Jubii, Theta Pure – the new alternative to fish oil


Jubii…yet another product from LifeWave has seen the light – namely Theta Pure. And you’ll love it! It contains lots of healthy omega-3.

As far back as I can remember, there has vegetarian and vegan circles have been considering how we have covered our needs for various nutrients, including the essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 in the body. We can now with Theta Pure, which is an exciting solution to omega-3 supply.

Theta Pure is an algae-based food supplements containing EPA and DHA. Just EPA and DHA is essential for a number of processes in the body and thus important for our overall health.

Theta Pure creates balance in the body

It has been scientifically proven that the balance between the essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 is very essential for our health. Fact is that we on average eat too much omega-sixth In fact, we get nine times as much omega-6 as we get omega-3, and it creates a skewed balance, which is very unfortunate for our body. If you want to live a healthy life one needs to do something about it.

The body may, however, may not themselves provide the two fatty acids. It comes from our diet, but here we are often not enough omega-3. To get omega-3’s why many who today eat fish oil. And here it is Theta Pure enters the picture, for Theta Pure is the future alternative to fish oil. Future omega-3 oil will actually be produced from algae. If you use the algae, it is possible to ensure a good and sufficient levels of EPA and DHA, which is exactly the omega-3 fatty acids, we even find it difficult to produce enough of itself. Did you know for example. that fish eat algae to get their omega-3 needs covered?

The right building blocks

The first building block in this puzzle called alpha-linolenic (ALA). Sources of ALA can be flaxseed oil, chia oil and hemp seed oil. If you like salads, then purslane an excellent source. ALA is thus a building block which forms the basis of both EPA and DHA. However, the process of built EPA and DHA a sensitive size, so it is reassuring that we now have access to Theta Pure.

Where these occur activated fatty acids in the body, and what is their function?
Yes, it is such that EPA and DHA are concentrated in brain cells, synapses, retina, adrenal glands and gonads. They are part of a broad range of processes and thus is both functional and structural.

Compared to the functional part, it’s about getting things to work for example. signaling molecules, transport or assist in the uptake of the fat-soluble vitamins.

In relation to the structural part, it is the place where these fatty acids are incorporated in, for example. the cell membrane, or included in the vitreous of the eye.

The brain is composed primarily of fats. Therefore, we can better maintain or possibly even boost brain functions via an optimized intake of fats EPA / DHA. Similarly, it could maintain both sight and heart function.

My first Theta Pure package is coming. I am, among others, curious to see whether it gets a vision improving effect on me. In any case, I look forward to getting lubricated joints.

Facts about Theta Pure

  • Algae oil, which forms the basis of Theta Pure, is produced in Europe.
  • The product is available on the Scandinavian market during the test period.
  • An official launch is expected in April 2018 in connection with the annual LifeWave event in Denmark.
  • Price: $39. There will also get tax and freight cost on.
  • The product will be the basis for another product which is added a particular extract, which is also algae-based. This will then be called Theta Pure Premium. It is also a bit expensive. The really exciting at the premium edition is that it addresses an extremely common problem, namely osteoporosis. Premium should be ready later this year.
  • During the test period can Theta Pure is available in plastic bottles. After the testing period is over, it is also the product in capsules. The capsules can be stored outside the refrigerator, while plastic bottle should be refrigerated.
  • Theta Pure differs from previous LifeWave products since the product would be consumed by pregnant and lactating women.
  • The product taste of citrus.
  • Suitable auxiliaries are added olive oil as it has an anti-inflammatory function. Likewise, there are added vitamin E and rosemary extract, which are known for their anti-oxidative effect and prevents the oil from becoming rancid.
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Steen Leithoff is a lecturer, motivator, coach and help others realize their goals as certified Goal Mapping Practitioner. Steen Leithoff also has a background as a knowledge facilitator in the health food industry, specializing in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Steen is known for his pep talks about Theta Nutrition. Contact Info: www.steensforedrag.dk.


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