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WinFit with duck and pork roast

As I’m writing this, Christmas is now over and 2016 has been replaced by a brand new year – with all its possibilities. In my previous post I suggest the great nutritional hardships that many of us encounter in the last month. Those we tackle in our own way. For some it becomes an ordeal. Hospitals receives about 400 people during Christmas because of overeating (!). Read “WinFit with duck and roast pork” if you need to. This is where I talk about a Christmas as I saw it on the family farm.

To me, Christmas was nutritionally as expected: A heavy experience – this although I personally had promised myself that there was to be back and I had to stand against the many culinary temptations as December and Christmas offers. The old adage of, that one must not carry Christmas away, came to come true. As the priest says to the church: The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak! I carried no Christmas out any of the places I was a guest – nor at the feast, as my own family came to stand for. We like it so well and where we have the opportunity, we would like to please others – and it is often that we easily come to overdo. So the holidays tend to sneak in. Here we are only human, and that’s good enough. So it was still many hours around the table! It was a bit hard while it lasted.

I had previously done me a lot of thought about how this year I could do better under way in all the food – also this December. Plans were laid to strategic considerations for how should say no, was thought out beforehand. But one’s plans, but quite another when actually occurs!

Hanne and I had talked this over well in the beginning of December. She was aware of the many pitfalls – that perhaps there could be difficulties and so on. See also my previous post ‘WinFit with duck and roast pork’, where I also sets out a few pictures of how we can come to mistreat our body with an excessive intake of Christmas many goods.

New Year’s Resolution: A New Year’s Tale

When it comes to WinFit, I have previously stated that one party won’t do much harm. It is managing your life in the long run that apply and thus, what you do in everyday life. In everyday mind you! Not for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. A period of celebration and excessive intake makes no difference. It is everyday life that matters. Also in relation to the use of WinFit Body Shape system and in life for when we release WinFit and must do without. I tell Hanne her almost three months, with good results will simply be shifted marginally. This calms her and she goes into happy for Christmas and the New Year.

The trick with sugar and butter

Do you remember the trick with sugar and butter that I told you before on Christmas in my previous post. If not, then you can re-read it – WinFit with duck and pork roast

What’s at play here? And what came out of mixing these two – touch them well and then put it to life? Those of you who conducted the study, learned perhaps that I had made a product that is much easier did consume: You made a butter cream! A product that much easier can be consuming than the two ingredients that you originally could not easily get down.

The trick is performed with the original two ingredients separately, the developer may disgust or discomfort. Test is carried out on the other hand does not touch together with the product, occurs otherwise. An individual experience – from surprise lust for pleasure or happiness or great satisfaction. What this depends on?

The Bliss Point

The phenomenon of mixing things together exploited by the industry to get us to make repeated konsumptioner of a particular product or product. Think of the repeated intake of a bag of salted nuts – a bag of chips or ostepops. A bag of candy with different flavors that tease your taste buds over and over again, so eating until the bag is empty! That which makes us go on, is the added elements such as fat, salt and sugar and possibly other additives of a more artful nature. Often it is those three ingredients that go again and again for most human consumption. This is utilized to perfection by the industry and the phenomenon is described in detail in perspective: “The Bliss Point”.

Try Google and you’ll see how a particular product can optimize its sales and create dependency. Examining closely by means of curves the optimal addition of ingredients, for example, fat, salt and sugar and where these intersect in a simple coordinate system occurs explosion: Release of luck substances/neurotransmitters (endorphins) in the brain.

“The Bliss Point” is an expression of that with his addition strategy has succeeded in hitting a bright fully place in the brain with the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine – a neurotransmitter that is often triggered in connection with happiness, pleasure sensation and/or reward. These discoveries are made and documented by researchers through scans of trial subjects’ brains during the intake of the investigated food additives; Here fat, salt and sugar. Where it is lit up most of the image scanning, it has the greatest effect of addition of the above-mentioned. This given cocktail can then form the standard for the product concerned. In particular, the added sugar in the game.

What is The Bliss Point with WinFit to do?

We talk further about sugar’s impact on our lives and health and how the added sugar found in almost all consumer goods, in Take-Away and the so-called convenience segment, which is on the rise. In all ready meals and individual products, from biscuits of ketchup for breakfast cereals, soft drinks and dairy products. Everything is carefully composed and balanced with fat and salt, and almost always with sugar, with the purpose to create maximum satisfaction deep in your brain – and with addictions, so you buy and eat the product again and again.

We talk further about what all this means and what salt does. The added salt, which is providing taste, but also the binder liquid, which means that a part of your relative overweight is water bound between the cells. An important aspect of all conventional dieting where just water is eliminated at the start. But this will never be elucidated. I give the image of the butcher pumped ham when we get to buy a large portion of water – something that can only be done at great addition of salt. What salt in term does to your body – if you consume a lot of salt you may like to.

And fat! As mentioned in my previous post: We are created to handle fat – just as the bear, polar bear, salmon, whale, seal – yes all living creatures including man. Fat is the natural fuel source alongside carbohydrates from vegetables, roots, tubers, leaves, etc. Genetic is our DNA is the same as for a million years ago. Our gut and bacterial flora is developed millions of years ago. Dietary we should live as 50,000 years ago. But madkulturelt we live in 2017. This is our real nutritional problem. This is where we have ballad – namely our modern food intake in relation to the desire weight loss.

Some say WinFit not work. Is it true?

When we do not get given the circumstances of the claim, we can not judge it. All products from LifeWave works! This is my claim. We just need to find out HOW it works for EACH.

We have different assumptions and conditions, and we have different approaches to things. So when we hear that now abandoning it and after a month or two or after two and a half months – what was the obstacle so that the desired result was not forthcoming? Was it impatience or lack of motivation? If you follow the WinFit system given by LifeWave? If you get the right amount of protein – that was part of the project? Was it in fact a simultaneous conversion of fat to muscle, which happened; they did not die but something else happened? Should the system have been evaluated over a longer period – perhaps six months?

That one was in fact in the process of creating change – remember, it’s not a diet, but a “conversion” of fat/muscle. Was there anything in the diet that prevented the breakthrough – perhaps an excessive carbohydrate supplements – READ: sugar. Think of that interest and/or added sugar and carbohydrates burned before fat. Consider that the added sugar stress the body’s cells. Remember that sugar triggers hormones that prevent fat burning, because the fat will be stored until better times – where there really is loss of fuel to wander the plains in the cold and dark – 25,000 years ago.

Do you suffer under stress? Stress can through the hormonal cause weight loss for any and weight gain for others. Stress can cause poor sleep. People who sleep badly, have an increased risk of weight gain. Studies indicate that prolonged sleep deprivation increases the intake of calories with increased attention to follow – about 10 per cent! Are you one of those who do not have optimal sleep quality? This can be remedied. Are you sad – comfort eating you? Are you one of those who Snacker or living on cafe latte?

Do you exercise? None or too little exercise gives predominantly a reduced level of activity and thus a significantly reduced combustion; it leads over time to a relative weight gain. Those who exercise too little, often have excess caloric intake. Exercise increases metabolism and thus the overall combustion. Physical activity is the single largest factor for day energy metabolism. Special fitness training increases the body’s ability to use fat as an energy source – not just during the training, but also in the subsequent resting phase. – See my earlier post.

My relative appeal against WinFit is that gym/fitness part is turned down too low. It is for the individual good increase in physical exercise; ideally with a good deal of cardio that does not need to be prolonged as long as it is high intensity. LifeWave has put good workout videos out for us on WinFit. These are available at your side.

As you can see, there are a myriad of factors in play. It is individual, what factors come into play for the individual. No two people are alike. We respond differently, but the above factors are in play for all. What factors are yours? If you want to reduce weight, convert, burn fat and build muscle, it’s just about to start from one end. WinFit works! The question is how it works for you, and if you are ready? This is the task.

WinFit works – but under what conditions? Here is an updated guide anno 2017

Some people have asked me if I could establish the simple guide to get goals WinFit, and how long to continue. My simple guide looks like this:

  • Eat what you want within the healthy segment – see instruction leaflet from David Schmidt and LifeWave on WinFit
  • Make your food yourself so you know what it contains and does NOT contain.
  • Canteen/Take-away is no-go
  • Uncheck the added sugar – this means you can NOT eat what you will
  • Not use salt – the salt you need can be found in abundance in every food that you consume, and in the water you are drinking. This applies if you live by canteen or precooked foods, etc. You make your food from scratch, WHO recommends/DVFA intake of no more than 5 grams daily
  • Learn about 60 g protein daily from a good source (about goals for a person weighing 70 kg)
  • Get a third of coarse vegetables/beans-lentils/green leaves/stems/roots/tubers
  • Get adequate saturated fats from animals – any poultry – some from the four-legged and from clarified butter/ghee
  • Eat oily fish 2-3 times/week plus like fish products daily – salmon, trout, herring, mackerel
  • Get saturated/unsaturated fats from nuts and seeds and grains
  • Get organic plant oils of olive, flaxseed, canola, hemp, giant night light, chia seeds, coconut
  • Get some fruit and berries – be obs. on the sugar content of much fruit if you are fruit lover
  • Hold with alcohol – WinFit prescribe one time a week. Alcohol is liquid sugar
    Avoid caffeinated drinks – caffeine jammer your metabolism, can cause insomnia and restlessness
  • Get vitamins and minerals – especially vitamin D, all the B vitamins in a bioactive quality magnesium (magnesium)
  • Intake of omega 3 fish oil – 0.15 ml/kg per day corresponding to about 10 ml. day for a person weighing 70 kg. It acts anti-inflammatory/open the cell membrane
  • Get enough water, 3 dl per 10 kg body weight – about 2 liters/70 kg person
  • Organizing sleep
  • Avoid stress
  • Follow system WinFit – it is made easy. Customize it to your everyday life, but keep ‘diet window “!
  • You can easily make do with one paragraph. Theta One – made the evening/possible. morning. My experience!
  • Make time! – Your WinFit-travel should extend over 6-12 months., Of which 6 are WinFit and 6 without.

WinFit has made it simple – follow the system

Your machine is the same – your qualifications for combustion is the same as the time on the ice for 25,000 years ago – now live just next door to a supermarket and with all that it entails. Our body is smart, it does it’s best for us – that, as the millions of years have been designed. It puts fat in store for hard times. How smart are we to deal with this, to change this and make it good for our body?

There are lots of WinFit success stories out there – what have they done? Do they just followed the system – or have they had special skills or been lucky? I do not believe in luck. I believe in dedicated inserted over a reasonable time. What is a reasonable time and the amount inserted will you put in. Over how long have you built your unwanted deposits up; about what time you expect effect?

Do you smoke? One aspect that is interesting. We know from research what smoking does. Nicotine makes much havoc in your system. Smoking puts metabolism up, but takes the place and the appetite for the required amount of food. Do you quit smoking, take on – about 10 per cent. Some do not lose weight again.

Do you drink wine/beer/drinks? Alcohol is liquid sugar; has about same calorie content as butter/sugar steady. LifeWave and WinFit recommends also that limits his intake to once a week.

Do you drink coffee? Coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine affect the endocrine system, the vascular system and blood pressure, adrenal glands, liver and brain, intestines, etc. The detrimental effect on fat metabolism. LifeWave also recommend that intake of caffeinated drinks before and during exercise – not for the rest of the day! Use the cafe if you want to optimize on this point.

Another aspect that I hear: Winfit is expensive, so I can not afford. My sense says: With WinFit you can save money. A colleague set out to explore what used by money Latte to Go – it is about 15 in a month. Then there’s candy purchases at gas stations, two go snacks/meals/the little hunger, etc. take nicely to the scrotum. Eat healthier/more economical at home instead of eating out or buying Takeaway facilitates nicely on the scrotum. Result: There is kr. 500, – to gain by going on WinFit/maintenance per. md. Compared to earlier. Ren win win! How would your records look like?

This is what we talks about Hanne and I – WinFits great strength is to get us to do something else.

Christmas story in my previous post is the message and the story of the sweet life and the sweet especially at Christmas. New Year’s tale is the message of living in harmony with where we come from. Producing our own food and get the right building blocks, vitamins and minerals. Putting more exercise on the map. Nothing to body building and maintenance comes out of thin air. Everything must be supplied. LifeWave patches create flow and helps the body balance, but nutrition and good building blocks for your body comes from outside. This is the task! To really make the story, to get as close to the original way of life as possible, but in a modern context – if this is what you want, is the task we are faced.

Sugar’s harmful effects have been suppressed for about 50 years. In these years, the truth is revealed in many scientific research papers. There is something called a “citation window” – this means the time, months or years, going to debate a given substance before it becomes widely accepted as being true. This also applies to sugar; and grease. Fat is already heading into the heat and have long acquitted. The fat – the saturated, was not the culprit, on the other hand, the added sugar. – watch and follow the debate.

Hannes results for 12 weeks

see the previous post with the improvements achieved from 8 to 12 weeks. Note we use fedtberegneren from “” – click on “fat”.

Hannes weight: 79.4 kg
Fat Percentage: 32.3
* Weighted fat: 25.65 kg

Hannes weight: 77.5 kg
Fat Percentage: 29.3
Weighted fat: 22.21 kg

Hannes weight: 75 , 3 kg
fat Percentage: 27.57
Weighted fat: 20.76

* A measurement of the weight in kg of her fat mass, minus the weight of bone mass/muscle mass and water.

The calculation, as we have done the other times – view this shows an overall fat reduction for the three measurements at: 3.55 kg + 1.4 kg + 0.9. This gives a total fat reduction of 5.9 kg over 12 weeks.

Hannes muscle mass of the weight is increased by 1.65 kg + 1.4 kg + 0.95 kg in total of 4.0 kg.
Hanne has reduced its overall goal of an additional 9 cm for a total of 35 cm seen over all targets with measuring tape. See the previous post.

Slut med alkohol i 2017?

Cheers and Happy New Year

Should we wish each other a Happy New Year? My New Year’s Eve gin tonic or rum and cola – let’s take ROM, based on 40 ml rum – topped up with cola 330ml gives me about 414 kcal, or about 20 per cent. of my daily calorie needs in just this one drink! How many of these do you get on a New Year’s Eve? And what about everything else?

Converted sugar content of about 30 sugar cubes. Try to put these 30 sugar cubes in front of you and eat them one by one! Easy to drink, but very difficult to get down!
I hope that this one example will illustrate – well, let’s say it like it is – in what way steadily sugar is a huge challenge for our health and the whole quality of life.

Halfway on the journey with WinFit

Hanne has given me hands on a deal that she will continue the journey in about 6 months. Maybe she’s going to cheat a little along the way – the moment she takes only one Theta One per evening. Two is too hard, she seems. Sometimes she forgets a patch day and/or evening – and drinking water are difficult day. But she struggles and family supporting her.

The food functioning and protein is in place with the recommended daily amount. The weight is stabilized at ca. 75.3 in the last days. This bodes well. Continued leaner body and with incipient signs that Hanne is nice toned the coming months. Maybe we’re going to experiment with WinFit – the system in the way that we have a piece of her in the spring will depart concept slightly, but still gain ground. Hanne gotta at a time could take care of themselves, but continue to keep its objectives achieved. More on this in the following post.

Follow this blog – next time in two months, about beginning of March, when Hanne has been on its journey in five months. Slightly over in April we take stock of the entire journey and say goodbye.


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