How the BARS treatment helps Katja after a stressful and difficult experience


A very good friend approaches me because she’s feeling really bad. I offer her a BARS treatment that she happily accepts.

Katja’s background is very stressful and hard. She has been struggling with bed bugs. This means that she has had to throw out a lot of personal belongings. That has been traumatic in itself as these things are associated with important parts of her life, like pictures, clothes and many objects with sentimental value.

Katja is almost obsolete before treatment and can not feel or feel anything. I gently touch the points that you use in a BARS treatment.
Midway in treatment, Katja’s tears begin to run as quietly down her cheeks. It is not an abnormal response when something is being released. Some also begin to laugh at almost hysterical so there is a lot of difference in how clients respond.

When I finish Katja, she feels dizzy and has small nuisance. It is also not entirely abnormal. One has to think that there are a lot of things that happen when ‘truths’ and limitations let go.

Katja’s constraints have been because she has shut down for the feelings, been stoned, as she herself expresses. She has experienced that it has been so difficult to get rid of the personal belongings she has had to get burned, because bug loops are not so easy to get rid of.

Katja calls me the following day. She experiences that now she can feel something and be present in herself. She has cried a lot, but feels ready to take on her life again. The one treatment has been a redemption. She continues to have BARS treatments for a while. It gives her energy to address the cleanup work that is after her house has been cleaned.

It is always difficult to allocate time to a BARS treatment, as you do not know how much energy is working in advance, but as a treat you can feel when to move to another place. For Katja, the 1st treatment lasted about one hour.

What is BARS?

Access Bars consists of 32 different energy points that run through and around the head. A Bar is an energy path between two points that is associated with some centers in our brain that save / store in different areas of life. With very easy and gentle touch, these points are activated (save). By doing so, energy flows through them, which release restrictive thinking patterns and beliefs, and which pave the way for the life you want.

Access BARS is a very easy processing technique. BARS relates to areas of your life. Throughout our life in childhood, adolescence and adulthood we have learned and gained many ‘truths’ which we have naturally integrated as being our own truth. But these ‘truths’ can be obstacles throughout our lives and limit ourselves. Access BARS helps you clean up and delete the ‘truths’ stored on your inner layer. It helps you to find your own unique essence (essence) and truth. It makes it easier for you to accept new choices and opportunities as well as to develop your full potential.

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Linda was introduced to LifeWave's light therapy patches in 2012. She has always been interested in the world beyond as a clairvoyant, amongst other things. Working with homeopathy has been passed down through generations for her family. The light therapy patches opened yet another world as she came began working with meridian lines in eg. acupuncture. The insight into the LifeWave patch technology made Linda want to learn more about alternative treatments. She is now conducting a training course in Craniosacral Therapy. Linda uses the LifeWave light therapy patches in all kinds of treatmenst and find that her clients are very excited about the effect of the anti-stress patches in particular. Contact information:


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