How to delay the decay of your husband


40+, 50+, 60+ or ​​70+. Men’s body chemistry changes with age. As men get older, their falling testosterone level gradually, and as the years go with increasing speed. Even when a man is about 30 years decreases the regenerative processes themselves. It causes some crucial changes in the body. The body increasingly more difficult to regenerate and rebuild itself. The biochemical and bio-electrical processes taking longer. Muscle mass and thus muscle strength fades, and endurance is less than before. Cognitive / mental and functional features deteriorate gradually. All these things are important for man’s vitality. This in combination results in a relatively decreased activity, and eventually sold more fat on the body, which can lead to obesity. For many it is seen as an emerging “bilring” in the one average 40-year-old man. A grease and extra kilos that some men are hard to get rid of once they have set themselves.

With reduced testosterone level in the blood over time follows a decreasing muscle and bone mass, altered / reduced biochemical and bio-electrical processes in the body, fewer blood cells and reduced hormonal activity. Combining this for the man with poor nutrition as too much saturated fat, poor diet choices and too little sport / exercise to burn calories surplus with, it’s going the wrong way. With increasing weight and still decreased activity starts slump for some men. Which forms a basis for too many to cardiovascular problems, diabetes / diabetes 2 and high blood cholesterol (LDL).

The decay starts after 30

As you can see, so start this story at the age of 30. It is read slowly over the next ca. 30 years. During this time, it is vitally important for the man that he keeps a sharp focus on preserving as good as possible. It is a daily exercise. Founded the good habits early, does the man not to move the hole in their belts too many gaps when senior life approaching. Here it is crucial that he keeps an individual appropriately high daily / weekly activity to maintain the body’s naturally high testosterone levels. It is also important that he gets all the good in the form of life-giving good fatty acids from fatty fish and an optimal diet consisting of leaf green, coarse vegetables and lots of good antioxidants from all the colored fruits and berries.

The tools for improving and optimizing both the bioelectrical and biochemical processes in the body in a natural way and without drugs or chemistry already exists. These tools tell I like more.

In the case below, I tell a 65-year-old man who comes with a specific problem, grounded in a decreased testosterone levels in the body. It could easily be a 40 or 50 year old. Wrong lifestyle can shorten the journey to a body that is not functioning properly and the symptoms that you should seek medical attention to the importance of.

Maveric for the modern man


A man aged 65 years come to me for advice that he will not have slept properly since he have to get up and urinate four or five times every night with thus interrupted sleep. This results in a poor sleep quality here is lost particularly deep sleep, stage 3 sleep, which regenerates the brain; In other words, “washes out” waste. In addition, he snores, which disturbs the wife thus be involved with impaired sleep quality.

When I met him the first time, we’ll sleep patterns, habits, diet, stimulants, use of TV, smartphone and iPad before bedtime. The man is reasonably active and in good basic shape. He cultivates not sports, but is slim and has no alcohol consumption.

Initially, we address his sleep. I tell him it is very important that the light is lowered at night. It is especially important that he avoids exposure to the blue light from the TV, PC and smartphone three or four hours before bedtime. I motivate him to confront “full spectrum” when all aspects are important to re-establish a good sleep quality; sleep duration and sleep depth. Both must be present simultaneously.

Maveric – a natural supplement WITHOUT chemicals

We talk about the challenges of the reduced testosterone production as an essential for a healthy prostate. In this case the prostate enlarged according to age – without pathology / disease.
He has reduced sex drive, and it is not easy erection / endurance. I talk about LifeWave excellent product for men, Maveric, which makes it possible within a short time to restore the increased natural testosterone level. Maveric is a natural supplement without drugs or chemicals. Maveric can be supplemented with patches from LifeWave to achieve an increased cleansing and strengthening the hormonal and energy.
He chooses to try Maveric alone.

In the beginning he experiences a little improvement with Maveric. After 14 days, he must up three times. night. After two months it only once or twice. Sleep is improved significantly, and the wife wakes no longer of the man’s snoring, which has slowed considerably.

The 65-year-old man feel more in vigor and better rested, compared to before. The erection is improved significantly and can be kept longer. The reason is the improved blood flow in the vessels supplying the area. He is happy and satisfied, and I said he can expect further improvements.

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The modern human struggles with many physical and mental challenges. This makes thinking about your health more important than ever. It is important to stay balanced. This is is Kim Hody's focus. Kim Hody is an educated physical therapist who has worked extensively in the art of teaching and providing prophylaxis and manual therapy. Kim Hody is a PE teacher and has worked with treatment and counseling in sports, exercise, diet and nutrition for many years. In his spare time he is an avid exerciser and swimmer. Contact info: + (45) 5190 1271 or


    • Yes, “Maveric” is a great gift for men. Nice to help spread the good message. “Maveric” is an ingenious product – 100 percent natural ingredients and composed so that the man in relatively short time gains significantly improved prostate health and a natural increase in testosterone levels. This with a generally increased blood flow and a markedly increased vitality. In some, the good effect is quite fast – days or weeks, and in others after two to three months of use. I now have good and lasting results after three months of use. I would like to tell you about these very good and noticeable results. Then you would like to invite men who want to become 20 years younger in an easy and natural way.

  1. Hi Kim,

    Fine reading – it’s so important to take care of your body and keep it healthy. And to support it all without chemistry is a gift.

    Also have good experiences with Maveric for men around me. Lovely & lt; 3

    Enjoy Christmas

  2. Hi Mai Britt,
    Thank you for your comment. Yes, it’s important that we look after our bodies and in Lifewave’s products we have unique tools to improve our overall health – and this in an entirely natural way. In a later blog post I would like to tell you about other good results with “Maveric” in combination with our patches. So enjoy yourself.
    Wishing a happy new year to everyone,


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