Acid reflux – what can you do about it?


I get many questions about stomach acid and acid reflux. So I thought I’d gather all my best advice here. I hope you, or those you know suffering from the problem, will find it helpful.

Symptoms include ulcer-like stomach aches, sore throat and heartburn shortly after food intake. These are all very common symptoms. This is especially true for foods having high acid content, eg. meat, eggs, coffee, alcohol, candy, and spicy spices, salted, fried and greasy foods. Too much food intake and being overweight can also trigger these symptoms.

The symptoms are medically known as gastric acid reflux. Stomach acid goes up into the esophagus and can trigger esophagus disorder. The pain often results in excessive gastric acid formation. It can be caused by stress or being hereditary condition. Too much stomach acid can also aggravate and/or cause a possible ulcer. In both conditions the gastric mucosa is loaded. Lack of important vitamin B12 or food intolerances can also cause similar symptoms.

If these conditions are treated with antiemetic drugs, it may have extremely undesirable and far-reaching consequences. Lack of vitamin B12 is almost always seen after treatment with acid neutralizing drugs. Lack of vitamin B12 can most effectively be measured through a blood test.

Doctors believe that stomach ulcer is caused by a bacterium, Helicobactor pylori, in the stomach ache. Smoking doubles the tendency to stomach ulcer as well as prolonged use of medication (Ibuprofen, Acetylsalicylic Acid) or alcohol, also plays an important role in the development of gastric ulcer.

Light therapy from LifeWave patches

Dietary change, in terms of more basic diet and easily digestible foods, and intake of homeopathic drugs and the use of the light therapy patches, can often cope with the symptoms.

The homeopathic drug Robina Comp works on the stomach lining, is acid neutralizing and calming.

Use: In the case of gastroenteritis, excessive stomach acid, gastric ulcer / duodenal ulcer. Indicative dose 10 drops 3 x daily.

You will also be able to correct the problem and help gastric mucus/ulcers to all by using the following instructions from the TOHUMAN app. Here is the IceWave patch and Carnosine patch.

Change the patches every other day in the first period when there is a recovery – you can do the Carnosine patch, which helps the system to work with Robina Comp.

Reduces bacteria and strengthens intestines

Old-fashioned buttermilk contains beneficial lactic acid bacteria, which reduce the bacteria that can cause too much stomach acid.

AstaXantip normalizes bacterial flora in the intestine and increases the protection of the antioxidants by the body. AstaXantip contains high concentrations of havalgen Haematococcus Pluvialis, which is effective in treatment specifically for the stomach ulcer.

Indicative dose: 1 capsule daily, taken in the morning in connection with the meal.

Carbomine is consumed in the morning and acts as intestinal cleaner for undigested food residues as well as acid / base balancing.

Indicative dose: 1 teaspoon. Carbomine is stirred in a glass of lukewarm water and drink 20 minutes before the morning meal is consumed.

Additional recommendations: potato water, carrot, cucumber, celery juice are all acid neutralizing. Almonds, bananas, potato flour, blueberry juice and raw oatmeal have an oxygen neutralizing effect and are also able to protect the mucous membranes. Additionally, you can add tea with chamomile, peppermint and thousands of gold.

I hope this little letter can help you to combat this problem too. If you have further questions, you are always welcome to contact me on phone 42647770 or mail:

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