possibilities are endless for this small everyday wondercream. A woman I know once had a yeast infection and was able to remove it with Bach Rescue Cream. Try it! You can buy it in many places, for example. health food stores and from therapists. There are also many online stores that offer Dr. Bach’s products.

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