How to beat your running track record – without knocking yourself out


If you’ve just started running and would like to run with others, all you have to do is look at the running calendar. Here you’ll find lots of invitations for jogging and more of the great classics.

Get set – ready – go! Are you in good shape?

Many have run for several years and is trained and well prepared for years of hardships in running shoes or on the bike, the swimming pool or in the sea. Others put up partly untrained and take it as it comes, without great expectations of how it’s going to go.

Obviously I can only recommend that you train yourself up for the longer run over a longer period in order not to damage the large joints. Especially the articular cartilage of the knee joint and spine joints are vulnerable if you do not slow trained and loaded them over many months and years like. Swimming and cycling burden is not so hard. It’s always running, which gives most injuries.

I usually say that you begin to run with a view to a longer race, so it takes approximately Six months before the cartilage in eg your knee discover that you run. So says the articular cartilage: “Aha…David is running, I’d better make me stronger. He believes it is obvious! “Then a slow build and strengthen the loaded structures – such as the knee, with its cartilage, meniscus and ligaments, a natural response of the body and the effect of training.

Therefore, it is reckless to run for a marathon with less than 12 to 16 months of regular exercise – seen only from the risk of injury. Hip and ankle joints are strong, but too many founds a knee injury in the long run when they run for years on the basis of an overly short-term basic training; even partially untrained. They have not taken their bones / joints by habituate joints over a long period of time and with an increasing load. The muscles are doing it almost always. Rather, it is the articular cartilage, ligaments and this entire structure, which must be prepared to the relative rigors which the very long run provides. Cycling is not quite as stressful, and swimming is very difficult to damage.

Testing LifeWave during the Berlin marathon

My good friend Henry is run. He has been running for 35 years and can run “black sun”, as they say. He built it – not too high, not too heavy and sturdy joints in the ankles and hips especially knee. He kept running career at the right not to take breaks throughout the years. This has been him for the benefit of many marathons in recent years, the more moderate half-marathon, now that he has passed the 60 years.

Since we both have come up in the mature age, we have many conversations about exercise and body maintenance. Some time ago we talk even about Henry’s next challenge Berlin Half Marathon – a race that he will run for the third time. The ambition is that he is like to have to keep his good time from 2 years ago, even though he was two years older.

I ask if he does not want to try the patches from LifeWave, promising him half and with a smile in his eye that he will achieve a fantomtid. He is a little skeptical, but he would like to test whether the patches can help him a good result.

Did you know …
a half-marathon at 21.0975 kilometers is a very popular distance for many exercisers because it does not require the same training as a whole marathon.

The search for a better time

Henrik and I talk about the different challenges we encountered during long-distance race. Here we are talking specifically about nutrition along the way, supply of energy and fluid handling, and most importantly; ‘hunt’ in good time, as the one to be better than the last!

How to benchmark yourself on your running time of 10 km and half-marathon:
Are you experienced and can run 5 km at a rapid pace without problems, you should be able to run 10 kilometers in just under an hour and a half-marathon on equal about 2 hours and 20 minutes. This is for younger super runners who can keep a constant pace.

Everyone must learn in its own way, namely by practice. How does my own “machine” and how should it be provided during the race. Carbohydrates and fats are being used for combustion in the drawing it in terms of revenue is available and in relation to the hardness and intensity of the race. But for most it’s carbohydrate metabolism, they struggle with. The same applies to fluid intake, which can be a major challenge – especially during the very long run. Hard running with high intensity requires more available carbohydrate. For longer and slower running (ultra), where the intensity is lower, its energy from fat more and more into play.

We also talk about running at the limit of what can manage without “go cold” or meeting the “wall” that makes that possible. not able to finish the race. A question about running as close to or just below its limit, able to handle the energy demand, water demand, including being able to handle the pain from lactic acid formation in the muscles.

3 afford patching with LifeWave BEFORE marathon

LifeWave has three unique patches that I recommend Henrik to use on the day:

The AEON patch for pain relief, for managing stress situation like regular booster of other used patches.

The CARNOSINE patch that improves the bioelectric pathways in the body’s organs and repair tissue damage (which incidentally is part of taking a hard race). As is particularly important here is the patch known to inhibit the accumulation of that of the runner, lactic acid problematic. Sports People using Carnosine patch, exposing lactic acid formation so that it occurs much later than usual, while increasing endurance and muscle power. Clinical trials show that continuous use of the patch type can increase endurance – ie lactic acid increase the tolerance of up to 125 percent.

The ENERGY ENHANCER Here we have LifeWave’s very own, unique energy patch. The patch is the first patch, which was developed and very successfully used by the US swimming team at the Athens Olympics in 2004. This led to a number of personal bests. The patch has since spread in professional sports. When the German national football team in 2016 won the world championship of Argentina, many of the players patched with patches from LifeWave.

Energy Enhancer is known to increase the power by about 22 percent by increased fat burning. In addition it provides increased flexibility, increases balance and increased stamina. For prolonged use increases muscle strength.

How Henrik uses patches on the day of the race

I give Henrik set of the three testing for three days: Set to play with, a kit for use on the last slightly longer workout of the week before the race and a set that he uses on the race day in Berlin. The kit he put on after breakfast and a few hours before the race.

The Energy Enhancer consists of a set of two (brown and white), which he must put on the selected items. For those who will go into more detail, these are acupuncture points LU 1, which is the first point of the Lung Driver – the location is up at the shoulder joint in the hole a few finger width from the collarbone wrist toward the center of the body. The white on the right side and brown on the left side and another set of Energy Enhancer on ST 36, which is item 36 on the Stomach Driver. The point three fingers below the kneecap and about two fingers out. White on the right side and brown on the left. Important to be here without mistaking the right / left. White on right as we usually say. One should not worry about a millimeter location when you use our patches. These performance is achieved even at a distance of 15 mm from the body, and all the patches covering a range of about 9 cm. so you have a large space here.

The Aeon patch is placed in the neck, there where nakkehvirvlen dents most when we bend your head forward.

The Carnosine patch is placed on the sternum in the middle of the chest – the point is CV17 which refers to paragraph 17 of the front main meridians – conseption vessel – only mentioned here for those of you who geeks. He puts an additional CV 6, which is point three fingers below the navel on the same meridian.

PHOTO GUIDE: If you’d like to see the exact locations of the illustrations – download the TOHUMAN app on the App Store or via Android and search the protocol: “Sports performance 2”.

For some it is to run a science, while for others both exercise, fun and games as well as a source of health, adjustment and well-being. Henrik and I discuss generally not diet, nutrition and fluid before and after the race. It is doing himself.

I have known marathon runners who run on white bread with strawberry jam in volumes. Another topløber from my youth smoke 40 cigarettes a day. Yet he ran from everything and everyone. He stopped smoking just two weeks before the race – as he had on race day a 10 percent increased capacity for oxygen transport. This is because it takes time for nicotine to get rid hemoglobin – the blood ilttransportør.

With all patch types, there are five points that are designated as the strongest. However, there are also many other items that can be used with great results. Are you interested in working more detailed over time, then I recommend downloading our TOHUMAN app with over 400 patch locations and protocols (for iOS and Android).

Berlin – let’s get the record result

Henrik lives in another province so we take the phone. So how did it go? I’m excited!

As mentioned in the introduction, the Henrik put on a football. He is careful, because he will not enjoy anything. The race is progressing largely as usual with really good lap times, without problems and where he is during times of previous years. Everything plays, as he says it, and the last 10 km, he is not tired, as he used to be. At 35 km, where many start having problems, he is flying, as he puts it. He is pleasantly surprised at how easy it going for him, and at this time he lies to a great end time. Of course, he speculates on whether the patch is no cause.

By 37 km he has therefore major considerations whether he should just let go. You run to the border, then just half a km / h too much be the cause of the disaster – that goes down. This is always the endurance race’s dilemma. How very dare climb. Since he did not have symptoms of being tired, and because he feels a huge profit, he decides therefore to “gamble everything”: He said: “I gave it absolutely everything…”

From 38 km it’s like, there is no upper limit, he said. No muscle pain, lactic problems or dehydration. The last kilometer is a dream, he says. The end time is 10 minutes better than the time from two years earlier! It surprised him completely, and he must of course admit to me that he doubted very much on the project and patch with no patches. The completely smooth run pleases him continue.

Open sea swimming – how I use patching myself

From May to October I swim in the sea 3-5 times a week. I swim 40-60 minutes and for longer. 1-2 km depending on the weather, waves and water temperature. Even with the suit, it may be cold out of season when the water is below 15 degrees. Here it is necessary to keep a slightly higher cadence to get warm, and here I usually use the patches. In addition, I make well with food in the stomach in time for, so there is energy storage.

In the season and in the summer I’m doing without plastic ring, but on training days where I have planned a longer trip, I Carnosine on the chest or three fingers below the navel and a set of Energy Enhancher on lung 1. I experiment always, and I have even had super power of just one Aeon patch in the neck from the day before and a fresh Carnosine patch below the navel. No lactic acid, the surplus is large and breathing runs. Remember that LifeWave recommend five points for each patch type, but they have super power also at other points.

Get more knowledge and inspiration

If you’re a runner or other athlete, click on the tab “sport” above. Here are a few articles more from colleagues who use patching to achieve better results in the performance of their sport. Here you also have stories about using patches for pain relief, allergies, better sleep – a look at the diet (WinFit series) and much more. If you don’t have the TOHUMAN app, click on the top of the site and consider whether it might be something for you.

TOHUMAN app comes in the new year in a completely different design, along with new tools; this we are working on right now. So rejoice! As always, I’m only a call away, both with the purchase of patches and all information about the options available to you. Contact information at the bottom of the article, where there is also space on the comments and chat.

Have fun exercising this autumn and winter!

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