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In my life, I’ve had for cancer, depression, anxiety, PTSD, prolonged stress, abuse of various kinds, low self-esteem and the great challenge of having a particularly sensitive empathy and being an artist, dreamer and loving peace-seeker.

Whatever I have had throughout, the sound has always been my focal point. My voice is the most effective healing tool I have. I have sung my way through my cancer and went on stage that night, as I had been discharged from the dept. D2 at Aarhus Hospital with a hemoglobin level of 5.8 – bald with Prednisolone-moon face. I have stood in front of a crowded square in Ebeltoft trembling with fear and sung my heart strength and depth out. I survive because I get my daily dose of music because I put sound on my feelings.

The healing power of sound

Since time immemorial and the first primitive people, dsound has been used to gather, unite, comfort, soothe and heal humans. Cradle song lull the troubled child asleep, shaman drum has associated worlds and healed the sick, and all the days singing and music connected people to each other and contributed to increased well-being and upliftment of mind and spirit.

The unborn fetus develops hearing as early as the 18th week of pregnancy. The mother’s heartbeat and voice are the first primary sounds along with the child’s own sounds after birth are vital for its development. The sound is therefore essential for man.

Sound is vibration. Sound is energy vibrating at a certain frequency, and everything existing in the universe is energy consisting of resonance. In other words: everything is SOUND.
Sound can therefore (by virtue of its unique characteristics) influence and change the imbalances in our cells, both on the somatic, emotional, mental and spiritual (spiritual) area.

The belief of sound being healing can be understood from the universal law of vibration: To everything vibrates at a frequency or can be caused to vibrate – and also on the law of resonance:
To a body which vibrates at a low frequency and encounters a stronger frequency takes over and begins to vibrate at the dominant frequency.

Placed on an item to vibrate at a frequency in which it becomes vulnerable, its structure will eventually dissolve.

We can see sound by allowing the sound waves pass through water or through a metal plate with sand on. The different frequencies will appear as geometric patterns, and the sand structure will change before our eyes as the frequency rises or falls.

Sound and cancer

There are several examples of sound efficiency in the fight against cancer and malignant tumors.

A team of British researchers from the Cancer Institute at The Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton are working on developing a revolutionary new treatment for cancer and related diseases based on the use of high-frequency ultrasound.

This method has already been used to kill deep, damaging tissues of patients with bone fractures metastases – that is without subsequent operation – and is expected to eventually be able to be used in prostate and breast cancer, as well as in other tumors. Very interesting is that the sound wave therapy has cured 90% of the male prostate patients in an attempt University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation without any harmful side effects at all.

An American music professor named Anthony Holland has video documented proof that the sound can get cancer cells to explode. By exposing the malignant cells for frequencies between 100,000 and 300,000 Hertz, there are cancer cells vulnerability point explode and die.

Photo: Mark Adriane

The Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto stunned much of the world in 2004, when in his book, “The Hidden Messages In Water” tested the effect of the spoken word, and music’s influence on water molecules. All water samples exposed to positive words, soft music and good intentions showed beautiful, symmetrical patterns, unlike water samples exposed to harsh words and aggressive music, whose molecular structure was distorted and jarring. Emoto illuminated so how water – and thus also humans, we consists of almost 70% water – directly affected by sound, vibration and frequency.

The French composer and bio-energy healer Fabien Maman has explored and documented sound waves affect the body’s cells. In collaboration with biologist Helene Grimal he has also proven specific toners ability to make cancer cells to explode.

They also found that the voice is a much more effective healing tool than various instruments and was able to shatter the malignant cells in 9 minutes versus 14 minutes with, for example xylophone.

“The human voice carries something in its vibration that makes it more powerful than any musical instrument: consciousness.”

Intention – voice 3. spice

Intention is the same as “intent”. The intention is the basis for the starting point for a given action. By putting a INTENTION (as in prayer), the sound can create amazing transformations and healing in the human body. Via the intention, a thought-frequency is released with vocal sound, which multiplies of healing power and can generate instantaneous change in both the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

I look forward to that we in society opens psychiatry and the medical field up for therapies and healing methods that can actually change the cellular level programming and consciousness of the people who wish to all in this way.

Along with many others I dream more information about the causes of cancer and other chronic or potentially life-threatening disease states. I dream that we be allowed to heal so natural and side effect free as possible – be it with herbs, patches, magnets, minerals, food supplements, etc. – without that we should be penalized, criminalized or denied access to scans or controls .

We are in our sovereign right to choose freely and decide for yourself. It is our life and nobody else’s.

We have the right to make sounds!
Expressing ourselves in freedom and ligeværdets liberating name every bird with its unique beak!
No more muzzles, Jante Law, repressed emotions and clenched teeth – we give SOUND – and set ourselved free!


Anthony Holland

Fabien Mamman:

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Mia Kamla Marie Bluhm is a singer, author, painter, and audio healer. When Mia Kamla Marie was struck by cancer, her life turned around 180 degrees. On this blog, she shares her experiences with the healthcare system, her personal crises, and the struggle to become healthy, and how to find the strength, will, and the light. How to find one's own inner force. An interesting and very personal journey.


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