Nirvana – the new mood lifter with 7 fantastic side effects


It is always an exciting day when founder and inventor of LifeWave, David Schmidt, coming to Denmark and entertains with his vast knowledge. David Schmidt was here recently re-again to the annual LifeWave event in Copenhagen.

Do you know not much to David Schmidt, here talk about a super-geek who knows how to convey an exciting and relevant way.

As usual, there was also this year product launch in Copenhagen, but totally atypical as we all knew what it was about, as there had been pre-launch for distributors in early summer. Nirvana – mood lifter – which I already have been tested since the early summer is now available for everyone.

I have chosen to test the new product. I want to know what I can expect when I have to recommend it on. I do not really, I need a mood boost, but nevertheless it is curious because the test subjects experienced a greater peace and happiness.

I therefore start in early summer. When the first month has passed, I think: It’s nothing special. But after a few weeks off, then I can still feel that it is getting “shoulders down” and “never mind” feeling shortcomings. So I think it just may have a shot more, because I know that an unusually challenging period ahead. And I must just say that things have been done with a completely different calm and relaxed attitude than usual when they pushed periods hits on jobs.

I am absolutely happy effect and is also pleased when a lovely woman in the family here in early October tells the exact same “never mind” attitude (I had recommended Nirvana in early summer, when she was well run out of job, etc.) It controls the game when you naturally can calm the system and clear things with a smile – no artificial means here.

Lating mood lifter

That’s why I go to a lot of LifeWave events – because I know that David comes and nerds out on stage. And I just love it!

Listen – in the pituitary gland produced six different kinds of endorphins, which all have their own function. The Beta endorfine is the pain reliever (18-33x more potent than morphine) and creates “runners high”. The primary function is to inhibit pain and create euphoria. If we, for example, strikes us, playing hard, stress, laugh or have sex, then release endorphins. But they have only a short life, and quickly disappears.

One can become addicted to it and it is something junk, if you choose to take it as synthetic supplements. Nirvana is the first product ever to lift Endorphin levels to a permanently higher level.

Pills and patches for optimum effect

Nirvana consists of a tablet (the recommendation is 2 a day, but you can take 1-6 a day). It contains only natural ingredients:

• 2 mg vanilla extract, which is equivalent to a 50 mg tahiti vanilla bean
• 0,4 mg of organic extract of Padina pavonica, corresponding to 100 mg dried plant
• 0,1 mg of organic oil extract of sea salt, which is equivalent to 125 mg of sea salt
• Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, magnesium silicate, silicon dioxide.

When the sea salt oil comes into contact with keratinocytes (skin cells), then increased Beta-Endorphin and vanilien support / reinforce this process, while the algae is a catalyst for the re-use of the beta-endorphins produced.

A side effect is that also collagen production increases. That is, there is a positive anti-aging effects. And it is more smart than to look younger – the fact is that it is collagen that keeps the water we drink, and when production decreases with age, so dehydrates we easier, even if we drink the same amount as before.

Nirvana patch supports the action of the tablets by stimulating the points in the body that produce endorphins, which trigger happy feeling.

Tablets and patches can be used separately, but used together, you achieve an optimal effect.

7 SUPER positive impacts of Nirvana

All products from LifeWave tested thoroughly before they are launched. It is of course also happened with Nirvana – and there have come some remarkable achievements besides mood lifted, namely:

• Pain relief
• Euphoria
• Anti-inflammatory effect
• Prevent/reduces fever
• Promotion of nerve connections
• Regulation of skin pigment/skin thickness/collagen production
• Increased hair growth

I’m just big fan every time there comes something new and exciting from LifeWave hand. So I know that there is work hard in the laboratory to re-create a product that obviously can support our body in the fantastic, it can. And I can not help but talk about it. Just imagine if it is exactly that that can help YOU with your challenge.

I wish you a winter full of good moods!


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