Matrix protects you and your children against mobile phone radiation


Most of you are probably just like me. I use my phone for everything – to call, write and play games, go on Facebook, check mails and to keep track of the appointments in my calendar (both privately and in my salon).

When I’m not looking at my phone, it’s usually in my pocket. Well, that’s where the majority of children and adults keep it today. It is almost indispensable.

I’ve heard a lot about Matrix from LifeWave, which is a product from LifeWave, which reduces your exposure to radiation from mobile phones by up to 99 percent. Quite convenient to put a small plate in behind the phone cover. I really thought: “It’s not I need, because I can not see any rays from my mobile.”

Matrix for the whole family

One day I sit however and play on my mobile, where it starts to “buzz” in my hand. In the beginning I think not do much about it, but when it happens every day for a period, I begin to think that I should try Matrix from LifeWave. In January 2015, which fall from the sky an offer on the Matrix of Life Wave. I think that if I am exposed to radiation, so will my children is guaranteed too. So I buy Matrix to any phone in the house, both my, husband and children.

The most amazing is all that I have absolutely not felt anything for anyone “sum”, after I hung up the plate behind the cover on my phone, and it will last forever. It is a sunk cost (if I well and mark do not change phone brand). The matrix can namely be transferred to the new phone when I get it.

See here a movie about mobile radiation:

In my world it’s the best gift I could give my children. It is important for me that they are healthy. In these years, we are exposed to mobile phone radiation more than ever before – including our children. So thanks to LifeWave health technology. It is world class.

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