My weight is blinking: Low body fat after 12 weeks with med WinFit


It has now been 12 weeks since I started with WinFit. It’s fun to change old habits that you’ve had. I thought moving my breakfast to about 10.30 to 11.00 would be an impossible task. But I’ve found out that I can often eat my breakfast later than when I’m going to at the company. I have a hair salon and I don’t always have time to eat at a fixed time.

The 8 hour dining window is now also fairly firm and I still have no difficulty staying away from the candy bowl. Thank goodness for that. It’s such a nice feeling!

Less fat and fewer cms

I have not measured myself since I wrote my blog post 7 weeks ago, but have weighed me along the way. Like everyone else, I’m a little frustrated by the fact that my weight still fluctuates at 63 kg. When I had set aside that I would like to lose 60 kg, but when I get up my weight is the fat percentage and Flashing ‘undercarriage’, so maybe it’s not possible to get farther down in kilos.

Age               Low         Average/Norm   High     Very high

But then see how my numbers look:


Weight (kg): 68 – 65.5 – 63.1
Stomach (cm): 95 – 89 – 83

Right thigh (cm): 55 – 55 – 51.5
Left thigh (cm): 54 – 53 – 52.5

Right upper arm (cm) 31 – 30 – 30
Left upper arm (cm): 31 – 30 – 29.5

Chest (cm): 93 – 92 – 89.5

It should also be said that the reason for the loss of centimeters on my thighs is probably mostly because I do not cycle to work at the moment. This of course means that my thigh muscles are not activated as much, and thus grow extra. But all in all, I’m still surprised by how many centimeters. I have lost – especially on my stomach – but I also make stomach bouts every time I do my gymnastics twice a week, as it is a place that constantly needs childbirths 22 and 24 years ago.

A new, healthy lifestyle

But I am now in a place where I am quite pleased. I have a good rhythm with my eating window and my gymnastics. I’m not so fixed on weight anymore and focus more on my health. I generally feel healthier and more fit – for example Because the candy bowl no longer tempts the same way.

Now there’s no reason to write much more about my story. I hope, in turn, to be able to tell more stories about WinFit from people that I know (eg. my downlines).

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