LifeWaves new body sculpting product WinFit has arrived


And so it finally happened! On September 17th I flew home to Denmark to finally hear about LifeWave’s new body sculpting product WinFit – Body Shaping System. And the interest in the event has been great this year. More than 1,500 people took part in this year’s launch.

The product launches I have attended before have followed some skepticism due to the excellent results LifeWave promises with their products. It always seemed too good to be true – even though I know that they work. BUT this time I was a bit nervous and tingling. I was just so excited!

LifeWave only makes promises they can keep

I know what LifeWave products can do and I also know that LifeWave often does much more than what LifeWave promises that they will. But LifeWave only makes promises that they can keep based on the evidence.

The products create balance in the body. For example, I myself and other people have many times used the LifeWave products to get over a case of the flu in record time. It is only the pharmaceutical industry that must say that they treat diseases. LifeWave may say that the products support the immune system. And that’s exactly what some of the products do as they help us feel better. So when the CEO and founder of LifeWave, David Schmidt, says that he has now made a product that:

  • Reduces body fat
  • Reduces measurements
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Increases energy
  • Improves your overall well-being
  • Which has no calorie restrictions
  • Which doesn’t require extreme exercise
  • Which doesn’t contain any drugs, stimulants or chemicals

Well, then it’s because he really has!

Surprising reunion with David Schmidt

Last time I saw David Schmidt was at the release of the skincare range Alavida a year ago. I was very excited to see what he looked like now – and I must say I was extremely surprised. A much leaner, more muscular, young David Schmidt stood before me.

It was a very proud CEO and founder who took the stage at the Tivoli Congress Center to present his new product. No one could ever question that he has been his own ‘guinea pig’ and my excitement grew even more.

LifeWave-event-2016-lanceringDavid Schmidt unveiled his new invention

I was recently wondering what he has been cooking up this time. Is this something I can vouch for? I know we already have the Theta One of Theta Activate, which has helped a lot of people lose weight and build muscle. To my great joy, precisely these products are also part of the new system – though in greater doses. This is especially the case with the new WinFit patch, which helps people lose fat and gain muscle.

David said that you increase your metabolic rate when you build muscle. The higher your metabolism is, the higher your calorie need from food is. So with this product must REALLY make you lose weight, with a regular supply of healthy food of course. If you also follow the WinFit system you’ll have a surplus of calories, which will make your body lose fat.

Wow – so exciting! David Schmidt is a genius!

Furthermore, the system consists of the Y-Age Carnosine patch I’ve been using for a long time. Carnosine improves the body’s bioelectric properties and increases the overall health – another patch that I can say works on so much more. It’s really good for skin, burns, etc., and you also sleeps better with it.

All in all, the new fat-loss concept from WinFit is a complete system for increased quality of life, coupled with some of LifeWave’s best products.

Combines ancient knowledge with new technology

David Schmidt has really thought through this program. He has combined it so that you in addition to LifeWave products also get sensible and healthy knowledge/research from other sources. This results in a 6-step program that looks like this.

  1. Drink water in the morning
    The first thing you do in the morning should be to drink water. Studies have shown that drinking half a liter of water can increase your metabolism by 30 percent.
  2. A bit of exercise
    Studies also show that a little exercise goes a long way. Exercise a minimum of two days a week for 10 minutes every day, or four minutes a day. You can double your exercise if you’d like to increase the impact of it.
  3. WinFit patch
    Patches help improve your metabolism, reduce body fat and build new muscle.
  4. Meal times
    Your food intake should occur within a daily eating period of eight hours in order to keep your body in fat-burning mode while maximizing muscle growth. This also helps to keep the body in a stable state of combustion and allows the liver and kidneys the opportunity to relax, detoxify and restore themselves.
  5. Theta Nutrition
    Working together to help build lean muscles and burn fat. About 30 minutes before you go to bed at night, you have to mix two Theta One and two pipettes of Theta Activate in almost half a liter of water and drink it all.
  6. Y-Age Carnosine patch
    Improves strength and flexibility and increases your endurance. Put it on at night.
  1. I think all of this sounds quite manageable. However, I am not sure that I can stay away from the food outside the 8 hour window. Fortunately, David Schmidt pointed out that you will get results anyway. They just won’t be as good.

    There are no magic diet pills

    There are no magic pills that can make you lose weight – BUT here is a system and a program of products proven to be highly effective through research – without it becoming unmanageable.

    If you follow these steps, David Schmidt guarantees that you will get results. The studies show that:

  • 100 percent of people will have more strength and endurance
  • 97 percent of people get an improved body shape
  • 94 percent of people have increased energy
  • He must really know what he’s talking about. So it’s no big deal to guarantee the money back within 30 days if you’re not satisfied. Usually the large majority of users are happy, however.

    Now WinFit has been tested with body analysis – both BEFRene-modtater-winfitORE and AFTER

    I don’t need to lose that much weight, BUT I definitely need to get some more muscle on my body, and preferably without having to do any intense workouts because I don’t want to strain my joints. I am therefore pleased to try out this system.

    An InBody analysis has been made and it says that I need to lose 2.7 kg of fat and gain 1.6 kg of muscle. It will be interesting to see the results, which I’ll of course share with you here on the blog – no matter what the outcome is.

    You’re more than welcome to contact me if you’d also like to test out WinFit and perhaps help share your results with me.

  • Top image: Steen Leithoff


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