The third healthy habit: Skip processed meats


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Danes love rye bread – and that is really good if we remember to choose whole grain.

Each one that gets greased with 1.8 million lunch boxes and the rye bread is topped with sausage, liver pâté, roast beef and other deli meats. It’s so not as good as processed meat increases the risk of bowel cancer. Processed meat like sausages, cold cuts and bacon – everything that is smoked, salted and preserved with nitrite.

Ham, hamburgers, nuggets and marinated chicken breast is also on the list of processed meat.

Healthy lunches

In my home, my son and myself get packed lunch boxes. I have never liked the cold cuts, so a lot of my lunches are leftovers (often salad or vegetables – maybe an egg or a little bit of fish) and then a slice of bread. Previously, the preferred one clap-along with cheese, but I’ve long since realized that arthritis and cheese is the best combination because of the acid in the cheese.

My son would like to have something easy. So here’s rye bread with pâté, ham or tuna salad is the favorite. Fortunately, he is not fussy and whole grain pita bread filled with salad, falafel, hummus, tuna or the like is also as easy as a bagel with chicken is. And the bag with carrots, cucumber and tomato continues on like normal.

What else can you take with you:

  • Fish spreads (herring, mackerel, trout, salmon and tuna)
  • Potato, avocado or cucumber sandwich
  • Eggs – boiled or fried
  • Nut paté/vegetarian paté
  • Fig spreads or fruit (banana, apple)
  • Be generous with the fresh herbs..

When the eye sees great, colorful food and when the taste is intense, you don’t need to eat as much food, which will give you great healthy results as well weight-wise.

A simple goodbye

With us saying goodbye to processed meat is not a difficult challenge. If you think it’s really difficult, then choose organic meat that is nitrite-free or lean poultry.

I think this is a great campaign! It’s not that hard and everyone can participate. There is no time-consuming or expensive costs associated. You’ll just get super awesome inspiration and motivation in your inbox every week – that’s it.

I’m excited to see what Week 4 has to offer.

10 weeks – 10 healthy habits

In this campaign I follow the Danish Cancer Society campaign for a longer life. I’ve just saw the campaign and wanted to take on the challenge. Neither I nor TOHUMAN has any contract with the Danish Cancer Society. However, I would like to support the campaign as it aims for a healthy life by writing about it here – all seasoned with my own experience. Join the campaign. Share your experiences on here. Feel free to ask me for advice.

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