Pronounced relief of pains changed the life of my daughter


“There is no way that’s real!” was my first thought when I first became acquainted with the pain patch from LifeWave.

Back in August 2014, my daughter broke down on a Thursday evening. She had started 9th grade the week before, and she had had an intense midterm exam in the 9th grade and just started at a new place. She is also a rider and had spent time in horse rehabilitation where she had injured her shoulder.

Although six months had passed, the headaches were becoming more frequent, her lower back more sore (blow to the tailbone) and her shoulder ached. She regularly eased the pain with painkillers and massages from me. But then all hell broke loose on Thursday night. She cried and could not bear the thought of having to go to work the next day. We decided that I would try to book a massage for her sometime soon.

I called on Friday but we could only get an appointment in two weeks. I asked them to call if there were any cancelled appointments during Friday. After a few hours I received a call. They had no appointment to massage her: “But come on over, we’ll help her with her pain before the weekend. Yes, you will experience a little bit of hocus-pocus,” they said.

Pain relief with the patches

We showed up on Friday afternoon. Immediately my daughter got a patch from LifeWave on her neck and then they put on a set of so-called pain patches. I stood in front of my daughter so that I could follow her reactions closely.

The patches on her back were placed over towards the shoulder. When asked if it felt the same, she replied that it felt a bit better. Then they moved onto another patch. She was asked the same question and the answer came promptly: “It doesn’t hurt now!”. I looked intently and questioningly at my daughter, “It really doesn’t hurt, Mom.” The patches from LifeWave is often a resort because they can relieve pain, but my daughter realized that the effect was so great that she no longer felt any pain.

She was also experiencing violent headaches. After three attempts a set of patches were placed for her headache too. She experienced such great relief – the pain vanished! That’s when I thought “There is no way that’s real!”.

Becoming curious about the energy patches

I began asking curiously about what it really was. Patches for detoxification in the body had been placed so I got a short story about LifeWave energy patches and their function.
I got a very simple instructions on how to continue to relieve her pain throughout the weekend and continue the detox. I got quite a bit of performance anxiety. Could I, an untrained woman, even handle it and deal with the responsibility? The answer was yes.

We had a wonderful weekend, and the patches on her shoulder were not necessary more than once. I scheduled an appointment to put her in a detox machine to extract drug residues, etc. out of the body and to have a chat about how the weekend had gone. It was the week later and at that time the headache was gone too. On the evening of the fifth day I only managed to keep the patches on for a few seconds, and when I removed them to take the backing paper off. That’s when my daughter said “Alright, mom, the headache is gone completely.” So we only used the detox patch an the anti stress patch.

Purchased a big pack of patches

I was incredibly interested in the LifeWave products. I have a chronic disease – rheumatoid arthritis – and thought this was perhaps an opportunity for me. The originally scheduled massage appointment for my daughter wasn’t needed, so I went instead. I went there, enjoyed the massage and got asked a lot of questions about facts. I had seen the results already, so it was not a question of whether it worked – but a question of how do I get more information about the LifeWave patches.

And so I ordered the big package, Diamond, because there was not a shred of doubt in my mind that we would get great benefits from the patches from LifeWave – each and every single one of them.

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I am interested in the body, health, and living well with a chronic disease. I have a background in the financiel world with 25 years of experience with number and facts. In 2014, my life changed. I became a distributor of LifeWave products. These days, I am a networker, ambassador, and distributor of LifeWave. Follow me on the Facebook page Maibody.


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