Great looking legs without bruises. This is how to do it!


Do you bruise easily? Have you experienced having large bruises that hurt a lot and you can’t wear a dress? Then look no further for the best tips on how to get beautiful legs again.

I was at a Christmas party a few years ago where we played paintball. It’s actually quite fun! Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before I had to stop. You see, I was actually hit with pellets two times on the same leg at very close range.

I was very shocked when I went to bed later that night. The two pellets from the paintball gun had left some pretty big bruises on my legs. “Well, I guess I’m not wearing a dress for New Years Eve”, I thought to myself. BUT, it would take much longer before I could slip into a dress again without bruising. It actually took a whole year before it went from being blue to black to yellow and green.

Try Y-Age Carnosine

I was on Crete in early September of this year. I was on a nice walk in the Samaria Gorge, which is a 16-18 kilometer long walk. Down there I was so unfortunate – being as tall as I am – that I actually fell twice. The result: A large wound on my left knee and of course a huge bruise. Oh, oh.

I know that the Y-Age Carnosine patch from LifeWave is really good when you want a wound to heal quickly, so I immediately place a patch on the knee. I of course also put on a LifeWave IceWave patch to reduce e severe pain I was feeling in my knee and ankle after the fall.

The bruise on my knee had completely vanished after just two or three days! I couldn’t see it at all when I got home from Crete. I was both surprised and speechless – and to think how long I walked around with bruises after the very short paintball game.

I love my patches!


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Following a fantastic, personal experience with LifeWave products during 2014, I became a LifeWave distributor. Every day, I help customers in my shop with LifeWave patches. My clear attitude is that if we can make people deal with the most common "everyday problems" with a LifeWave patch, we can increase their quality of life, and maybe in the long run, the healthcare system can save some money. Contact me at


  1. Hi Jeanett,
    Exactly! The Carnosine patch is invaluable in many situations – especially for bruises. It’s actually excellent in all situations where you need to promote cell regeneration, scratches, wounds, rashes, skin, etc. One day I cut my thumb deep with a sharp kitchen knife…straight through the nail and everything. I thought I’d have to go to the emergency room, but I decided to give the Carnosin patch a try. So I put on a Tenso patch tightly, a bandage and two pieces of Carnosin on the outside. I changed them on a daily basis. After that, my finger was just fine. When I four days later “unpackaged” my finger, I had a beautifully healed finger without any scars!
    So yes – hurray for our unique patches!
    Thank you for your story ❤️
    Regards, Kim

  2. Hi Kim,

    Yes, our patches are all about trial and error. They can do so much more than you’d think :-).

    Thank you for sharing your story as well, it’s always nice to focus on how much we can actually achieve. And to think you were able to heal your finger without any scarring. That’s amazing!


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