Brimming with enthusiasm for Alavida skin care from LifeWave


The skin care trio from LifeWave with the beautiful name Alavida, meaning to life is different from any other skin care series.

Beauty also comes from withing, so this combination of modern technology, strengthening the skin from the inside out, and natural products of high quality, strengthening the skin from the outside in, is without a doubt groundbreaking. Greater health for your skin. Inside out – outside in. I am so thrilled by this.

Several of the people I know have been testing the system for six weeks, and the before and after pictures leave no doubt that the Alavida skin care series from LifeWave is something completely unique.

Skin care series from LifeWave stands out from the crowd

Due to my background in the herbalist industry, I have great experience and knowledge about ingredients of skin care products, and I know how important it is to have a healthy body – also because the inside reflects the outside, and my immediate impression is that Alavida is different from anything else I have seen.

Alavida-hudpleje-lifewaveWith the age, the elasticity of the skin is reduced as is its ability to repair itself. Fewer antioxidants are produced and more free radicals are given space. The Alavida patch helps reduce oxidative stresss and helps preserve antioxidants in the body, so the use of the Alavida patch combined with Alavida nectar and Alavida creme ensures regeneration and a healty skin. The Alavida patch is used at night for best effect, where the body repairs and rejuvenates itself.

Have you considered that at least 70 percent of what we apply to the skin is absorbed by the body? That is thought-provoking. Never apply anything to the skin you do not with to ingest.

Alavida nectar and Alavida creme contain 98.6 percent naturally extracted ingredients. Both the Alavida facial nectar for use during the day and the Alavida facial creme for use during the day have an exceptional penetration ability.  Light, yet still very moisturising, resulting in the effect to be seen and felt very swiftly. Superfood for the skin, so to speak, reducing th accumulation of unwanted substances in the body.

Skin care products are a billion-dollar industry, but very few are aware that in order to get the most benefit it has to be a combination of inner and outer care to get the most out of beauty and wellness.

Alavida skin care products are more than the sum of its parts

The Alavida trio from LifeWave consists of three innovative products. When used together, very visible results re achieved. A beatiful combination of nature and science.

We grow older than ever before, so why not age with balance, health, beauty, and quality of life?

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I have almost 25 years of experience in the herbalist industry, and with LifeWave, I have a very special opportunity to guide a lot of people to help themselves to a better quality of life. I have been a LifeWave distributor since 2012.



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