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Every now and then I wonder if there are any restrictions on what we can do with the LifeWave patches. I have been able to help people with some of the most challenging problems life can hand you. My attitude has been that no suffering, illness or other challenge should pass without me trying to use the patches.

I’m an ambassador and distributor of the LifeWave products LifeWave patches, Corsentials/Theta One, Maveric for men, WinFit Weight Loss System, etc. I have been delighted to offer these unique products as part of my treatment for many years as a physiotherapist and professional therapist. So my approach has more or less gone from “Maybe…” to “It works!”.

In this context, we must remember to point out that we are not diagnosing or curing anyone with LifeWave. But there are no limits to what we as ambassadors and distributors can help with.

In LifeWave, we usually say that the patches work at 9 out of 10. My experience is closer to 10 out of 10. We just need to give ourselves time to find the “gateway” to the problem of the individual. We remember to tell you that we actually do an acupuncture treatment – just without needles. Read some of the many articles on the blog that explain the way the patches work. It’s not hard. If you know the difference between right and left and the color brown and white, you are fully trained.

The patches always come with a folder with pictures showing how the patches should be placed on the body. There are only 5 points in game for each type and everyone can easily do that. In addition, you can always get help from your dealer who helps to buy exactly the patches you need. Here it is a great help that the patches work immediately and that you will experience the first effect within minutes. Don’t wait long. The patches can easily be moved around until you have achieved the best possible effect.

Put the Aeon patch on and put a cat on your lap

David Schmidt, founder and CEO of LifeWave, responds to questions from users around the world once a week. This happens on LifeWave’s Facebook page under the section “Ask David”. One day someone asks the question: Can LifeWave’s patches help me with my cat allergy?

Yes, answers David Schmidt. The patches can easily remedy cat allergy. He says: “Now there is an answer that may sound a little crazy. Do this:” he said:

  1. First drink a large glass of water
  2. Put an Aeon patch on the “third eye”. This is a point in the middle of the forehead between the eyes.
  3. Put an Aeon patch on your belly button
  4. Put your cat in your lap for 10-15 minutes
  5. Then your cat allergy disappears

I don’t have any problems with cats or other furry animals, but all feedback from colleagues and users has been that it actually works. Some have even tried the “cat model” on other allergies, for example. dust. It’s the same procedure. Replace the cat with a nicely filled vacuum cleaner bag and do points 1-4. This applies to your own environment. Regarding external conditions and in other environments, it will be an exciting task. Try it out!

Some indicate that if there is a small touch, you only perform points 1-4 once or two more. However, most people report that it works immediately: No reaction on contact with the cat in the future and the effect persists. If you have a severe or life-threatening allergy, do not experiment! If you are extremely allergic to, for example, nuts (hassel / peanuts) – seafood / fish and other, consult a doctor or other professional before throwing yourself into the above.

On the other hand, milder and non-life-threatening allergies, like for example fruit, berry, or tomatoes may be remedied with the proposed patching protocol for cats and dust. This is an easy solution if you want to work more closely with your allergy and even eliminate this, without the use of medicine. A solution that takes a few minutes and is natural without any use of chemistry helps you with your allergy forever.

The procedure for the “cat model” can vary in infinity. Try! Is the problem for example. House dust mites, also try to vacuum bed, mattress, quilts, blankets and more, where allergens can be present from these animals and bring them into the vacuum cleaner bag. Please report experiences in the chat section of you who try. You will find more patching suggestions and protocols in the TOHUMAN app for both iOS and Android. Try for example a detox for 5, 7 or 10 days. After such a cleansing cures, many have been able to eradicate current allergy to certain food items.

Follow the blog here this spring where my colleagues and I will be adding new stories with our experiences. If you would like to know more about how you can help, then contact me and let me get started. See my contact info at the bottom or let’s start a conversation in the comment field below.

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