Painless root canal treatment without anestethics


We all know how it goes. We go to our 6-month dental check and some of us aren’t very excited to sit in the horizontal chair with the big lamp hanging over us. Others relax and have no problems during their visit, no matter what happens. I belong to the latter group. Visiting the dentist has never bothered me, except perhaps when I’ve had to have a crown put in order had major dental work that might have involved an anesthetic injections and some more serious dental drilling!

I’m probably one of those who have my school dentist suspected would have a million cavities for the dentist to drill in the future. This is of course not the case today since there’s a different strategy now. Let’s see how it develops!

All dentist visits are perceived differently. It has something to do with the mental process; how stressed or how calm you are as a person. But it certainly also depends on each person’s individual pain threshold; how much pain you can tolerate or are ready to tolerate.

In all fairness, I must admit that it’s very uncomfortable when the drilling is deep, especially when the drill goes on a very lively tooth nerve. I take the pain as it comes, but I’m as stiff as a board and tense up thinking about a kind of torture! But I DID also say no to any kind of numbing spray, which I only tried once or twice. Never again, I promised myself. I remember the anesthesia being so uncomfortable. To leave the dentist’s office with a rubber mouth, which then lasted the rest of the day, I thought was so bad that I promised myself not to let it happen again. I’ve stuck to it ever since.

The years pass and we’re all getting older and the ravages of time takes its toll on everything – even your teeth. So then one October day, I have a regular dental check done, which turned into something I would have thought only happened to elderly people. But the verdict is clear: there is periodontitis! The probe is lowered deep down into my molar – with a crown – and some inflammation trickles out. The subsequent X-ray confirms the diagnosis. Even I can see it in the picture.

There’s no way around it – an inflamed tooth root shouldn’t be trifled with. I’m told that it can be a rather serious condition if left untreated. It’ll also make quite a dent in my wallet, I quickly learn. We’ll soon also find out why my tooth wasn’t sore.

My dentist is thorough and I walk out of his office with a price quote in hand. It’s a good overview of my next adventure, including the cost of X-ray and anesthesia. The anesthesia alone is 35 euros. It’s not that much money, but rather the fact that my mouth was like rubber for hours. That’s what I kept thinking about on my way home.

Root canal treatment: Could the patches help?

I have recommended LifeWave patches before to a friend who was going to the dentist to have some major work done. He ended up not trying it though, so now it’s my turn! It’s the ultimate test of the LifeWave patches on my own body. What could be more authentic, I think to myself: A root canal and the terrible, deep dental drilling will probably be quite painful.

Can the patches handle this challenge? I started doubting it a little: will it work this time too? I get myself together and repeat our LifeWave motto: Full Confidence: “The patches always works!”

As I started off saying, a visit to the dentist is different for everyone. The same goes for me. Some people are relatively stressed, while some are outright anxious and scared. We usually say that stress causes pain and vice versa. These two are in a cycle together and make an unlucky situation seem shorter or longer. Add to this the applied pain once the dentist actually begins drilling into the poor tooth. More stress and more pain – not fun! And the longer it lasts, the worse!

Aeon patches for stress

I can tell you new readers that the patches from LifeWave works through a photo-technical process: Light occurs when you place the current patch on the selected spot. Your body’s infrared heat radiation starts off the photosynthetic therapeutic process in the acupuncture points of your meridians to ensure that the flow of your meridians is improved. It also provides pain relief – just like you’d experience at the acupuncturist. The only difference is that the patches work with light instead of needles. Nothing goes into your body – only light! The effect will be obvious within minutes and persist for up to 24 hours or more.

Aeon in the neck will reduce your stress.

LifeWave has made it easy for you – for every patch comes with a small booklet that identifies five particularly strong points. Anyone can easily use them in their everyday life. And it also works for you dentist visit!

I put on my Aeon patch at home. I put it on a real strong point: the neck. The Aeon patch lowers my overall stress, calms me and is also a general painkiller. The Aeon boosts/amplifies all other patches that I wear at the same time.

I remember to drink water before and after the application, and I stay well hydrated as I go. This is important to remember when using the LifeWave patches. All you need is water and light!

IceWave for pain

I have to get my teeth drilled and in order to be able to handle the pain, I choose the pain-relieving patch IceWave. It consists of two patches: A positive WHITE patch and a negative BROWN patches. They are used simultaneously as a duo, and you’ll get instructions for where to place them as with all the other patch types.

Pain patching – brown IceWave with a white pain patch close by.

It is always easy to do pain patching, as we call it. The brown patch is placed where your pain is and the white one is placed close by. So in my situation, this means that I put the brown patch next to where the drill is going to go, which is on the cheek next to the tooth – and the white one goes on the north or south side of the jaw.

I arrive at the clinic and go to the bathroom to drink plenty of water and put the two IceWave pain patches on the cheek. The brown patch goes on the inflamed tooth and the white one goes slightly up on the temporomandibular joint/below the ear.

We talked about the anesthetic earlier. I’m not going under anesthesia even though the dentist tells me that the drill will go deep into the porcelain and metal and then go into three roots. All in all, it’ll be quite the journey down into my jaw!

The sweet dentist has obviously never heard of LifeWave before. She knows what acupuncture is, but she has never heard of the patches from LifeWave. She’s a little skeptical, but think it sounds exciting.

LifeWave products always work! Aeon has made me wonderfully calm and I know the feeling so well as I use different types of patches several times a week. And IceWave never fails! No problem, I joke, and go for it.

My time spent in the dentist’s chair turns out to be blissful. I don’t notice it at all – even when the dentist goes all the way down into the tooth and jaw. The real test was when the drill went into the root of my tooth – all fine.

The same thing happens with the other two roots. This is the tale of a root canal; the intermediate X-rays that tells you that they’ve reached all the way down and all the dead and inflamed tooth nerve has been drilled through. The whole session takes about and an hour and fifteen minutes – and I feel nothing at all! All thanks to LifeWave!

Carnosine for healing wounds

A Carnosine patch is added to the two IceWave patches to accelerate the healing process.

When I come home, I complement this with a Carnosine patch. I put it around the area of the treated tooth. Carnosine acts cell generating and cell renewing and improves the bioelectrical properties of the body/organs. The Carnosine patch speeds up the healing of the tissue surrounding the wound.

I could have also chosen to put on the Carnosine patch during the actual treatment of the tooth – the an optimal location would be on top of the BROWN IceWave, located near the bad tooth.

I feel no discomfort whatsoever  from the previous day’s dentist visit when I wake up the next day.

Everyday LifeWave stories – Follow the blog

The collection of patches currently consists of 10 types of patches, including the patch AcuLife for animals; dogs, horses, etc. With the LifeWave patches we have unlimited possibilities for pain relief and/or other challenges that may arise.

In this spring’s upcoming posts I’ll share other experiences with our unique products and how these can be helpful in any daily challenges we might encounter. The theme is short everyday stories where the patches and other products have made a huge difference. Please get a hold of me if you have difficulties with pain or other challenges in health and nutrition. Let me help you! You can also write a comment in the box below.

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