Pain relief and great healing with patches after emergency surgery

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An ordinary weekday in December was turned into a hectic ordeal for Gitte. Gitte has over the past few years had onset cataracts in her eyes and has therefore had to go for routine checks at the eye doctor. It’s just in to check out and out and moving on with everyday life.

Corneal cracks

How is forecast also for the routine test is in the middle of December. Unfortunately it is anything but peaceful when the eye doctor discovers a cut in the cornea. Gitte will dispatch emergency surgery at the hospital.

When the operation is successfully accomplished, she is sent home with lots of painkillers and told to take it easy – not just in the evenings, but also the coming 14 days until the wound has healed. It’s certainly not just the thing to get the message in the middle of the Christmas rush.

Massive amounts of pain

I speak with Gitte the next morning and the night definitely hasn’t been good. She is in a lot of pain despite taking painkillers at home home. We agree to talk later and possiblt meet, if the pain is still solid.

When I call again in the afternoon, I can immediately hear that it is completely mad. I start the car and have my patch trunk with the forearm.

IceWave pain patches on the temple

I put on the pain patch IceWave from LifeWave. IceWave works together as a pair, since there is a brown and a white patch. I put the brown on the left temple and whites of the right temple. In addition, I make a small package with more IceWave patches for the coming days.

The next day, Gitte says: “I slept so well and didn’t have any pain at all.” I’ll call later in the day to see if she still is ok, and she is. She is happy – no pain. As Gitte herself says: “So the patches did what the pills couldn’t – and now I don’t have any pain in my stomach.”

Beautiful healing with Carnosine patch

When I am with Gitte to help put IceWave patches on I put some Carnosine patches on. Carnosine patches are really good at promoting the reconstruction of cells and healing of wounds. I ask Gitte put it on top of IceWave in the temple at the operated eye.

To control after one week the doctor is pleased and amazed at how well the wound from the operation already looks. Gitte fits of course still on and is good to ask for help. Also when she should move in December, which of course puts extra pressure on the general juleræs. All proceeds fortunately well.

Carnosine patch for wound healing – again

The second day of Christmas shows Gitte me a wound on the ankle. She has lost a screwdriver very unfortunate and it has made a wound the size of an old 25-penny. The wound is open and suppurating and very red around. First, I think it happened the day before, but it turns out to be a week old. She can not get it to the whole matter what she does.

Out with Carnosine patch once more. I put a Carnosine patch on top of the normal patch, and Gitte promises to change every morning.

Gitte shows me hurt again two days later. Now it is dry and in good repair – it is now only as a hole in a 1-penny, and here on Jan. 1, 2018, it is a small dot, and skin fine.

I am looking forward to many more wonderful stories about products from LifeWave and health in 2018.

Where can you buy the patches?

You get just a ps here from me! Many ask us for here on the blog, where you can buy the resins from LifeWave. You can not buy them in stores or online, as it requires a little knowledge and instruction to use the patches. Therefore – if it has your interest – please contact one of us bloggers. Many of us are LifeWave distributors and can help you use the patches. You are always more than welcome to just have a chat in the first place – and maybe just get help for a test.

You can see which of us bloggers who are reseller of LifeWave in the profiles located under each post. Another tip is to look at post here on the blog and see who has written about LifeWave.

Happy New Year.

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