Winter ready? Avoid the flu despite a no to vaccine


Autumn is upon us. So what? How do you get ready for winter? Are you one of those who consider flu vaccine?

Just like the car must winterize it and having winter tires on, we should think about how we get on well through the winter. Very few of us who want to get the flu or become ill again and again through the winter. Many are being hit hard – especially families with children.

Of course it is your own choice what you want to do, but with many years of working with alternative methods, I believe there are several alternative and more natural ways to go that dark time strengthened in the meeting. In Health Brixen I see people who normally never sick suddenly become sick after being given flu vaccine. As you perhaps saw in my previous post about the HPV vaccine, I am definitely not in favor of vaccines. I recommend strengthening the body in other ways. Ways that I find healthier and more natural for the body.

Boost your body with LifeWave patches

Should you really give your body a boost to autumn and winter, so is good advice to use the LifeWave patches. Use example Y-age Glutatione and Y-Age Carnosine to keep the flu away. I use Y-Age Glutathione if I just feel the slightest tickle in my throat. Gluthathioneplasteret raises the level in the blood and helps to strengthen the immune system.

When a cold or flu strikes, it is sometimes the body’s response that it goes too fast, or that you are stressed. Once the flu or cold has hit you, we recommend in Health Brixen 3A-therapy – a special health technique, which cause the skin ions with atmospheric air. It can get even a cold disappear.

Sometimes, if I have had many things on your ears and do not pass on myself, there may well come a little microbe past and start working, so I take even a Y-age Glutatione patch on the neck and energy patch Energy Enhancer on lung points, so keep the bacilli away. If they nevertheless have taken hold, I lie me to 3A therapy in the head, then it’s gone the same day.

There are plenty of alternative options. Influenza vaccine is not the only solution – remember it.

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