Great looking nails and hands? Watch what Alavida can do


I must say that I am always pleasantly surprised by what Alavida from LifeWave can do.

In previous posts on here I’ve written about how I’ve gotten to grips with Hot spots on my dog, cracked heels that quickly became nice again, how Alavida relieves itching from nettles, and about how I’ve gotten lovely, silky smooth skin. Here comes another post! I can barely get my arms down to type from sheer excitement!

Alavida as hand cream

As a florist, it’s not easy having nice hands and nails – especially not during the cold season right now. Over the years I’ve tried many different hand creams. I’ve also found some products that I’m happy with. However, these products can’t handle the challenge of dry, cracked fingers in the wintertime.

There is nothing more frustrating than when the skin on your fingers start to crack. It becomes more painful the colder your fingers become, and the more the skin continues to crack. The skin cracks more and more with every time you bend your fingers. So working with flowers is pretty much an uphill battle. Right now is of course an especially busy time. Christmas is just around the corner and I have to put together everything from Advent wreaths, door wreaths, Christmas decorations and much, much more.

malene-sandemand-haenderI have now been using the Alavida night cream from LifeWave for three weeks; two or three times a week as a hand cream. You almost wouldn’t believe it’s true. I apologize for not snapping a before picture but I really didn’t expect these kind of results. I don’t have a single crack in my skin anymore. My hands are much easier to keep clean and my nails also have also become much stronger and longer in the process.

Lovely, long nails with Alavida

I’ve always had very brittle nails. They’ve always been very soft and astonishingly easy to break, for lack of better words. Like most women, I’ve wanted lovely, long nails for years now but never been able to get those results – until NOW.

It might seem silly for those of you who don’t have to bother with this problem, but it’s fantastic for someone like me who has always had such brittle nails. I feel much more feminine with nice nails!

I would take a bath in Alavida if I could. I hope that LifeWave comes out with even more skin care products in the future.

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