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If you’ve reached menopause and feel large hormonal swings and hot flashes, you might feel like you’re wandering through the desert for several years.

If you’re challenged by menopause with severe hot flashes and sweating, you might be tempted to seek help from your doctor. Some choose to extend their “youth” with estrogens because their transition is too violent or too difficult. This is something that’s always up for discussion whether or not it’s a good idea, but it may be necessary for some people.

If you choose to use the natural way without chemistry, the SP6 Complete patch from LifeWave is a good choice for the hormonal challenges. I consider the SP6 patch to be a rather neglected patch, and it’s a shame. I’ve used it a lot and it has some amazing features.

I call it the hormone and appetite regulating patch, and it’s an excellent choice if you want to affect your hormonal balance or want to regulate your appetite. The patch helps you to:

• control the feeling of hunger
• regulate sugar cravings
• regulate your hormonal balance
• reduce – og even eliminate – the symptoms of menopause.

SP6 Complete can be used with great benefit by both women and men. And yes, men also have menopause.

Briefly about LifeWave patches

For our new readers, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you that we use these patches to help and support the body’s own self-healing abilities, release blockages and create flow – in this case by using the SP6 patch – a favorable and natural the influence of the hormonal/endocrine system. By using the light frequency of the patches, certain points on the body are stimulated. This is the same way as acupuncturist do – but without needles. The process is called “phototherapy”.

The story of Camilla’s hot flashes

In the fall I get a request from a woman who would like to know if the patches from LifeWave can alleviate hot flashes. As always, the answer from me is that we should try it out. It is going quickly usually quickly. However, in my experience, sleep and hormonal challenges take a bit more time – it’s like a supertanker that needs to change course. Here you have to work a little more closely over time. But sometimes things can go really quickly.

Camilla is 53 years old and has had a decreased menstrual cycle for the past three years. It has the last two years been without problems – her bleeding has only become weaker and less – and she also skips periods. Eight months before her inquiry, she gets nocturnal hot flashes and sweats. It’s quite troublesome, so she’s hoping she can get some relief with the patches. e We agree to give it a go.

Camilla is moderately overweight – i.e. 10-15 kilos too much. A person’s diet is always a decisive factor. Therefore, it is important to look at her diet profile. Before we start, we now talk about her diet and I look at her nutritional profile.

  • She eats bread, flour, and meat occasionally
  • She eats too much pasta and rice, which is indeed fast carbohydrates
  • She doesn’t eat enough vegetables
  • There is too much wine on the menu (liquid sugar)
  • She eats almost no fruit and berries
  • She should have a proportionately higher intake of fatty fish for the healthy fatty acids
  • She takes no vitamins, minerals or antioxidants.

When we look at her diet profile, we take a quick prick test to see her balance of Omega-6/3 and her profile for the 11 fatty acids, including the important essential Omega-3 fatty acids. She gets her lab results quickly and it shows her pro-inflammatory fatty acid profile. She she chooses to begin on balancing the oil to optimize the effect of the patches.

Read more about Omega 6/3 balance oil. (Part 3)

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Get started with SP6

We choose to start up quickly with SP6 Complete, and with this patch is easy. LifeWave enclose for each type of patch a small easy to use manual, and SP6 there are three important points in the game. For the female challenges, the classical Chinese medicine is particularly characterized by a stomach meridian as an effective “port” for hormonal stimulation.

  • I choose ST36, a point in the recess, four finger width below LEFT knee cap and 1 finger width to the side – outside of the shin bone.
  • On the RIGHT leg, I choose to strengthen the process by using Glutathione patch. Glutathione is the body’s most powerful antioxidant, and this level can be increased by up to 300 percent by using this patch regularly.
  • I repeat: Gastrointestinal meridian section 36 – (ST 36), SP 6 on the left and Glutathione on the right. This is worn daily and works for 24 hours, after which new patches are applied.

Moderate hot flashes and gradual relief

Camilla sees an improvement within a few days. The hot flashes are more moderate and there is a gradual reduction over the next 10 days. Her periods that have been irregular or absent and sometimes very weak, are now slightly stronger and arrive regularly for the next four months. From the fourth month onwards, she wears the patches every two to three days for maintenance and choose to stop after eight months.

Two months later, she encounters a little “relapse” of sudden daily bouts of hot flashes. She goes back to the patches and the response is quick – the patches work immediately, and she has now been completely without issues the past 6 weeks.

It’s been 10 months since we started now, and all her transition symptoms gone, and her menstruation has stopped, so she’s really doing well.

Both I and Camilla reckon that it shouldn’t be long before she is finally can say that she is standing on the other side of what is clinically called menopause. But if not, I have my patches, she says.

In conclusion I would like to share this little gem of a story about my own daughter. Read about how the patch SP6 pushed so much to her biological processes that she had a baby by the end of it – a wonderful and beautiful girl who is now 18 months: ”While waiting for the light”.

As always, I can be reached by email or telephone. See how you can get in touch with me at the bottom of the article, where you can also post comments or chat and ask questions.

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