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We are always met with a whole world of opportunities when we delve into the ever growing treasure of LifeWave’s unique products. I’ll do a general overview of these and refer to the description of the product names in my previous blog post, as to not repeat myself. See that post here.

As the title of this most suggests, I am on the hunt. We are on a quest to get better quality of life – the good life. What this implies is of course completely individually. For most people it means a quest for higher profits in life. These profits might be financially, but could also be pure, physical energy.

I’ll leave the financial profits part to Kenneth Frøslev, LW. He’ll describe the benefits of getting out there and giving it your all while working with network marketing.

But let me start by asking you the following: What is quality of life to you? Whatever it is, it’s always good to be aware of what it means for you yourself!

LifeWave patches – how do they work?
The patches from LifeWave works with reverse effect – electric impulses or tension, if you will. But it is basically irrelevant how they work, just know that they do. You can find out more below if you’d like to “nerd out” a little bit.

These impulses/tensions consists of light. This light is comparable to vibration or frequencies. The diversity of the LifeWave patches is evident in the different vibrations. This diversity has been created as a result of a diverse combination of ingredients in the patches. It’s essentially about different combinations of amino acids, oxygen and water. All these things are natural components of our physical bodies.

When the patches from LifeWave are placed, the body is subjected to body heat radiation (infrared frequency). This heat radiation influences the content of the patch in such a way that it brings frequencies (light) back to the body. These frequencies are recognized by the body and initiate subsequent processes aimed at restoring the balance. These energy impulses circulate the body by means of a system which consists of the meridian lines. I will get back to this a little later.

We call Chinese herbs adaptogenic. That’s why I often joke and call LifeWave patches adaptogenic patches during my introductory meetings.

An adaptogenic herb means that the same herb increase or reduce something in the body. For example, if we were talking about blood pressure, then it could be low or high in relation to a given standard. The herb could then reduce or increase pressure depending on what was needed to create balance. The same is true about the patches. They regulate, normalize and balance. That way, the body’s immune system is optimized. Another important thing you should keep in mind when it comes to the LifeWave patches is that they are “charged” either positively or negatively. So almost all white patches are positive except SP6 Complete, which is negatively charged. The brown patch, which is also called the TAN is also negatively charged. You know we from these patches Energy Enhancer and IceWave.

The search for energy with LifeWave’s treasure chest

Let’s say you want more energy in your everyday life. When we’re looking for answers in the LifeWave treasure chest your attention is naturally drawn to the first patch that was developed. This is the Energy Enhancer.

Energy Enhancer

We witness something truly unique as we delve into the depth of understanding how the energy patch Energy Enhancer works through our body.

Initially, however, I will just briefly speak about cell anatomy. A cell consists of a number of different “organelles”. These solve a series of complex processes. The more energy the cell has available, the more happens. The specific organelle that we need to look at is called a mitochondrion.

More and more research within the international scientific community has begun to share the view that a reduced energy metabolism in these mitochondrion is actually the core problem or the main challenge that we have when it comes to aging. The fact that LifeWave has developed Energy Enhancer is so incredibly exciting and unique since this can help the particular issue.

But let’s return to what happens in practice. The fact is that a certain substance, abbreviated “ATP” = adenosine triphosphate, has the lead role in energy production. “ATP” is decomposed or, if you will, degraded to “ADP” = adenosine diphosphate. You can watch this video if you’d like to. It gives a good visual understanding of this vital process.

Energy Enhancer – the ideal test patch

Above we’ve now looked at how we with the help of Energy Enhancer can boost our energy production. Now we’ll change the focus and address the co-benefits of using Energy Enhancer.

Earlier I mentioned that the patches are electrically charged. So is our body. Therefore, we are all virtually unique on our right side and negatively charged in our left side. It is in this context important to know that one can use Energy Enhancer to confirm this “polarization” of the body. We can do this by performing muscle testing.

1. This typically happens when a person holds his arm out in a horizontal manner, tensing their arm. Next, we create a gentle pressure in a downward direction and the person will resist.

2. Next place Energy Enhancer on each foot so that the tan one is on the right side and the white one is on the left. We then repeat the muscle test. The person will typically slack or become less strong in one degree or another. (Remember, it is important that people experience it – not that we can see it).

3. We reverses the patches. Perform the test again. Here the person will often become stronger than in experiment #1.

We can choose to make this muscle test to confirm polarization. If it turns out that the test person is super strong at step 1, and got no response at step 2, then the person is what we call reverse polarized. We can choose to put a tan patch on the right side and white patch on the left side. (Some make a big deal out of reverse polarization but I’m just going to keep going).

Frequently experienced effects of Energy Enhancer

Many feel that they know the use of Energy Enhancer gives better flexibility, better concentration and improved balance. Energy Enhancer can also offer pain relief, which we would otherwise think IceWave would be used for. I’ll describe this more clearly.

Our energy circulates all around the body via the aforementioned meridian lines. When all is well, there is a balance or a lovely, natural “flow”. When we get out of balance (and is what the doctors call sick), either an accumulation of energy or a drain of energy happens. There’s essentially a blockage in the system. For example, people describe their headache/migraine in two ways.

1. My head is about to explode…Ouch! = Read; the energy is piled up and an energy gauge is formed.

2. My head feels like it’s convulsing in pain…Ouch! = Read; energy deficit/vacuum.

By using Energy Enhancer we can dissolve this blockage shortly. It might take a few hours. This is often the situation for “old” pain.

Final note

Personally, I often use the Energy Enhancer on the TB15. It’s actually my favorite place to put the Energy Enhancer. It works super well when combined with Y-Age Aeon on GV14.

Stay tuned …

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Steen Leithoff is a lecturer, motivator, coach and help others realize their goals as certified Goal Mapping Practitioner. Steen Leithoff also has a background as a knowledge facilitator in the health food industry, specializing in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Steen is known for his pep talks about Theta Nutrition. Contact Info:


  1. Having Steen with the team within the Tohuman concept is just a huge win for all of us, as his knowledge of the products will create a better understanding for us who already use them, but also for others who, for the first time, hear about LifeWave. The unique thing about LifeWare is that it naturally enables the body to do something and leaves nothing in the body other than a really good feeling and feeling in the body. I have since started using Energy Enhancer and have felt the effect both during exercise and as a natural source of energy. This patch is one of the most effective, so it can only be recommended and together with Tohuman App you have the information with your hand, so you use acal to optimize your body and LifeWave products.
    Looking forward to Steen’s continued knowledge sharing on blog tohuman.

    Let the energy flow naturally in the body 🙂 Thank you Steen


    • Thank you for your constructive comment dear Jan …
      Beautiful that somebody regards me as a gain.
      I am therefore looking forward to the continuing journey in the knowledge universe within LifeWave, and where the trip will take me.
      I have a lot of exciting things that I am looking forward to sharing. It’s about topics that are directly related to LifeWave products, but also topics that are more indirect and move into personal development.
      Hugs from Steen.


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