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The sweet and lovely Christmas season – a Christmas story

Christmas is just around the corner and we’re all looking forward to it, adults and children alike. December can be tough. Oh yes, it starts on the last day of November already. It can be easy for some and a big challenge for others to rule out certain things.

The advent season of darkness and candles, and December with the coming sweet Christmas season, is a celebration for most people, but can also pose a challenge. Company Christmas lunches, gatherings at the canoe club, Christmas parties with friends and girlfriends etc. You can not say no and you would like to have the lovely meetings in advent time. Hygge and come by with gløgg and apple slices, pepper nuts and brownies. Come by for a glass of red wine, drinks and coffee with Christmas cake and home baking. Cookie Bag: Little Maja has made candy this year! Mums how lovely. Do not you want to try my beautiful homemade Christmas gift? Christmas is a sweet time! Christmas is the celebration of hearts. It must not be carried out!

Advent, and December with the coming feast of all that it offers, ending with the great evening, how many gather; Maybe with a nice Christmas meal: Goat, or duck with apples and cheeses, pork stew with the crispy corn, the homemade red cabbage, the browned potatoes and the sauce! Slept to my knees, says Grandpa! Risalamande, confectionery and the English plum cake finally. Nice coffee, good and strong – there is whipping cream, it must be there. Homemade brownies and finely brewed coffee. The Jewish Cakes, oh, where have they been good this year! Crispy; One takes the other one. Uhm! And the fat clays; It’s an old recipe from grandmother, cooked, not in palmin … no you, pig fat, they will be right. Such a bit indefinite in the consistency, and with the bite; Lovely greasy and quite right … they slide down! Hard to hold again. And whistle, smack the biscuits. Then it’s been Christmas!

Christmas Eve. There will be nothing missing this year. It just was missing. It is eaten and drunk – a nice red wine to another with a good percentage. It affects the sauce well, says Uncle Christian. It keeps useless over 15 volts, he says. It’s an Amarone. Maybe to shoot sparrows with some cannons – isn’t it great, cousin Arnold asks?! Just hand over the bourbon! Ah, Christmas is onlyonce a year. Cheers to you – and down it goes! Christmas is the feast of hearts!

There is nothing missing. And who got the almond this year? It made little Peter feel sad – how did that happen? Were the bowls switched in the kitchen? There were other children’s plates. Ida is two; Peter is only two and a half. He does not understand the whole ordeal and he doesn’t like the marcipan pig. Maybe next year! The pig does not survive the evening and is gone by the time we have coffee. Christmas is the celebration of hearts. The celebration of lights! Have a little more! Come on, you can handle it. The others have it worse. Cheers to you and Merry Christmas!

Christmas lunch on the 1st and 2nd day after Christmas is mandatory – we can’t avoid them. The big cold table at Aunt Anna and Uncle Arnold is a must. With herring in all shades; Anna is from Sweden after all. Pork fat below from the butcher on Frederikssundsvej. For Søren who loves it. Fried onions! And jam as well. Well, now the snaps are going again! Cold and lovely, it must go down before the ship sinks! Well, I just have to try the other snaps as well. Porsen is up from Sweden, you know, from Anna and Arnold’s deserted farm. It’s been a whole year after all!

And so it goes: The homemade chicken salad, home-baked lamb butter, liver pudding, fries, red cabbage and red beans – all is good if praying is enough, one says: “Down the road – here comes a red bed with your pants down.” Uncle Christian shouts. He is already about to be sure! The chicken is served with green cabbage. We have probably expected that. The recipe is from Grandma’s home in Vendsyssel. Moster Ulla has stood for the beautiful green balls, warmed up in the good duckweed, which became one and a half liters. But there were oxen two ducks this year! Fortunately, some of the others survived Christmas Eve. The sweaters Else, join me just one more. Take a little more, says Aunt Anna. Eat at last! The cold rose, with extra bought hard, good with cloves and laurels, tears cone this year. There is always fighting fights about the sword. It’s hard .. haha, scream Uncle Arnold, who has gotten big red cheeks. The homemade calf soup with mustard and beetroot not to forget. On it again, it must not be passed by – by my arm, where I’m fed up, Uncle Arne breaks out. There is rumor at one of the borders – Uncle Christian has spilled the Amarone on the white tablecloth! “No more for him,” cousin Mads officially states. Oh well! Where to shop is wasted! Just put me a frikadelle – just grab your fingers! Since then, Rice has left the man again. With warm cherry sauce .. fortunately without the almond, uncle Arnold strikes fast. Can hardly anymore.


Many families have logistical problems this month. Luckily there is something called 3rd Christmas Day! It was introduced last year. Where it hurts to make it happen.

“What are we doing now? We have invitations from both sides again, and we passed on Oden last year. We can’t not show up again. She’ll get sad. If we do not eat so much with my parents, then we can could go to the dinner? Can we do it? And then we can agree on having Christmas Day at Henrik and Kis in Odense. If we drive back soon enough, we can just drive by and have coffee in Nyborg – you know they live in the new area close to the old ferry. They have invited and she makes a great apple pie, it’s just you. They could not come last year either. Woah, there aren’t enough days!”

And then New Year’s Eve! Preparations and the joy of the big annual celebration together with good friends. Hats and ribbons and serpentines. Pearls for the little ones. Buy a box that will be enough. The adults beat them over last year! The timbers were lit at 11 o’clock. Sad in the window and threw them down after people in the street – yelled and screamed, shut up where was the fun! The crown cake, we are going to bake this year! Have seen online how to do. Seven eight rings; How many are we now? Not difficult: Marcipan, egg white and florelle – and of course some really good Belgian chocolate .. not the buttons we usually use.

New Year! Cava until 18.00 with the Queen is something you look forward to on every New Year’s Eve! Bubbles and a pair of nice G and T for those who want that extra kick. Red wine and white wine for those who want to. Remember the rosé! Ole and Per are fond of rosé. Just let them go! We are tearing a box, so we have three liters. Yes, preparations for the new year are going well. One night in good friends’ teams. One evening, the year will be new and once again we will gather on the table with bubbles and drinks. This special evening, where a sweet lady, like every year on television, tells us how it’s been a year and maybe even hurts us a bit. Since then, we are again united about the new pleasures of the table and especially this evening, with the wet goods and where you want to go in the new year: The Continues! Now I have to go to something! It tightens a little on the strap. I have to see that you have bought some new running shoes. And the smoke, yes, it did not go well last year. But this year! So! The new year is welcome; Maybe even more bubbles. No, we forgot the garlic cake. Cheers and Happy New Year!

So, you see my point: Christmas is largely about food. We fill up. Because we’re going to have fun, but what’s happening to our body! Are we aware of how much ravage we can do when we go crazy in the Christmas celebrations? And what do we do when we are exposed to all the temptations and pressures when we have just managed to change all the bad habits?

WinFit – How to handle Christmas

Hanne and I meet for a late morning workout.She is free from work, and we talk a little about what is happening to all the temptations that come to us here in the Christmas month – as she says: “You can not avoid all these invitations.” Not, “I say. But she will not overcome all her achievements, now that she thinks she’s reached so far.

Fortunately, I can reassure her. WinFit is a robust system that can easily stand out like this at Christmas. You must see your WinFit course over time – be a dedicated user and realize that changes take time. Many years of stored deposits of unwanted fat do not evaporate in 14 days. Too fat – also the saturated fat that we have talked about – is needed for our processes in the body, partly as fuel, and partly as extremely important building blocks for a synthesis of hormone formation, etc. An explanation that makes sense for her.

So just give it gas for Christmas and all you need, I say – enjoy everything, be happy and keep the course!
But there is one thing Hanne will promise me: “You must promise to comply, even though it will be difficult for you,” I say. It’s crucial that you do not take your kilos back here in the Christmas month.

We stop the run-round and do a little bit and she will be surprised when I tell you how much the sweet part of Christmas – and throughout the year, really means for one’s health, one’s health and how much it means for Hanne himself Who want to lose weight. That not much is the food as such, but the combination – where the sugar is included. Christmas is fun! And that can be life over the year as well.So we talk a little about the sugar bowl, and in what way the sugar makes “ravage” in our lives. She is particularly surprised at how sugar enters and stresses our cells, occupy the place in front of the fat in combustion and indirectly causes our fat burning to cease. This may be one of the reasons why many people, despite more attempts, do not lose weight, but on the contrary, they constantly go on.

We run home, and on the road I tell her more about what it’s all about and what it means for our lives and our health and for her. You’ll have to wait to hear more about WinFit update 4 in this series. Because it is advent – the time for patience!

Follow me on the blog right after New Year, where you can read about Hannes’s further experiences on her journey with WinFit. About her goals and past experiences, you can read about my previous posts. We can reveal that there are still good changes, and Hanne is down at about 75 kg these days. Until then, I wish everyone a good advent and a merry Christmas!

And a little trick

When you are in the kitchen, you can try this little trick – as very well illustrates what my story will be about in the next post:

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon, one lump of soft butter and bumpy flour.

Take a tablespoon of chopped melis with the top, put it in your mouth and try to eat it. Is this going? As a rule, not so good. You spit out!

Then take a new tablespoon, top it up with the soft butter and try to eat this. Is this going? No, well. Here too you are spitting out. Both trials are difficult to perform for most.

New try: Take the two ingredients, one good tablespoon of each – mix well and stir together. Try to eat this you have made. It goes much better. This is the beginning of the story next time.


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