How Lisa rid herself of intense migraines


1 in 7 people in the UK suffer from migraines. Migraine is more common in women than in men. Approx. 25 percent are women vs. the 10 percent that are men. Many experience migraines for the first time in puberty and the migraines then culminate around the ages between 40 and 50.

My friend Lisa suffer from severe migraines each month. I have offered to use the LifeWave phototherapy patch on her many times to help relieve her migraine. No thanks, she always said. She doesn’t really believe in the effect that phototherapy patches can have, and I’m certain that she thinks it’s a bit of mumbo-jumbo. Some time ago, she was however in so much pain that she was willing to try everything. I think she should tell the story though, because I’m sure it’s more fun to hear her story than having me boast about proving her wrong once and for all.

“Phototherapy – it’s just mumbo-jumbo…and yet..”


“I used to get migraines every two months and they lasted about a day. Yes, I wrote USED TO because I actually haven’t had a migraine attack in so long that I can’t even remember when the last time was…well, it was actually the day I first used the patch.

My migraines started probably when I was about 18-20 years old. At that time, I had maybe three attacks a year. Then when I was about 40 years old, the attacks became more frequent.

Whenever I got migraines it always started with a headache right in my forehead, which was often so powerful that there was only one thing to do. All I could do was lay down in a cool, dark room with a cloth over my forehead and eyes. But I couldn’t keep out the sounds. Those days I was completely indifferent to everything around me. The whole house could be collapsing and it wouldn’t phase me.

The day I came to Linda, I was in so much pain that I probably would have knocked my head into a concrete wall if I had been home alone.

The day started off when I woke up in the morning with a severe headache. It was one of those headaches that you just know will develop into a nasty migraine throughout the day. So I drink a lot of water, swallow two Ibuprofen and close the bedroom blinds. But to no avail. It only gets worse.

People who have had a migraine attack know exactly what I mean! I look like a strangled cat, crying and ready to die. This day is just so bad that I write the following to Linda: Now I’m ready to try your mumbo-jumbo patch. The truth is that I don’t believe in those things, but when you’re being tortured this way, you’re ready to try just about anything.

My daughter helped me get into the car as I hid my face behind sunglasses due to the fact that I simply couldn’t handle the light. When I arrive, Linda places patches in different spots and let me sit by myself. I still remember the sensation of feeling the pain calmly disappear. Suddenly I didn’t have any pain in my jaw anymore…

After 10 minutes I get a glass of water and I’m actually laughing and smiling just 5 minutes later. At this point it’s only been about 40 minutes since I had been going through hell. Right, well, it was sheer luck – that’s what I would have said before. But now I’m not so sure.

I haven’t had any migraines ever since. I have had a severe headache – but believe me when I say that that is something completely different! So I’m actually still really grateful. It has made life much more fun and I’m definitely having a better quality of life.”

Since I helped Lisa the first time, I’ve treated her for several other symptoms, including shoulder and arm pain and a trigger finger.

How we used LifeWave patches

But what was it that I did when I helped Lisa?

I used Energy Enhancer, Glutathione and of course a Y-Age Aeon to calm her down.

First I placed an Aeon on her neck. Then a Glutathione on the side of each foot, a set of Energy Enhancer just above where the eyebrows bend and finally a set of IceWave around her temples.

Lisa started feeling relief already when I had placed the two Glutathione patches on her feet. It was obvious in her face: her anguished expression began to soften and she looked more relaxed.

What is a migraine?

A migraine is a type of headache, but there is a big difference between regular headaches and migraines. Migraines are more powerful and pulsating (throbbing) types of headaches that gets worse with physical activity. They last between 4 and 72 hours. During a migraine attack you’re often more sensitive to light and sound and experience nausea or vomiting. Migraines are debilitating and stressful for a lot of people.

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Linda was introduced to LifeWave's light therapy patches in 2012. She has always been interested in the world beyond as a clairvoyant, amongst other things. Working with homeopathy has been passed down through generations for her family. The light therapy patches opened yet another world as she came began working with meridian lines in eg. acupuncture. The insight into the LifeWave patch technology made Linda want to learn more about alternative treatments. She is now conducting a training course in Craniosacral Therapy. Linda uses the LifeWave light therapy patches in all kinds of treatmenst and find that her clients are very excited about the effect of the anti-stress patches in particular. Contact information:


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