This is why light is important in the understanding of LifeWave’s patch technology


This blog provides a lot of information to people seeking advice and guidance. I myself am very happy that I have the opportunity of sharing knowledge or experiences about how LifeWave has been a light in both my life and other people’s lives. LifeWave patches are based on light therapy. Talking about light and light therapy comes naturally for me today after having talked to so many other people about the patches. This is the experience and knowledge I’d like to pass onto you.

If we look at the world today, it seems that there will be more and more “dark” understood as “pain and suffering” and the personal challenges we experience as human beings when we are challenged physically as well as psychologically. We stress around and often struggle to get enough time, enough money, better health, more energy … all things which leave traces in the body.

Many people who come to get acquainted with LifeWave unique products, experiencing how “light” crowd out “the darkness”. With just nine types of patches from LifeWave, so most will experience obtaining relief from one or perhaps several challenges and a higher quality of life.

Dr. Steve Haltiwanger on light therapy

Sun is fundamental to life on earth. It is our ultimate source of energy. The sun shines on the earth. The plants crave light. Thanks to their content of chloroplasts and thus their ability to photosynthesize, then tie the plants energy into their organism. This energy is actually seen solar power / sunlight. When we as a human being must have the energy, we need to eat food. The food, for example. be plants. Plants are digested in our intestinal system. Subsequently, energy is released and solves the many tasks that now is to solve in the context of body function.

Need we deeper understanding or technique on how this happens – so we end up with a final result, which is called light. All the different biological processes are essentially “light signals” a little a la voltages or impulses that have processes to run.

It is based on this fundamental understanding that it is very natural to call LifeWave patches of light therapy. When the patches put on the skin, the heat radiation, which gives the skin activates these patches, content, thus responds by sending light back to the skin. Here communicated this light so on in the body’s system. Among other through our meridians. Dr. Steve Haltiwanger associated LifeWave, calling it ‘Bio-photo-modulation’. Listen to Steven Haltiwanger tell about it in this video. Fast forward to 7:10 and stop when it switches to another topic.

Light as a central source of LifeWave’s fundamental philosophy

As science evolves, we are pressed to expand our perception of reality at the same rate. I would therefore like to press the “lemon” a little more and provide input to the readers who are holistically minded.

From this understanding of light, so it is not far way to think about the concept of aura. It covers: the radiance which especially mentally sensitive people see around the body. It is seen as a shining field around the body, but also penetrating the body. We have seen this understanding pictured throughout history through paintings, where portraits around their head is shown with a kind of “halo”. Technically, we can now see the most coarse frequencies in this “aura” – namely, what is called the etheric field.
Via a special photographic technique invented by Kirlian it is possible to show the electric field through the rays of our physical matter. We can experience a whiff of it when we see the thermographic devices and their recordings of body heat radiation.

See the official video from LifeWave, acting and explain the light and patches. A gorgeous video, which provides an easy understanding of LifeWave basic products and acupuncture plastic vessel operation. It also gives a very good explanation of why “light” is so central.

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