Sore throat and snot nipped in the bud


Tuesday morning I wake up with onset laryngitis. I had slept through the night with that feeling of your throat getting rough and sore. Swallowing was a bit painful but I’m not so sick that I don’t bother to get up and get my patches.

Once I’ve stood up and gotten my hands on the the liters of water that I drink every morning with the WinFit, I think to myself that I really need to nip this sore throat in the bud.

Throat mucus goes away

I have to leave for work so I choose to do some lovely patching, ie. I don’t cover myself with patches completely. So on Tuesday I put on a Glutathione patch on my throat and a put a set of Energy Enhancer on each side, with the white one on the right side and the brown to the left just like usual.

I leave for work and feel fine during the day, however, I start getting this feeling of constantly having something stuck in my throat. It feels a bit like a collection of mucus going up and down my throat.

Wednesday is my day off from the salon. I feel like the collection of mucus is still there when I wake up on Wednesday morning. It’s difficult to cough up. I have to do some accounting for my husband’s company so I figure that I might as well cover my entire arm with new patches. No one is going to see me anyway in the office, so I choose to put a brown IceWave on my neck with a Glutathione on top. Furthermore I use four of the white Energy Enhancer (because I have a lot of those, and they’re the same as the white IceWave patches). I place the four patches below my belly button and forehead in the “third eye”, and on either side of my bronchial tubes.

Now I’m ready to do some accounting in my little cave where no one can see me. After approximately 2 hours I start coughing up the mucus. Yay! Now I don’t have to feel that in my throat anymore.

Relieving your cold – help from the TOHUMAN app

Well, well well…after the sore throat, my cold is finally here. My nose is running and I have a million things to do today: Accounting, visit the bank with my mother-in-law, drop off ramps for a friend who is leaving his house in a wheelchair after having broken his hip, and then lead the Patch Café later on in the evening.

I put the patches back on again to show what they can do. So Wednesday night after the Patch Café, I place a brown Energy Enhancer in the middle of my left middle finger and a Glutathione on my right middle finger, just as suggested by our TOHUMAN app. Find out how to get suggestions at the bottom of this post.

I sleep well at night and keep the patches on for Thursday while I’m at work. But my nose keeps running all day at work. I’m using endless supplies of paper towels so I’m quite fed up with all the snot once I get home Thursday night. So once again, I need to work my magic. I place three Aeon on my head: one a patch on the “third eye”, one patch on the bridge of my nose and one patch on the left temple since my left nostril is the most affected. I feel a difference only 10 minutes afterwards: “It may not be very pretty, but it sure helps.” I say to my husband. This patching is also available in the TOHUMAN app – see at the bottom of the post.

The patches stay on all night together with my Carnosine on the neck for WinFit. On Friday morning, I feel as good as new! Yes, in record time!

Can you really blame me for being so happy to have these patches in the house as if I was running a private pharmacy when they relieve my problems so quickly?

I come across so many people that fill the body with penicillin during the winter time – sometimes even for up to 2 x 10 days. We all know that even doctors refrain from prescribing penicillin, because there is a risk of being immune. For that reason I am so happy to be able to help my body cope with it by itself – simply by bringing back some balance with the patches. The body is a great machine that can handle many things by itself as long as it’s balanced.

This is how you do it. Search the TOHUMAN app for:

  1. Sore throat
  2. Runny nose, suggestion 3
  3. Cold, suggestion 1

A really happy LifeWave user

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