Oh, no, out of penicillin – LifeWave boosted the immune defense


I have a wonderful friend who I’m so lucky to work with. We spend many hours each day in a hectic environment. We plan carefully every minute of the day, and yet we are agile and adapt to what shows up unexpectedly.

This is the more usage than the exception in many workplaces. The pace screwed up, expectations are high – both from employers, colleagues, clients, and not least himself.

We had over a long period lacked three colleagues (out of 14). It could eventually be felt. We were now there, where everyone was a bit threadbare and where our colleagues who would normally never sick started getting all sorts of ills and frequent infirmities.

My own routine after morning shower was that there were put Y-Age Aeon patch from LifeWave in the neck, so that was just put a lid on the worst pressure. In addition, I used the energy patch Energy Enhancer for making profits and endurance for the day and a health patch Y-age Gluthatione to boost the immune system.

Healthy diet and exercise have always admitted my friend and me. We are good at exchanging healthy ideas for dinner – tips and tricks for how it is combined with the busy job. Every Thursday we bring leftovers and make joint lunch. It was and is a good mental break as we keep each other up to one time per week. The rest of the time we unfortunately got into a circle where we just ate something quickly at the desk between meetings.

When two penicillin cures are not enough!

Amid the busy life where everything outside looked great with our respective jogging, weight training, nutrition and high spirits,

I suddenly discovered that she complained about increasing tinnitus and scarves around their necks got bigger and bigger. I had not really thought about it as she always has been a little too cold outside. She told me that she had tonsillitis and was smoked on penicillin. So there we sat together and thought it was a pity for her – for home, she’s not. It was not long, so was the gal with the neck again … and again … and again.

Most times she did it just by holding out and once again off to the doctor and get a new round of penicillin of another type.

The culmination came when she for the third time had to the doctor, this time referring to the hospital’s ear, nose and throat department. It was a chronic inflammation of the throat, and when she was told that they would not remove residual tonsils, but instead provide a third place penicillin (incidentally the previously tried), so resigned her with a “yes yes” … went down in his car and called me.

3-day transformation with Aeon, Gluthatione and Energy Enhancer

She flew through my door 10 minutes of meeting time. I slammed the Y-age Gluthatione on her tonsils and front of the neck, Y-Age Aeon neck and Energy Enhancer facing front. Lent her a huge scarf to cover it and then leave the job.

No explanation was that time. I sent SMS to her that she should remember to drink water. Mid-day got a message that it was a little wacky. She was so thirsty, and something happened. The whole thing was slowing – even tinnitus eased. And there was calm on.

We agreed that she should boost the body with LifeWave patch cure for five days to start with. I had provided her with enough patches while she waited for the silver package, together we ordered the day after was delivered.

Already on the third day was the throat infection virtually gone. She was relieved and now even more curious on small patches. What penicillin could not handle for a long time, was done using LifeWave patches.

LifeWave patches are nice to your wallet

My friend got his first LifeWave purchases delivered – its seven packages patches:

  • 2 Y-age Aeon
  • 1 Y-age Carnosine
  • 1 Y-age Glutathione
  • 1 Energy Enhancer
  • 1 Silent Nights MD.

Now it was also experimenting with to get good night’s sleep with Silent Nights MD patch midst of a stressful life and Energy Enhancer should generate profits – both on the job and for training. Her little girl was also greatly benefit from Y-Age Aeon to create a little peace of a tankemyldrende head like nocturnal sleep was rescued.

Just as I have got the feeling that LifeWave patches are going really well with all my basic attitude about healthy lifestyles in both body and mind, then saw my friend immediately. She has since upgraded to gold package purchased extra patches and more recently Corsentials when she experienced my benefit from.

Today my friend has helped both her father, daughter, workout buddy and other colleagues with LifeWave great products. Everyday life is still busy. Lots of frantic activity. But there is always room for a little laugh when patches flying through the air in the branch.

And hey by the way … what about me? I had no sick days last fall / winter. Thanks for a boosted immune system.

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I am interested in the body, health, and living well with a chronic disease. I have a background in the financiel world with 25 years of experience with number and facts. In 2014, my life changed. I became a distributor of LifeWave products. These days, I am a networker, ambassador, and distributor of LifeWave. Follow me on the Facebook page Maibody.



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