Stress boom: LifeWave relieves the feeling of stress


Stress is something most familiar. Many have had it in one degree or another. Many have daily symptoms. With the way our world is put together, will once more be hit.

In 2013 answered about 150,000 of the participants in the study “The Danish health – national health profile” to questions about stress. Small 23 percent of participants said they had high stress levels, within 4 weeks before the answer and according to a so-called PSS scale.

So approximately every fourth participant had experienced high levels of stress recently. There is something fundamentally wrong in Denmark when so many feel affected by a high level of stress.

Plaster can relieve stress

Stress can have many causes, among other chemistry – that is what you eat and drink and what you record through the skin and breathe. Most people associate however, stress with the mental; how to manage your thoughts in different life situations.

And where does LifeWave so into the game? Yes, LifeWave has made a stress patch.

Let me make it clear right away: Although LifeWave stress patch Y-Age Aeon works great, so removing it is not stress. It soothes and doing really very well, but more on that later.

LifeWave has conducted more than 70 clinical trials in the 10 years it has existed. Five of them are done on stress patch. A study shows that 60 percent of participants achieved a reduction in their current stress levels. A significant result.

3 success stories with Aeon

I have seen many people who feel better immediately after receiving a Y-Age Aeon patch.


A person told me that the moment he got put a patch in the neck, it was as if the iron ring, he felt sat on his head, was dissolved with a bang. He felt as if his whole body came to relax. Another was complete bleaching of the face. He was diagnosed with stress. 30 seconds after that there was put a patch in the neck, came a more normal skin color in the face again and a smile. A third – a student – noticed immediately that he was more relaxed, calm and ready for the exam race.

I have many more examples of people who have experienced great relief using the Aeon patch. People with a diagnosis of stress, I still encourage you to seek professional help.

Stress in the future

As mentioned in the introduction, it’s been something wrong in the way we experience the world, when so many are sick and get stress.

What if there is something we have completely misunderstood. Many people say that I’m sorry, because he / she said … Many seek other people’s recognition. Others feel as if there is something outside of us which affects us to a degree, so we are happy and satisfied.

What if it is our own thoughts that create the situations we experience, and thus the feelings it brings? What will it mean to you with this knowledge?

For more than 40 years ago uncovered a Scot named Sydney Banks, three simple principles that underlie our experiences. This has meant a big change in the lives of many people to be introduced to these simple principles. You can see more on 3PGC – Three Principles Global Community – which is a non-profit organization that serves to spread the message. There is not space here to go into depth with this, but perhaps there may be more in a later blog post.

To conclude, I would say that I use the Aeon patch almost every day. In combination with one of the two patches, which forces the production of anti-oxidants Glutathione and Carnosine. It works really well for me, also in relation to the effect of anti-aging.

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Kim Brems got talked into trying out the LifeWaves product in 2012 - and he's never turned back! Kim Brems is a trained kinesiologist and later obtained her NLP and Master's Degree in this field. She has also gone through in between training as a stress consultant. When Kim Brems provides treatments (in her free time) she uses LifeWave products most of the time - and get brilliant results. Contact information:


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