LifeWave; A Christmas present for a better quality of life


Christmas is typically the time of year that is very stressful for people. Some choose to take part of the Christmas bonanza. Others have chosen to take a step back from this stress triggering anguish.

Christmas is, as I’m sure you know, just before New Years. It’s the end of something and the beginning of something new. It is the time when some people start thinking about the year to come. Some choose to plan and visualize the future. Some are doing exactly specific written goals. But it’s not for everyone. For others, it’s the hardest time of year. It releases stress reactions. For what brings in 2016?

When the weekend hits us in January and one day it dawns on us that just our job does not equal security for earnings or guarantee of security – so what? Initially, the typical reaction uncertainty because the rug is pulled out from under us. We may psychosomatic reactions that most often do not see the underlying causes. How could I mention several situations …

Surplus of health patches

So what I want to say with this intro about man in imbalance that has stress symptoms? I have experienced through life and experience a lot of situations where I feel affected, vulnerable and off balance – even periods which takes extra hard on me and changed me as a person.


In 2012, there was however something quite special. I got a Christmas gift for life, for better quality of life. I met LifeWave fantastic universe and met a number of people who almost have fought for me to inspire me to achieve better quality of life.

Using the so-called anti-stress patch, Y-Age Aeon, I have since experienced a greater profit. I have more mental energy than ever before.

Balance and peace with the Y-Age collection

When we are exposed to stressful situations, then triggered a series of stress hormones. These can have strong oxidative effects and be harmful to our body. With Y-Age Aeon anti-stress patch, I find that I protect my body. Furthermore, I have discovered that when I combine it with the use of the other two patch from Y-age series, Y-Age Glutathione and Carnosine, so I experience greater peace and balance.

These patches protect against attack from “oxidants”. When life has put me down, and my immune system on top has been weakened, I have previously been ill with a bad cold, where it took 2-3 weeks to get up for grabs again.

Liquid Vitamin C with Theta Activator

Now I take it every day together with my patches Theta-activatorfrom the LifeWave supplement with additional intake of vitamin C, which I consume in liquid form. I buy it in powder form, which I then mix in the water and get some drops Theta Activator in. It helps to better absorption of nutrienterne. Theta Activator is part of the Life Wave series Theta Nutrition.

So is your life filled with stressful situation, then you know that there is help available. An aid, which also happens entirely on nature’s terms.

At some elevated level, I thank today that LifeWave was brought into my world of experience. With desire an edifying Christmas and a blessed New Year.

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Steen Leithoff is a lecturer, motivator, coach and help others realize their goals as certified Goal Mapping Practitioner. Steen Leithoff also has a background as a knowledge facilitator in the health food industry, specializing in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Steen is known for his pep talks about Theta Nutrition. Contact Info:


  1. Dear Steen.
    Thank you for your very relevant post. I know a lot of people who describe how the “roller blind” is rolled up, mindlessness diminishes, mood improves, and the calm in the body is spread when the Aeon patch is placed on one of the selected acupuncture points.
    I wish you a blessed Christmas and a wonderful new year.

  2. Thank you, Aase.
    On the long run, LifeWave will make a difference to so many people. Many have experienced it on their own already, but even more people will hear about this possibility of relief. It happens, as a whole natural process, when we exchange experiences with each other.

    May this and everyone else’s new year be blessed and filled with constructive goals supported by beautiful personal drawings.

    As we know, goals are much better rooted in subconscious mind when mental processes are supported by a good creative illustration.

    Hugs from Steen.


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