When the strong family member came down with stress


Some time ago I asked for help from a close, dear relative. She could no longer cope with the increasing workload of her job. Several employees had already taken off work due to stress. Then it all boiled over for her. She was a very strong and responsible girl with a management job who had previous work experience within the field and a brilliant family life. But now she was on sick leave, which lasted for more than two months.

The cause of stress is often that you can’t meet the expectations put on you for a prolonged period of time. These expectations can come from within or from the people around you.

Patches for better quality of life

Despite my relative’s earlier skepticism about the LifeWave products, I was allowed to put on the LifeWave patches. LifeWave has been developed to improve the lives of ordinary people, and in this case it was about creating peace and relaxation.

I believed that Y-Age Aeon and Silent Nights were the right patches to start off with. Y-Age Aeon because it, amongst other things, balances out the autonomic nervous system, thereby reducing stress. The autonomic nervous system operates outside our conscious control and helps control the biochemical processes in our bodies. I use the Silent Nights since the nervous system and the endocrine system is responsible for preparing the body to cope with stressful situations. This stimulates the body’s natural production of the sleep hormone melatonin. So that’s an obvious choice.
Then I placed an Energy Enhancer on BL23. This is an acupuncture point, as recommended by David Schmidt, LifeWave Founder, in case of adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue often occurs after prolonged continuous stress where the stress hormone cortisol has been secreted by the adrenal cortex.

Smiling LifeWave ambassador

My relative was initially only able to manage being around other people for a short period of time. From the need to sleep several times a day, it was now possible to handle more and more small tasks. She was very surprised by the quick effect and was therefore very happy to have given Y-Age Aeon, Silent Nights and Energy Enhancer a chance.

There’s no need to describe the emotional crises that arise in such a situation because those of you who have been there know them all too well. My mission here is rather to describe how we with LifeWave patches can support and heal, as well as to clarify how ordinary people can easily find peace with Life Wave’s patented health technology. This will in turn increase the quality of life of the affected person.

It’s been a great pleasure to help and once again experience the effects of our unique LifeWave products. Subsequently, my relative has also had successful performances in sport and other challenges of life. That’s why I’m today highly recommending LifeWave as a smiling, grateful LifeWave ambassador.

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I have almost 25 years of experience in the herbalist industry, and with LifeWave, I have a very special opportunity to guide a lot of people to help themselves to a better quality of life. I have been a LifeWave distributor since 2012.


  1. Such a wonderful story – not the start but the development 😉

    Unfortunately, it has unfortunately become more and more normal that the pressure is big around – and then it is a pleasure that you have a healthy and natural opportunity to help others to help themselves.


  2. Hi Aase
    The whole idea of the blog is to tell life-confirming stories about possibilities with LifeWave products or other natural ways where the body itself helps without the use of, for example, pills or other medicines. It’s about creating natural health and prevention.
    Your story makes your hair rise as you read. Just stress is an extremely important and relevant subject.
    I’m already looking forward to your next story. Thank you for taking the jump as blogger here at Blog.tohuman.com

    Best regards,

  3. It’s nice to read about the super efficient LifeWave has for your family member. I myself use LifeWave’s products for my fibromyalgia, on my dog and more. I’ve also had the pleasure of helping one with depression and anxiety and as you’ve taught me, “There’s something about the talk-Aeon in the neck” YES, the wow effect of the plastics from LifeWave makes a whole lot of love in the lid .
    Thanks for your good posts.
    Knuz from Pernille LQ4ever

  4. It’s just great when we can help, and since my report, I’ve happily recommended this patching to even more. Some have happened since, and it’s going to be amazing – but there’s still great peace of mind when you have Y-age Aeon and Energy Enhancer from LifeWave in your bag if the symptoms appear briefly.

    My wish is that a lot of people read our small reports here at Blog.tohuman.com, so even more people can understand how LifeWave patches can help balance our energy system.

    Thank you for your sweet comments.

    Wishing you well,


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