LifeWave kit relieves eye inflammation swelling


Lisa is going shopping on a Saturday morning. There may have been bacteria on the door handles, the hand dryer in the bathroom, or on the shopping cart handles, because one of her eyes are pretty irritated on Sunday. Now she has an eye inflammation.

Lisa pulls out her LifeWave kit and puts a Carnosine patch over one of her eyes overnight. The next morning she, unfortunately, wakes up with inflammation in both eyes after washing the eye. She puts Carnosine patches on both sides of her eyes and also visits her doctor. The doctor writes her a prescription for an eye inflammation that she can pick up later.

Lisa is an independent hairdresser. She has to go to work and take care of her customers. She works for the next 10 hours without picking up the ointment. All day she dries her eyes with boiled water and chamomile tea. Her eyes are very red and they are both swollen when she comes home in the evening.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Monday morning, Monday night, Tuesday morning, Tuesday night.
PHOTO BELOW: Friday morning

Ready for the holidays with fresh eyes

She picked up the ointment on the way home and it takes care of the irritation and inflammation right away, but it doesn’t remove the large bags/swelling under her eyes. So Lisa puts on a Carnosine and Glutathione and a set of Energy Enhancers. The patches are stacked on top of each other on both sides of the eyes and she changes them every day.

The skin around her eyes is very wrinkled after being swollen so much, so she sleeps with a Carnosine under her eyes and an Alavida patch on her neck the next few nights. Lisa also diligently uses the Alavida creams both morning and night. Fortunately, she’s now ready to go to Tenerife with all her beautiful family on Sunday.

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