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As a professional networker with many years of experience in network marketing, it’s almost become a calling for me to spread the knowledge about this industry. It’s an industry that is developing rapidly all over the world for many obvious reasons.

Network marketing is even winning ground in my small town. But, unfortunately, network marketing also comes with some boring and unreasonable predicates. I’ll touch upon these in my future posts. I want to continue writing about this stuff – it’s my passion!

Network marketing for high quality and service

The situation is different when it comes to network marketing (also known as multi-level marketing, abbreviated MLM). Some products are here recommended by “word of mouth”. That means that some of us are excited about a specific product and want to recommend it to others within our network. This is also why its called “relationship marketing” since there is a relationship that I’d like to recommend. This review is then also based on mutual trust and credibility.

LifeWave event, Copenhagen, 2015

We all experience wanting to share our positive experiences from restaurants, theaters, travel destinations, cars, etc. as consumers. We like sharing our positive experiences with others and thus become ambassadors for the experiences and products that we’ve all had good experiences with.

In line with that we also share negative experiences with our network -perhaps even more so. This puts very high quality standards on network marketing companies when it comes to the quality and price of the product. The company’s handling of orders and logistics, including quick and efficient delivery, is also important. All these parameters can and must be superb in order for you to provide the customer with a positive experience for the customers, etc. This extremely high quality and service is characteristic for network marketing companies.

Why network marketing is for everyone

Unlike conventional marketing where products and services are marketed via advertisements in newspapers, magazines, radio and television, etc. Choose network marketing companies that costly marketing expenses from. Instead, meet – or reward – the company’s customers and consumers with the loyal recommend. Perhaps even sell products on. The concept of ‘independent distributor’ is hereby born.

Network marketing companies market themselves through a national or most often international – network of independent distributors, who receive a commission for recommending the company’s products to others. It’s possible for independent distributors to buy products at wholesale prices and sell them at a higher retail price and profit that way. This is called as opposed to network marketing for ‘direct sales’.

The uniqueness of the network marketing method is that you through a focused, prioritized and perseverance effort can build a considerable network of customers and distributors. It is from them that you’ll get commission every time they buy something! Splendid. So not only at a personal discount from time to time, but continuously forward why this outlet attracts many people who want to be independent. But some may not have the means and the courage to invest hundreds of thousands of pounds into starting up a conventional business. Different can start up as an independent distributor for a network marketing company still limited funds. You even get products for its modest investment. So network marketing is for everyone!

Choose the right network marketing company

The desire is residual income – that is steadily increasing passive income generated through the sale of goods in the organization. So you cannot succeed at network marketing without some serious effort and willingness to learn how to.

network markting, øget indkomst

It is therefore important that you choose your network marketing company with care. There’s a great need for the products that the company offers and you would become the ambassador. Since sales done through this time of recommendation is built on a relationship, it is important that you yourself are excited about both the company and the particular products. You’ll have to go in with 100 percent confidence in the company and product.

Choosing a network marketing company with high credibility and recognition on the market is hard. So make it easier for yourself and read up about the company’s unique products. If you choose a company with an international market coverage, the products are clearly appreciated. This brings the possibility of building your network business globally.

This is exactly one of the main main reasons behind my choice of company, as I a little over four years ago decided to be an independent distributor of LifeWave. That’s a network marketing company with distribution and sales in 110 countries!

Business & Pleasure

So I asked myself the following questions; “Do you think that a product that has been marketed and sold in more than 100 countries by word of mouth actually works…?” Yes, of course it does. If it didn’t then the product wouldn’t have reached so far and wide. That thesis has also been shown to be true! I now have a small organization of 11,000 happy customers and distributors, both nationally and internationally. In August we generated almost 5 million.

I hope with this my first blog post here on the blog to give you a better understanding of network marketing. My hope is to show you that it is a sympathetic and effective type of marketing and business.

Follow us on the blog, whether you are already involved in network marketing or you’re just curious about the industry. I’ll post all about my great passion! Network marketing has become my way of life – the motto being; Business & Pleasure.

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Kenneth Frøslev er professionel netværker og arbejder som uafhængig distributør for det USA-baserede network marketing-selskab LifeWave, der tilbyder produkter inden for sundhed og bedre livskvalitet. Kenneth Frøslev står i spidsen for teamet Team NeT, der har taget navn fra ét af hans allervæsentligste mantraer ’Network er teamwork’. I network marketings kredse er han dog bedre kendt som ’Frøsse’. Kenneth Frøslev vil dele sin viden og erfaring inden for network marketing her på bloggen. Kontaktinfo:


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