Ready for the skiing trip? This is what you should ALSO remember to pack


The countdown has begun … the ski trip is just around the corner now. The first people have already taken off and soon the other ski enthusiasts will following in the upcoming months.

In this house we have to form an overview before we leave in a few weeks. We’re eight happy people aged 10-51 years. We are a mixed bunch with different amounts of ski experience: There are those of us who can stand upright, and those who just like the cosiness and thermal baths.

Whichever category you belong to, you can’t predict everything that may happen along the way when you go skiing. You can however pack with some precaution so that you don’t come across problems that are too big to handle …

At home, we test whether ski clothing fits or needs to be replaced. We are coordinating who brings what, and then there’s always the personal toiletry bag: My toiletry bag is always a bit larger than others. You see, I pack down a lot of medicine, so we are ready to sore knees, stomach aches, sore throat, etc. Does that mean that I have lots of painkillers, anesthetic throat lozenges etc.? Nope … I pack down a large range of LifeWave patches right next to my ski goggles and hand warmers.

Reduce stress in the body

Aeon has to come with me as it reduces stress in the body, and the body becomes stressed by for example pain and inflammation. If you’re nervous about the flight, you can also put on Aeon an hour before departure. It supports the other patch effects.

Increase your endurance – avoid sore legs

Carnosine has to come with me too since it’s super good for rebuilding cells, increasing endurance and reducing lactic acid. The patch is used mainly at night – and I just love it! It loosens you up and lets you avoid sore legs, etc. And if there’s plenty of sun that you might get too much of, then this patch will be your best friend as well.

Imminent throat pain – Get relief right away

Glutathione is a fantastic patch that enhances the body’s own production of this antioxidant. There is quick relief to be had if you have an imminent sore throat, inflammation elsewhere, or a cough.feral

Get emergency pain relief – Don’t go without it

IceWave pain patch: You can’t go without it. It doesn’t require much for us inexperienced skiers to twist a knee or – like last time I went away – fall and hit out shoulder.

Then you have to pull out a set of IceWave (consisting of two patches; a brown and white one). The brown patch is placed on the pain and white is placed where the pain stretches. There are other methods, which you can read all about on the TOHUMAN app or in the small booklets that are included when you buy a pack of patches.

I have eased the pain in my knee many times by using a set of IceWave and either Aeon and Glutathione. Being able to carry on with the vacation without great pain is lovely!

High energy and staying fresh all day

Energy Enhancer should absolutely go with you on your trip. It maintains energy levels, so that you don’t feel fatigued in the middle of the day. Inattentiveness can cause an increased chance of injury. I’ve used this patch many times for injuries from running. It’s also great for motion sickness or clogged airways, or if you have any kind of stomach issues. It might sound crazy, but it’s all about where the patch is placed. This is where the TOHUMAN is a lifesaver!

Quiet nights – even when there’s a lot of people

The sleep patch Silent Night will have to be packed for the trip if we in the future have to sleep in the cabin like last time. But this time, it’ll be left at home.

Get help right away with the TOHUMAN app

The TOHUMAN app is great once you’re away on the ski trip and suddenly end up in an unfamiliar situation. Help is just a few clicks away! I promise you that it’ll be a nice ski vacation, even if you were to have an accident or get a bit sick.

… and lastly a little story from last year:

My poor friend took a fall while skiing. After seeing her pain I put a patch on her. We both attend meetings shortly after. We meet up again about an hour later and she is now happy and free of any pain.

And remember one more thing: Please contact a doctor you have any doubts about whether everything is the way it should be when it comes to your body. The products from LifeWave is not a substitute for your doctor’s assessment, but it is a great complement and speeds up the recovery. It’s made a world of a difference for us – and it can be crucial for how you the rest of your holiday turns out if anything were to happen or you get sick.

Enjoy the winter, snow and each other’s company. Let’s go skiing …

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