The second healthy habit: Get an active break at work


1st healthy habit: The hunt for more whole grains has begun

Danes hold a dull European record. They are amongst the top three of the most sedentary countries and sit on their butts 10 hours a day. 40% of them are sitting down for 75% of their time at work – so it makes sense that their butts grow!

The challenge is to get more exercise into the workday. If you’re a housewife, this is where you’d have to fit in active breaks. It doesn’t sound difficult as 3 x 1 minute bursts of movement is all that it takes.

For example, you could stand up and walk in place for 1 minute or do some stretches while breathing deeply. You could also walk up to your colleague instead of emailing them, or walk while talking on the phone and arrange to raise your desk often. Keep in mind not to sit for more than 30 minutes at a time. And when you go to the toilet, take the furthest one away and choose the stairs instead of the elevator. These are small changes, but good to keep in mind.

It doesn’t take much to relieve stiff muscles and clear your mind. You’ll also burn calories just by standing up rather than sitting down.

Ready for new workplace routines

I’m still down with the flu during Week 2 and stay under the covers at home all week. This is a good opportunity to think about what I already do at work and how I can create better habits once I return.

I work in a 3-story building. At the top we have the lunchroom, and on Thursday, I’m convinced that I only get there on long work days. I usually just eat at the desk, which is a rather serious habit. I visit the first floor several times a day as this is where I hold client meetings and get water, tea and coffee. So there is a lot of workout in the stairs.

Things can always be improved and I write a love note to myself to use the sit/stand table as I’m sitting by it. I also write a reminder to myself that I shouldn’t gather piles before going to the print room.

The walking around while talking on the phone has been tested previously and it is simply not. It interferes with colleagues and customers – we are out in the open. Instead, we go into the meeting rooms we have on the ground floor, close the door and walk around when the content of the conversation allows (Computers aren’t allowed).

And so spring is around the corner. So the desk lunch has to go for a walk. I wonder if I will get some work done anyway.

I’m so ready to return to work and get my – active – breaks in.

Now I’m definitely ready to meet Week 3.

10 weeks – 10 good habits

In this campaign I follow the Danish Cancer Society campaign for a longer life. I’ve just saw the campaign and wanted to take on the challenge. Neither I nor TOHUMAN has any contract with the Danish Cancer Society. However, I would like to support the campaign as it aims for a healthy life by writing about it here – all seasoned with my own experience. Join the campaign. Share your experiences on here. Feel free to ask me for advice.

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