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On your journey through life you come across a myriad of different challenges. These help you grow and become stronger. I guess this is basically what most people associate with the term personal development.

Your ability to deal with these challenges will of course vary from person to person. This is obviously due to the fact that we’re all in different places of our journey.

We indeed face challenges almost right from the moment we’re born – if not back to the very moment of conception. We bump into a swarm of different inputs that affect our system, whether psychologically or physically.

Then follows a typical development throughout nursery, kindergarten, and school/education, only to finally culminate in some sort of adult life. Many people follow this journey in a traditional way in which it’s natural to go with the flow. For example, when we get sick, so we go to the doctor and expect the doctor to prescribe medicine that’ll make us healthy.

For others, the developmental path/journey looks differently and is more influenced or controlled by a desire to take responsibility. It might even be about finding answers or solutions to various challenges.

This is surely the foundation for all people who have chosen to work with LifeWave.

A LifeWave geek

I see LifeWave as a unique company that is continually launching innovative products that used in the right way can boost the quality of life for the users.

The concept of LifeWave didn’t quite register with me on my first day at LifeWave – or the first time I heard about LifeWave for that matter. I had my eye on another company. In fact, I was contacted several times by different people, each of whom believed that LifeWave could be something for me. It’s quite funny in retrospect because yes, they were ALL right! it is funny, yes, they ALL were right.

My approach was strong and mentally focused from day one, and it basically still is. I guess you cal call me a geek!

On a journey with LifeWave

This “geekiness” combined with a pastime as a lecturer resulted in me holding introductory meetings about LifeWave within a few weeks. My journey with LifeWave has been all about sharing knowledge, dissemination and re-dissemination of knowledge…

LifeWave has developed a number of product types, most of which I’m sure you have mastered. But for good measure, why not just take a glance.

LifeWave started with a “swarm” of patches. It consisted of eight pieces, which we know under the names: Energy Enhancer, IceWave, Silent Nights, SP6 Complete, AcuLife for animals and the Y series with Carnosine, Glutathione and Aeon.

They also developed a mobile protection system called Matrix.

After that they came up with a product line called Theta Nutrition. These were then followed by Maveric.

And it certainly is familiar to many! We can look forward to a skin care series which will be introduced on the big LifeWave event in Denmark in September of 2015. A new patch will also be introduced during the event, which will be named X-29.

My job on this blog will in the future be to share products. I will take you on a journey through the fascinating universe of LifeWave products.

Stay tuned…

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Steen Leithoff is a lecturer, motivator, coach and help others realize their goals as certified Goal Mapping Practitioner. Steen Leithoff also has a background as a knowledge facilitator in the health food industry, specializing in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Steen is known for his pep talks about Theta Nutrition. Contact Info:


    • Thank you dear Birgithe.
      Yes, it will be an exciting journey. A bit odd, as I have always seen myself as the speaker / peptalken and not as a writer … Are both speech and word blind. So it’s good practice to get out of the comfort zone. Thank you for traveling with me ….

      Hugs from Steen

    • Hi Dorthe.
      Yes, it is not unthinkable that the name LifeWave will appear in connection with our joint journey in the exciting universe of Goal Mapping. Targeting is always a natural part of Network marketing. So, more and more people will not be able to draw on the kind of competencies that we practitioners can make available. Knus from Steen – and thank you for getting in touch with me.


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