Is your smartphone ready for your new online LifeWave guide?


Why doesn’t the To Human app work on my phone? I can’t install it. I’ve tried so many times. What do I do? Does the To Human app work on iPad and tablets? Can I pay by credit card? The To Human app support team gets asked many questions. In most cases we can help quickly and easily. So here are some tips for those of you who are experiencing problems or have questions about the installation or payment.

1. Update your smartphone

First check that you’ve updated your smartphone before you install the To Human app. The To Human app works on both Android and iOS – the two most common operating systems. However, you must have at least Android version 4.4 or iOS version 7.3 in order to use the app, and this is something that many overlook. Be sure to update your phone just to be safe. Otherwise you might risk technical problems occurring. Unfortunately, we see that many have either forgotten to do it or do not realize that it’s required.

Read here about how to update the iOS software on your iPhone and iPad.
Since the Android market is quite large, you need to look up advice for how to do it by your phone brand (Samsung, etc.).

2. How to run the To Human app on iPad and tablets

There should be no problems for those of you who have an iPad. iPad runs iOS, so you can of course also use the To Human app. The same applies to tablets that run Android. Just remember to check whether you have updated recently.

3. Pay with credit card, via PayPal and soon on iTunes and Google Play

Some questions have also been about the payment of the app. Right now you can buy the app in two ways: Via PayPal (read about the To Human app here on the To Human blog and purchase the app here on the website) and via credit card payment. Many are, however, accustomed to buying the app via the App Store or Google Play and right now we are working on getting the To Human app out on iTunes and Google Play, so we are pleased to announce it within a few months will be even easier for the many of you who are already accustomed to using iTunes or Google Play.

4. Watch the video tutorial for how to install the To Human app

If you are unsure about how to download and install To human app, please check out this video. You can always stop the video along the way to see individual steps. Watch the video on YouTube via this link.

5. Are you still having issues?

If you still have problems, questions, feedback, suggestions, or the like, then please feel free to write us at It is the direct and shortest route to the To Human Support team who always want to help. We strive to answer all inquiries within 24 hours.

The To Human app is developed based on LifeWave specialists’ knowledge and experience. The vision of an online guide to LifeWave patches have resulted in an app that will help the steadily increasing number of LifeWave users around the world have good experiences with the LifeWave products on their path to a healthier life. At the same time, the goal is that the app makes it quick and easy to get started and constantly helps increase your level of knowledge about how to use the LifeWave products.

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2014 was the year I began my first foray into LifeWave. I chose to test all the products on my own body. I changed my diet and had a targeted training programme made. It has turned around my life 180 degrees. To Human is a concept I made to increase the quality of life for myself and for others. To Human blog is a forum, a magazine, and a knowledge-sharing centre for LifeWave enthusiasts - human to human. The To Human app is an online guide, helping you step-by-step with the use of your LifeWave products on-the-go.


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