Am I really losing weight during the holidays? Of course!


I love Christmas good. I’m one of those people that just can’t stop eating until I feel like I’m going to burst and then take a nap on the couch to make room for a little more food.

During the Christmas month with Christmas lunches, Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, 1st and 2nd Christmas Day, I really stuff my small body. After having passed my 20’s, I’m at high risk of putting on extra fat.

I’m actually pretty sure that I can eat as much as I usually do this Christmas, but without putting on any extra fat this time.

I think WinFit will make a difference

I have now tried WinFit Body Shaping system from LifeWave for a total of 1/2 month – but with a little break every now and then. The first 3 weeks, my fat percentage was reduced by 2.7, despite the fact that I actually eat as I usually do, and only increased my exercise by10 minutes four times a week.

I have not had the opportunity to be tested because I can not find an In body machine here in Spain – but I’m 100 percent sure that there is reduced fat on my stomach. I can simply feel it. I can also see that my lower abdominal muscles have started to look forward – amazing that it is possible to do so with training and counting calories.

Looking back on two months with WinFit

You’ve already read about the first three weeks. The last week with the first WinFit package has been as good as the first three weeks. However, I shared Theta One, so I only drank one in the evening instead of two, so it could take a little longer – simply because LifeWave’s demand has become too big. This has meant a wait of up to three weeks for delivery. Of course it’s annoying, but of course, also a very good news, for LifeWave has so much deserved success.

Then it has gone about 3 weeks where I have not had WinFit. However, I have still used the exercises in the morning, a couple of times a week, and eaten most days within the 8 hour window

I really like the dining window. Sometimes it will be a 9 hour window and sometimes for a 10-11 hour window (yes, there have been Christmas presents, etc.). What I like most about the WinFit program is that it’s more important that you get protein, water, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals enough than it’s about having a training center for 1-2 hours a day .

Of course, the results would come faster if I chose that method. I would have got even bigger muscles, but it’s, as mentioned before, not an option for me. So I’m totally excited that my muscles do not grow much – just like when I was a teenager, I did not get tired even though I ate a lot. I’m actually not interested in giant muscles.

I’m sure you use the WinFit concept in combination with his workout and think about eating right and so, so I think that bodybuilders want to LOVE WinFit. A natural and effective way for the body to form more growth hormone can only be a bodybuilder’s dream.

Brilliant! I’m not the only one who can see a difference

I couldn’t really see a difference the first three weeks that I saw myself in the mirror several times a day. But after having taken taken pictures, I can see it.

Recently I saw a mate in Spain, which I have not seen for some time. I was quite surprised when he said, “Hey mate! You have gained weight – like in a good way. “How nice is it to hear that it can actually be seen so clearly when you have not seen me every day. The same thing happens when I come to Denmark to visit my girlfriend the other day: “You look much more proportional.” Woahhh…it’s an amazing feeling, as she obviously is the one that matters most to me.

Let’s look at my measurements in cm from start to now:

At start
Biceps: 31.7 cm
Thighs: 53.3 cm
Stomach: 92.7 cm
Hips/butt: 90,6 cm

After 3 weeks
Biceps: 33.0 cm
Thigh: 55.9 cm
Stomach: 92.0 cm
Hips/butt: 91,2 cm

After 6 weeks (+ approx. 3 week break)
Biceps: 33.9 cm
Thigh: 55.9 cm
Stomach: 91, 2 cm
Hips/butt: 92.5 cm

My biceps have increased 2.2cm, my thighs 2.7cm and my hips (or rather by butt) has increased 2.1cm since I started up. It’s wildly impressive, and my stomach width has decreased by 1.5. I am very pleased because I know that I have muscles all the way around. I can see it on my stomach and feel it on my body’s body, so I had only lost fat, smoked even more cm. I have to admit that I was surprised that I did not take my cuffs on my thighs, as it feels like that, but maybe it’s smoked a little bit and got a little muscle – or maybe it’s just something I’m imaging. My next In body Analysis will tell. I’ll have that done when I go to Denmark for Christmas, if I do not find one here before.

LifeWave has done it again

I can only – once again – come to the conclusion that LifeWave’s products can be what they say. That it is a body-shaping product, there is no doubt. But it’s also a product where I’m sure somebody’s got a little patience, even though the fat and cm rasler of others. Because many things happen with the body, especially inside first – and I have, or rather, had a lot of fat around the organs, and it may feel like nothing happens. That’s why I’m very happy that I’ve been doing the analysis before I started WinFit – so at first I can see that I’ve lost 1.2 kilos of fat on my stomach – actually without it being seen. I think something happened to the muscles, so when I first saw the result of the test, I was sure this is something I should continue. I’m glad I’ve done that.

My “plan” to not gain fat over Christmas

At Christmas I will continue doing what I’ve been doing so far. Of course, I want to make sure to have a minimum of 10 minutes of exercise in the morning, eat my vitamins and minerals, drink plenty of water and have the WinFit patch on, hold on with the sugary juicy cuts and then just eat (enough dishes say eat) As I usually drink and drink some protein shakes – especially if the food for the Christmas costumes is not so proteinous. And, of course, I will finish my evening drinking my two letters Theta One and put on the Carnosine patch when I go to bed.

And that’s it – I’m not sure, after I’ve more or less wasted me to a more low-fat body.

Looking forward to seeing what the end of the year will bring 😀

I wish you ALL a lovely Christmas and a wonderful new year.

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